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Christine Mitchell Adams  Community manager @ursamajorvt. Illustrator for hire 👇

This time last year at the dream home, in the most peaceful prairie, with the most epic Montana mountains. Oh, and the greatest outdoor shower ever that I spent gobs of time in 🚿☀️🌿 #tbt

“Want to see a grizzly?!” our fishing guide asked after having to reschedule our day floating the Yellowstone. “Um, yea!” was obviously our response. He proceeded to tell us about the local spot to see them and that we were just in time. In September they hyper feed, in preparation for winter, and come out of the mountains looking for a super nutritious root. At dusk, we were supposed to drive up a long winding dirt road to a loosely described scouting spot. “Don’t worry, you’ll know you’re there,” he assured us. We ended up spending a full day in Yellowstone Park and came out hungry, overstimulated, and tired. But I lead our rental car down the road he told us all the same. After what seemed much too long, we came across a couple trucks with Montana plates on the side of the road. Binoculars out, they waved to us to join them. And one of the men happened to be the Park Ranger who had mapped out and ideal route through Yellowstone for us that very morning. They had eyes on two grizzlies on the hill of a ranch and were beyond giddy. We were unequipped so they told us to use their binoculars and helped us spot them. There they were, larger than life and eating like their life depended on it (which it did). We stayed a while with our new friends, chatting about random things, watching the bears, and nibble on mini snickers bars someone had in their glove compartment. Once the sun set, they moved on to a moose sighting spot and we headed towards our AirBnB. I had goosebumps and started tearing up the drive back down the dirt road. This place, these people, those bears... I had to take this picture to remember that feeling.

I’m not a good sleeper. My mind won’t shut off. Instead I imagine open plains, big skies, mountain ridges, and bodies of water I have yet to see. Then I run through my to-do list: sail on my own, learn to ride a horse, become fluent in French, write a book, work with orangutans in Borneo, practice dance again, read a book a week, adopt a dog (or two)... do something truly meaningful for someone else that makes a lasting impact. Nope, really just can’t seem to sleep well. Mind won’t shut off.

The Jaguar E-Type. The automotive rendition of a "purrr" in the bedroom. 💚

Labboland, commonly referred to as Boston, has a labbo on every street corner and in front of every cafe. All sizes, all flavors. Gotta love a good labbo.

First time back in our old neighborhood in the South End since moving up to Vermont 3+ years ago. This was our first apartment together out of college and we stayed there for 4 years. Teeny, tiny but we loved it. Wow, time flies folks.

Stormy days are my favorite. Maybe it’s the Aquarius in me... something about being tuned into the crazy energy around me. Or that on the one hand I’m boisterous, and on the other I’m quiet and introspective. I really have no idea what I’m talking about here... so enjoy these sunflowers 🌻

Drove up Cloudland Rd to get a photo of Sleepy Hollow Farm in all its luscious, green glory before the change in seasons. Just like everyone else who visits the Woodstock area. Afterwards we kept driving a ways up the road. A large Ram truck came barreling up behind us so we pulled over to let him pass us. The truck slowed, rolled down his window and we saw that the the driver was an old man with wrinkled skin from working in the sun, kind squinty eyes, and a fat cigar dangling between his lips. “You lost?” his words thick with those Vermont vowels. “No sir, just wanted to let you get by us cause we’re takin’ it slow,” I smiled back to him. “Oh! Gotcha.” And then he tipped his trucker hat to me and revved back up the hilly dirt road. I wish I had taken a photo of him leaning out his window, kindly looking down at me, a stranger on his road. Vermont is that man... I want to take more photos of his Vermont.

Spent the afternoon walking the most incredible property. Some places in this world are truly magical.

The aftermath of a good time. 🍷 🍷 🚜

Teddy told me recently that if I was a song, I’d be Shoop by Salt-N-Pepa because I’m spunky and the beat is like my personality. Well, I just took that one straight to the bank ☺️. What song do you think you’d be? (Do tell, this is my new favorite game).

I literally gave this sunset a standing ovation. Held back from shouting out "Encore!" over the waves to that crazy sun 👏

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