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NC Endurance  Our goal is simple, to develop your endurance the same way you CrossFit. @aerobiccapacity @nc_fit

Warm ups are always better synchronized. What we did yesterday:
4 Rounds
300M Run, 200 Jog, 500M Run
30 second rest & 100M walk btw rounds
No rest btw the 300, 200, and 500
300 and 500 runs paced at 2-3 seconds per 100M than mile PR pace
📸: @ali_sv @nc_endurance @aerobiccapacity @nc_fit

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NC Endurance
4 X 800 meters
4 X 400 meters
4 X 200 meters
4 X 100 meters

What a great workout to welcome the new year, we didn't even notice the rain! :-) #Nc_Endurance | #aerobiccapacity | #ncfit | #norcalcrossfit | @tonytonitoney | @hinshaw363 | @nc_fit | @nc_endurance | #800meters | #400meters | #200meters | #100meters

Happy New Year from @nc_endurance! Coach @hinshaw363 promises to deliver top notch fitness wisdom all throughout 2017. Thank you for following! @aerobiccapacity @nc_fit

Merry Christmas from @nc_endurance! Here is a great workout you can do after unwrapping presents. A total of 3 sets, 3 minutes of rest after each set. Good luck! 📸: @ali_sv @nc_endurance @aerobiccapacity @nc_fit #merrychristmas

Sprinting into the holiday break! Now is a great time of year to get a longer aerobically challenging run in. The track is amazing, but sometimes it is just as good to go on a long run. 📸: @ali_sv @aerobiccapacity @nc_endurance @nc_fit

@heidi_mclean crushing the warm up! @nc_endurance braved the cold tonight and did a great Lactate Threshold workout:
3 Rounds
800M, rest 1 minute, 400M
Rest 3 minutes

800M pace should be about 4-5 seconds slower per 100M than you mile PR pace, and the 400M pace should be 2-3 seconds slower per 100M than mile PR pace. Good luck! @nc_endurance @aerobiccapacity @nc_fit

It was a fun one at @nc_endurance last night:
6x150M (15 secs rest btw intervals)
Rest 4 minutes
6X150M (30 secs rest btw intervals)
Rest 4 minutes
6X150M (45 secs rest btw intervals)
Rest 4 minutes
6X150M (60 secs rest btw intervals)
Total: 3500M

The pace for each set of intervals should get faster, 2nd set being faster than the 1st, 3rd set faster than the 2nd, etc. Correlating with the increased rest between intervals. 📸: @ali_sv @nc_endurance @aerobiccapacity @nc_fit

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@tiaclair1 joined the @nc_endurance group last night doing an @aerobiccapacity workout with #coachchris @hinshaw363 ・・・#repost @tiaclair1 I knew the camera was on and was trying so hard to have good form. 😂😂😂 @hinshaw363 @aerobiccapacity #tryingtolookgood #running #stayfocus #coldnight

Thanksgiving is over and @stu_rn has to come back to the track tomorrow. 📸: @ali_sv @nc_endurance @aerobiccapacity @nc_fit #feelings #inspirationalquote #fitspo

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Some of our favorites in our @nc_endurance running group doing the Thanksgiving #turkeytrot. Great job guys!! #aerobiccapacity #ncendurance #shortesttotallest 😜

"If you ain't first you're last." - Ricky Bobby
📸: @ali_sv #fitspo @nc_endurance @nc_fit @aerobiccapacity

We're running tonight! Check out www.aerobiccapacity.com for pacing details. 📸: @ali_sv @nc_endurance @aerobiccapacity @nc_fit

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