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Nick Consola  I LOVE ART! In all forms!

So I'm at the beach over here in the bay area and I see another dead shark, then I see 2 more on the shore, And a shark vertebrae of what was once a shark. I only took pics of the 2 dead sharks as the third was in a pretty grotesque place and was almost undestingushable so i didnt take pics of that one. If I had my knife on me i would have taken the jaw of that little one on the beach.

Why are all the sharks dying here in the bay area? Could it be they just happen to be weak and can't make the tide? Could it be that they were taking a little shark nap and missed their opportunity to live? Or could it be that we have signs up for humans not to enter the water cause we have fucking polluted our shit so bad that we are killing the sea life. When I walk along the beach it is nothing but shells and garbage. Dont get me wrong, fuck sharks, but what does this say about us? Yeah for humanity.
#deadshark #shark #killingsharks #decaying #savethesharks #pollutedwater #herefishyfishy #doyouevenlift

My brother @chris_consola and I went to wondercon this year and met Kevin Eastman who created the teenage mutant ninja turtles and got a bunch of comics signed by him and then sent them out through the cgc to get graded.
I also met Sergio Aragones and got spider gwen and groo the wanderer number one signed, and I had Bobby Clark who played Gorn in the original Star Trek series sign the Gorn comic.
I'm super stoked a bunch came back pretty good.my brother and my blank covers that Kevin did full head sketches are awesome! And 9.8 on both! That is awesome! I am kind of pissed about the spider Gwen as it came back as a 7.5 which I have no idea why though? I did get it on ebay and didnt check it before i had Sergio sign it thoug so maybe there is pen or some shit on the inside of it or something?
it's cool though I'll sell the tmnt 3, 4, and raphael 1, 9.2 comics that are signed, and hopefully make some money back from an expensive but fun trip. I'll keep the 7.5 Rafael and the 8.5 number 3 for myself as I don't really care about the grades, im more about the signatures! So HEY! I'm selling some comics just hit me up!
#wondercon2017 #teenagemutantninjaturtles #kevineastman #groothewanderer #spidergwen #sergioaragones #bobbyclark #gorn #cgc #raphael #tmnt #comics #startrek #caseyjones #originalsketch #signedcomics #comicsforsale #comics #cgcsignatureseries I wonder if anyone is going to read all this? I sure as fuck know I wouldn't! Have a great night and a wonderful 3 day weekend everyonea

Just some short videos of some random things at #makerfaire2017 I wish I had the extra cash for the #rov in the first video. The 2 #dancing #dolls in the second video are creepy!

Some photos of #makerfaire2017 we have some #r2d2 and #r2d1 #droids and #metal #fire #sculptures and a cool homemade #drwho #pinball machine, and a life size #ed209 from #robocop and a couple #spacemarines from #warhammer40k and a cool metal #art sculpture thing, and a #mars #rover and a #robot #ant thing and some cool robot #space #suit that is just some of the cool stuff at the #makerfaire this year!

So I drove behind this today! A #pg&;e truck with and #outhouse on a trailer, with a long stretch of #toiletpaper coming out of the door. And for some reason I can't think of a good #caption for it? Someone help lol

A shark that didn't quite beat the tide. Can anyone identify what type of shark this is?
#deadshark #shark #tidesout

Cooking up some #impossibleburger from @impossible_foods it is awesome. To me it tastes like really lean meat. In case u havnt heard it is made of plants, that's right it's fucking #vegan which I'm not a fan of at all as my diet mostly consists of meat of some kind. But they pulled it off. I think I'm gonna try making some tacos with it next. Mmmmmm #tacos #engeneeredmeat #bombburger #burger

My awesome brother @chris_consola got me this super sweet original of #theirongiant from @cjdraden at #wondercon2017

So #Infinity is one of my favorite comics, if you havnt read it go get it youll love it, so I picked up this original cover done by @jamiesullivanillustration

Picked up another piece by @cjdraden the photo can't even come close to how good this looks in person! it is of #Morphious #Sandman

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