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Nicole  Join the NCIS: LA side, we have cronuts!

@reneefelicesmith is so flawless 😍😍😍😍😍
How's your day everyone?

I love this picture so much 😍
How's your day going everyone?

I love Renee ❀
All of my fellow Potterheads should follow the amazing Bellatrix page on Facebook! (link will be in bio)
I'm back b*tches. And I'm going to try to be more active again πŸ‘

Hetty πŸ˜„

Hetty and her tea 🍡


Can we please get this Sullivan/Ferris back @kurtyaeger ? Loved the fact that Sullivan was pushing her to get better but in hindsight I think it was just to get her out of the hospital so he could abduct her 😒

I binge watched almost all of season 8 today and I really liked Sullivan, but then he does this to Kensi and I'm like nope I wanna cut his head of with that chainsaw of his 😀
Love @kurtyaeger though πŸ’•, great actor, nothing against him, just his character 😠
Also: I can't believe we have to wait three weeks for the next episode 😠 I wanna know how this whole thing ends 😭

Loved this scene so much, it's so cute ❀ Also I'm back to my theme from before I took a breaI πŸ™†
I'm feeling pretty down right now because during my first semester at university I already failed two subjects (out of 5) and that means that if I fail 2 more this semester I have to quit Law School and that sucks because it's literally the only study that I find interesting. Luckily binge watching season 8 of NCIS: L.A. is making me feel slightly better πŸ‘Also, can I have my own Deeks to make me feel better about myself when I'm down?

Finally watching episode 4 of season 8 πŸ™† Hoping to catch up on the rest of the season tomorrow πŸ‘

Rest in peace, Miguel. My heart goes out to his family, friends and the cast and crew of NCIS: LA. The show will never be the same without Owen Granger there 😒

Hey guys! I'M BACK! I know I've been away for quite a while, ever since the new season started, but I've decided to come back to my account. I will mostly be posting things about previous seasond, as I still can not watch the current one where I live.
On a completely different note, as you can see, this post is not NCIS: LA related yet (my future posts will be), but I saw this on my personal account and thought I should share this to ask you all to support this woman (to-be). A while ago we as a fandom were very accepting and supporting towards all our lgtbq+ fellow fans, so I want to bring back #ncisla_supports_gay. This woman's goal is to reach 20k followers before February 6th and I was hoping that you could help her by following her, so she will be able to fully transition to a woman, so please, go and follow @spoopyones !!!!!

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