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NCECA  The National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts - instagram takeover this week by Emerging Artist

@natalia_arbelaez_ here wishing everyone a goodnight. Thank you so much to NCECA and the clay community for all the love and support. I leave you with cats! This picture was taken over the summer while I spent time collaborating with @undinebrod @hgkaplan1 and @whistlepigstudio creating pillars of love. #catsofinstagram #funwiththeladies #studiocat #nataliaarbelaez

Hello @natalia_arbelaez_ here. For my final post I would like to address a continued relevant issue and share a current show I'm in @districtclaygallery currated by #robertolugo . It is a show with 10 other artists who also happen to be women. Here are some of the current #badasswomen in the ceramics field. As most know women are severely underrepresented in the arts and as leaders in higher education. The pay gap is all too real and with these gaps being large for women they are even larger for black and brown women. I mention this as this is an adversity that I personally face and see my contemporaries face. There has been too many times I've heard institutions say that they are looking for men because of x amount of weight that needs to be lifted or about physical limitations and also implications that women are not as serious because of other roles they choose like motherhood. Please share in the comments women ceramicists who you feel are important in the field! Let’s make a list for all those people who just seem to forget to include us. The piece pictured here is titled #Libertas check out my Instagram for the full statement.
#equalpay #heforshe #noceilings #equalityinclay

#Repost @natalia_arbelaez_ One of my favorite parts about this past NCECA was getting the opportunity to organize and see LAS come together. ・・・
I am so incredibly proud that I had the chance to organize a show that highlighted and celebrated 6 Latin American artists who are immigrants and or children of immigrants. It's an important time to celebrate ourselves, especially as the leader of our country calls where we came from shithole countries, describes us as criminals and rapists. Giving people the permission to use patriotism to justify their racism. We are here, we are artists, we are builders, we are productive members of the community. Thank you, everyone, who came out to see LAS. We had a great turn out and some amazing feedback. Thank you to all who had such great words of encouragement! @moreldoucet @christinamargaritaerives @salvadorjimenezart @renatacassiano @aprildfelipe #nceca #nceca2018 #ncecapittsburgh #latinamericanartist #latinamericanstatus

@natalia_arbelaez_ here, happy Friday! I'm currently in a show with two other amazing artist @aprildfelipe and #bethlo @lacoste_keane_gallery about cultural narratives. It's been an honor to show alongside Beth Lo and of course April Felipe. April Felipe and I have been working together for the past couple years creating opportunities and helping each other grow. It's a beautiful experience when you have friendships that push and feed growth.

@natalia_arbelaez_ here: I'm a current artist-in-resident @harvardceramics where I've been continuing my research of pre-Columbian and Latin American histories. I have the incredible privilege of access to Harvard's libraries, museums, and resources. One of my latest projects is Raise a Glass—A Contemporary Response to Animal-Shaped Vessels from the Ancient World, an exhibition at #HarvardCeramics that is inspired by the @harvardartmuseums current special exhibition, Animal-Shaped Vessels from the Ancient World: Feasting with Gods, Heroes, and Kings. Pictured is me in my studio working and researching Peruvian Moche stirrup vessels. #harvardceramics #latinamericanart #partyanimal

@natalia_arbelaez_ here 👋🏾: This weekend I had the chance to celebrate the “US” show @clayartcenter that closed this weekend. I did a workshop with an amazing group of women who also happened to be immigrants. We used clay to celebrate our stories, talked about family, and shared some tears. The piece pictured here is titled “anchor baby” and is influenced by my experience as an American, check out my instagram for my full statement. .
#immigrationisbeautiful #weallgrowlatina

Hello again, @natalia_arbelaez_ here! If you missed my emerging artist talk this NCECA you can watch it now on YouTube, link in the profile. I’m especially grateful that I had the chance to talk about my parent’s story and celebrate immigration during my talk. . #nataliaarbelaez

Hello NCECA community! This is @natalia_arbelaez_ and I will be doing an Instagram takeover for the next week. I had the great privilege of being recognized as a 2018 NCECA emerging artist and sharing my story with the community. Here are some images of the work from the exhibition titled El Dorado. #ncecaemergingartist #nceca2018 #ncecapittsburgh #latinamericanartist #eldorado #colombianhistory #nataliaarbelaez

2011 Emerging Artist Meredith Host reflected...”although I had worked in the ceramics field for sometime before ‘emerging’ , becoming an NCECA emerging artist gave me visibility that I had not had before. Due to this experience, I have received numerous opportunities, such as teaching workshops, residencies, and gallery representation.” Applications on line at Deadline October 3! Don’t forget to apply! #emergingartist #pottery #meredithhost #meredithhostceramics #design #designing #dinnerware

“Being selected for the NCECA Emerging Artist was one of the highlights of my career. It provided a platform for exposure to the ceramics community in ways that few other distinctions can. Gazing out at the conference body on that Saturday morning was s humbling and awe-inspiring position to find myself in. I highly recommend applying if you haven’t already - and apply again if you have tried in the past” says Andrew Casto, NCECA Emerging Artist in 2015. Deadline for applications is October 3, 2018. Don’t forget to apply! #emergingartist #studiopottery #andycasto #andycastowork #organicsculpture #claysculpture #emergingartist #nceca #art #figurativeart

This is the last day for my Instagram takeover. Thanks to @nceca for giving me the opportunity to show my work to a wider audience!
This piece was part of the exhibition Janet Macpherson: A Canadian Bestiary, commissioned by The Gardiner Museum to commemorate Canada's Sesquicentennial in 2017. Decoy is going to be included in a new show called The Book of Beasts: The Bestiary in the Medieval World at the J. Paul Getty Museum, curated by Elizabeth Morrison. I am pretty excited to go to L.A. in May 2019!
@janetmacpherson #gardinermuseum #jpaulgettymuseum #bestiary #ceramicsculpture #canadianceramics #decoy

A few drawings I made at Zentrum fur Keramik in Berlin,Germany a while back. The first one is sgraffito with black underglaze on porcelain tile, the next two are marker on ubiquitous curryvurst takeout plates. @janetmacpherson #zentrumfürkeramik #sgraffito #paperplates #ceramicsculpture

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