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NBPro Media  Premiere media production company in northern New Jersey. 🚀#film #photography

Took a family trip to @stumpys46 a couple weeks ago to see who has the worst aim among us. Turns out it was a tie. Sponsored by Pizza and Beer, the choice of all true floppy-armed hatchet-throwing camera people. 🍻🍕

We’re really packing in the summer birthdays here! Next up is our self-proclaimed “sound guy” Giuseppe! He doesn’t have Instagram so he might not see this, so we’re sending out super potent happy birthday brainwaves for him to pick up on his fancy shmancy microphones. Thanks for all you do!

Here’s a little mid-week foodporn for ya. We had the luck to spend a day shooting tons of amazing food down in lovely Plainfield, NJ a few weeks back and ate lunch at this killer Tex-Mex spot.
Thanks for the good eats! 🌮

Sending happy birthday vibes to our good friend and occasional collaborator @karlfernz, thankfully you’re better at shooting video than you are at shooting pong balls. Keep on keeping on, cool 😎 dude.

We’re simple people. Slap together some high-flung dough, seasoned sauce and full-fat mozz and throw it all in a 550° oven and you’ve got our recipe for happiness. The only thing that makes our day more than a pizza is two pizzas.
Have you thanked your local pizza guy today? 🍕❤️

Today we get to wish our comandante @nick_ben11 a very happy birthday! Thank you for always being a great leader and an even greater friend.
Thanks to @suzrans for sneaking us a vintage Nick pic for this post. Surprised it wasn’t a cave painting. Heyooooo!

Cheers! You only turn 30 once! (We won’t tell anyone how old you actually are 😉)

It’s Friday in Jersey!

We always jump at an opportunity to shoot with our friends, and when we got asked to shoot at a diner for a campaign we’re working on we knew we had to go to Sansone’s.
Most people think apple pie is about as American as you can get, but WE know four slices of Taylor ham (what’s pork roll?) and a couple fried eggs with cheese on a hard roll is the true pinnacle of America’s culinary excellence.

Support your local greasy spoon! 🍳🥓🥞

To our country, the place on earth we call home. America stands for so much, and today we get to appreciate its collective histories both good and bad and reflect on what makes this place exemplary.
Our America is not politicized or divided, it’s a community spanning a continent - brought together by the ideal of a better tomorrow.

This footage is a collection of shots of natural beauty from all over the states collected by our crew.
Happy 4th of July! 🎇

Sending super happy birthday vibes to our post-supervisor, shooter and head of HR: @ceciliapotenza
You’re the best, we love you! 🤙🎂

It’s been a crazy two weeks here! We managed to squeeze 13 shoots into a 12 day span, at one point splitting our team of nine over three states to cover different events! It collectively totaled out to almost 2000 miles driven, hundreds of work hours, and 42 gallons of coffee (slightly exaggerated); and we couldn’t be happier.
A huge thank you to our clients who make it possible for us to make a living doing what we love.
Time to kick off our shoes and settle into the weekend before we start back up next week. 🍻

It’s a beautiful day for timelapses! Gathering footage for a new cosmetics video we’re making with @yournamepro (and enjoying the great weather)🌤⏱

🌻 Another year, another @njsharingnetwork 5K at their headquarters in New Providence. For years we’ve helped The Sharing Network document their efforts to spread awareness about life-saving organ and tissue donation, and we finally have custom shirts just for the event! 🌻

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