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☘️Naz•Studying🕊  🌟16- hs Junior *Use Code: cfzydhc @WISH.COM* •Knowledge is power, so is our Happiness ! 🌸 So here's me sharing bits of the happy things I do• 💓

•Last upload for today• <I don't have any captions's just for the feed>
Have a great Sunday everyone 💓

I always have history notes to upload •_•
I just realized it's the only subject where I actually handwrite my notes.
I love handwritten notes, but most works are online from other subjects.
What do u prefer? Online work or handwritten? ^_^ .
<& I'm sorry for deleting my work as soon as I uploaded if anyone noticed 😭>

HappY Sunday ☀️ It's super sunny outside, but windy 🌬
Sorry I haven't been active much •_• It's midterm week, & AP tests next week 😣 So, even taking pics seem like a lot 😅
Anyways, I woke up at 4 AM today without struggling with snooze *_* What a Miracle!! Guys whoever haven't tried putting their phone away from bed so that u actually have to get up to knock up that annoying alarm, DO IT if you want to wake up just when u plan . It worked for me! Yay ^_^ I hope to stick with it!

Good Morning ☀️ <It's amazing out today! Yay ^_^ but I'm not going out ☹️> Anyways, here's my #1 #cornelluniversity Research Paper out of 15 other colleges/universities research project. ^_^ .
<My non-negotiable for my uni would be : 1) Great Food! 😁 It's super important! 2) Nice Library 3) Badminton 4) Diversity on campus 5) My desired subjects, of course!>
Ques of the day: What are/were your non-negotiable for uni/college? ✨

I guess, we all have a lot to get done this spring break. No worries, I'm with you 🙌 We've got this! .
Btw, does anyone have a good k-drama to suggest? ^_^

Part of what I have to finish in this spring break. Breaks are no more breaks for students 😭
Anyways..I made it a little prettier to look at, so I don't feel overwhelmed just by looking at it 😅

I'm so bad in US History •_• that's because I make good notes on this subject..hahaha
It makes me want to study them!
What's your least favorite subject? <do you enjoy US History?>

Most realistic notes here 😂😅
•My AP Environmental Science Chapter review Q/A. My fav sub! ✨
What's your favorite subject?

•Basic Notes 📝
Hope you're having a great Day ✨☀️

Hola ^_^ ~~swipe right~~
•thought it's pretty ^_^ First time ever actually trying to make the notes pretty 🌸
😂 but the topic doesn't quite match with so much happy colors •_•
Btw, I just missed the 7th train 😭 life in NY!

Ohiō <Good Morning 🌧⛅️>
Hope you have a Great Day 🌸
My SAT was good, but I wish I could have more time for the 2nd math part. I wonder if the test makers try taking the tests like students •_• Too time limited!

Good Morning!! ☀️ Got some work done early morning! Yay ^_^ & This is MY Reward 😍😂 <no, I couldn't finish it! Too big, but YUM 😋> Off to school for SAT 🙌 seriously..a war zone! Fighting •_•

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