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Nicole Habel  Richmond, VA | UVA '13 | CSICU Nurse | Wifed up 🏳️‍🌈| Devout lover of coffee, dogs, and the outdoors

✔️Nicole Habel, BSN, Summa Cum Laude
Next up: RN BSN, VCU CSICU #CanITakeANapNow #ButReallyImTired #NCLEXThenChill #ICUNurse #ConfidenceLevelKanyeWest #ThanksBrittney

F i v e y e a r s | Five years since we shared an unsuspecting kiss as nearly strangers in this very state. Little did we know what door we were opening, but I’m so very glad we did it anyway.

That moment when Maymont security sees you walking in the park holding your wife’s hand and directs you, “You need to walk this way for the Brandi Carlile concert,” and you’ve never felt more seen #SurpriseWeWereNotTheOnlyLesbians #BrandiCarlile #MusicatMaymont #RVA

Symbolizing victory, laurel wreaths were used in Ancient Greece to award Olympians and renowned scholars. With a first name that literally means “victory of the people” in Greek, it was only appropriate that I could finally wear my own laurel wreath after finishing nursing school and landing a badass job. Here’s to personal victories and a persistent reminder of the power of perseverance. | Thanks @jessversus for being my go-to 💉 lady

Bursting at the seams after introducing our two favorite people to our very favorite place (also because we ate so much food.) I have a feeling we left Charlottesville tonight with two future Wahoos. #TheyEvenSangTheGoodOldSong #UVAFamily #WereTheFunAunts #UVABaseball #Home #FutureWahoos #ThoseAgeeGenes

"This morning, with her, having coffee." | Johnny Cash when asked for his definition of paradise

30 days until graduation got me like 🍾 #AlmostRN #BeYourOwnWCW

Warm weather in Richmond makes me swoon #LoveMyCity #RVA #JamesRiver

202 hours later and I've finished my clinical immersion and am one step closer to being an RN. Thanks to this amazing nurse for precepting me, sharing countless coffee runs with me, believing in my inner boss babe, and making unpaid overnights a little more bearable. Here's to 38 more days until graduation! #FutureRN

While I'm off chasing my own dreams
Sailing around the world
Please know that I'm yours to keep, my beautiful girl
#CityAndColour #WifeGoals

I have mixed drinks about feelings #NursingProblems #LastSpringBreak #LittleNickel #ForestHill #RVA

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