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Neal  FATHER | FITNESS GEEK | Dadbod to #fitover50 This is the training program that got me started. Use coupon NEAL for 20% off:

10 days into minicut.
Down over 1Kg (2.5 lbs) in 10 days.
Amazing how different one can appear with better lighting, angles and pose... Holding myself accountable and measuring progress not only on the scale, but also with pictures, skin folds, measurements. Maybe next year I'll be ready for Mr. Olympia! 🤣

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#shoutoutforshoutout Who wants a shootout?

Maybe the last good weekend to enjoy a "sun's out, bun's out" Saturday afternoon.

Featuring the hose just for @john_in_jersey !

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Week 1 -Mini cut progress
Down 2 pounds...
On target with 1-2lbs per week until I get below 10% bf

Happy #flexfriday #fitfam !
Stay focused on the big picture and take one more step toward your goals everyday!

When you meet an Instagram buddy who is even more awesome in's a night to remember!
I can honestly say I love you Bobby!
A great night with @theredlifter

Goal...centerline abs definition.

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Hmmm...which color?
Still in bed and shopping on a chilly Saturday morning... I need a new hoodie too.

@nastypig #unionsuit

Hit my lean bulking goal today! A full 20 lbs heavier than my leanest just about 12 months ago.
Now to reign in the diet with a mini cut to see if there is any new muscle mass under that bulk.
Still feeling great, pants still fit reasonably well...I've heard that controlled mini bulk/cut can work and so far I'm a fan.

No more shirtless selfies until I have some improvements to report!

#leanmuscle #leangains #bodycheck #bulking #cutting

I'm gonna have a 6 Pack in 21 more days!
So this 30 day program, an app from Men's Health magazine is pretty good for pacing through a daily 7-10 min ab routine. I adjust to do extra reps so I can get a proper burn but I like learning a variety of new exercises and combinations to keep things interesting.
Missing my trainer @joemetallic .....

Weighing in this morning at 189lbs! More than I have weighed all year and kind of surprised since I was thinking I was cutting. Turns out to be more of a lean bulk.
This is the day following a referee day of higher carbs, so I'm pretty sure it's mostly water and I will settle back in at about 180-185 lbs. For those wondering, I'm just under 5'10". Listening to your body is a really important part of the process. The closer I get to my goal bodyfat percentage, the more I seem to need recovery days, and I do better if I have a "cheat" higher carb day at least once a week. Better workouts, better attitude, more productive.
Anyone else seeing the same?

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Never be content with status quo. Always experiment and develop new ways to attain your goals.

I get so much positive feedback from my IG friends! You have no idea how much each of you motivate me. I love seeing your success and how you overcome challenges to get there. In fitness, work, relationships I love seeing everyone keep it real and focused on the reality in front of you!

Grateful for each of you... #keepitreal #onward #fitover50 #muscle #cleaneating #chest #pecs

#1 A collage of pictures from the inside of my pocket taken yesterday... #2 At family party
#3 Cleaning the kitchen on Sunday morning.
It's been a great weekend so far. Let's see what the day has in store..Market Days in Chicago this afternoon? Who's going?

#marketdays #sundayfunday #restdaymode

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