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(Nay-Zee-Muh)  NO JUSTICE NO PEACE I Write Poetry 🇨🇳✈️🇩🇴✈️🇺🇸

{•This picture was taken while I was laughing•}

{•#BestFriendApprecistionPost ft. My in-state best friend , my out of state best friend , and my girl best friend•}

{•While I had a few unhappy thoughts today, I had a happy day overall. I have IED and I'm clinically depressed so it's not very often I have a successful day like this. I'm working towards having more of these days❤️•}

{•I look like a little boy with no eyebrows buuut my sister did that🎉Lauryn, I love you with all my heart. You really my heart and Ima be yo guidance counselor till the day you die❤️•}

{•Not sure if I actually like this or not🤷🏾‍♀️•}

{•Who are you to tell me that the way my hair naturally changes color isn't beautiful? I refuse to cover up something that naturally occurs just because it makes you uncomfortable. I like that my genetic defect makes such an interesting color blend and I don't care if you feel otherwise•}

{•This is my best friend, my sister, my photographer, my patient, my teammate, allat👊🏽We've clicked since the very beginning. You come to me with your problems and even though I don't have my degree yet, you allow me to pick apart the situation and put it back together. I love you more than words can express and I promise I'm going to be here for you until the end of time❤️•}

{•Does anyone know where a 17 year old can get a tattoo?•}

{•One last thing, please know that you are loved and if no one has told you recently , this is me telling you . Also , if no one ever tells you how loved you are , DM me your number and I'll text you everyday reassuring you that you matter and someone is here for you . you don't even have to respond😁Enjoy my back side😋❤️•}

{•My face when someone compliments my intelligence before they compliment my appearance•}

{•It's almost summer and my hair is getting lighter🤷🏾‍♀️•}

{•He just tried to "all lives matter" my post😡😒•}

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