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Christine Mitchell Adams  End gun violence print 👇

I secretly love this kind of spring weather. It reminds me of England. Where there always a fine mist, a light breeze blows, you carry a light jacket or sweater just in case, and the aroma of the sweet rain and lush flowers follows you everywhere. Can’t wait to back, to where I was born.

This is Cabot. He’s a very good boy. And a little sleepy.

The Vermont spring haze looked so good on the Prouty homestead this weekend. And such a happy celebration for the incredible @jill__coombs 💕

I love you, but I think you’re making me sneeze.

It’s part of our culture to be glued to our phones at all times. Did someone just text me? I wonder how many people liked my post on Instagram. I’ll just check my email while I wait on line. On occasion that little tiny voice deep inside yells at you, look up numbnuts!!! And you do, and it’s nature, and it’s pretty, and you breathe it in.

My mum is a superhero. She worked multiple jobs and was a master at coupons and budgeting when we were kids. But guess what? We had no clue that we didn’t have the fancy things and thought we were the luckiest kids in the world. Thanks to the inspiration and love she provided. Not only is she the most generous, loving, and dedicated mother she is a nurse, a parent educator, a guidance counselor, and a psychologist who has committed her life’s work to other people’s kids too. Plus, she had to put up with me. So there’s that 😉

Reminiscing about a room with a view.

If I acted up as a kid, my mum would give me drawing materials and send me to time out. More often than not, I would forget that I was angry and draw happy animals. Or I would articulate my frustration by drawing a tall pile of poop on her head... overall it was a parenting success ;-) To this day I still go to my charcoal, paints, or pencils to sort through my feelings. This piece came from a week where I didn't know what to do with all the anger and sadness I felt about gun violence in our schools. Luckily, my good friend @terrapinstationers offered to print it for me so we could do a fundraiser. They are $15 a pop with proceeds going to @everytown. Every dollar counts and I hope you'll pick one up, or donate directly to the organization of your choice. Here's to not only expressing our feelings, but standing up for them and making our voices heard. Link in bio!! #endgunviolence #neveragain #enoughisenough #marchforourlives

Father-in-law’s woodworking shop on the coast of Maine. He’s very, very good at what he does 💪⛵️🔨 #linekinbaywoodworkers

Something very sexy about seeing someone in their wheelhouse - where they feel confident and are just jamming on their thing. Trying to zone in on what those places are for myself. Where or when do you feel your best/in your zone?

Clean lines.

Oh hey legs, haven’t seen you in a while. #springisfinallyhere

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