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This Velma is now a print in my store! Use the link in my bio to get it or look at all my other cosplay prints on there!
Picture: @wadewilsonjustshotyou

Real Talk: What are your biggest flaws? Are you able to recognise them and recognise those behaviours and put a stop to them?
I overthink to the point of paranoia. I dwell on the past and find it hard to move on. I get easily overwhelmed and get way too in my own head. I compare myself to others and my assumption of what I think everyone else is like. I assume that everyone else manages and copes better than me and does better than me, and feel like a failure in comparison. I'm too hard on myself and beat myself up over the smallest of things. I tend to think negatively and never see anything positive that I've done; focusing on what I haven't done or done well enough instead of the things I have and things I've done great. I let those things define how I see myself.
But. I'm getting better. Because I've started to learn to recognise these things. I've started to notice when I'm being too hard on myself. I've started to question my assumptions when I make them and ask myself; do I know that everyone else manages this? Do I actually know this? And I realise that no, I don't at all. I ask myself would I judge another person for the same thing I'm judging myself, and the answer is always no. I've started to try to praise myself for the good things I do.
What are your biggest flaws and how do you overcome them?
Photo: @robellisphotography

What's your favourite colour lingerie? 🌼

And now for something completely different.
These old pictures taken on film by @robellisphotography are now on my @onlyfansofficial page!

Don't make me get the big guns out. 😏
I'm in love with my Lara cosplay! She's one of my options for @mcmcomiccon in May! So far my options are Lara, Misty, Harley Quinn, Booette, Princess Bubblegum and hopefully Midna as well. But I only need 3 for the weekend so I'm struggling to choose which ones πŸ˜‚ what do you think I should go for?

Are you going to bring my bike back? πŸ€“
Theres a full set of Misty photos on my Onlyfans now! Link in bio or send me a message πŸ’•
Photo: @heather_bailey_

Having some fun shooting today with @hellbound_media 😎 very exciting project we're working on together!!!
Wig: @evahairofficial

Feet: yay or nay?
If the answer is yay then you might want to see the rest of these pictures on my Onlyfans with @alivixwhite by @niallpatterson 😏

I do love my Merida. I'm saving her for October con because it's always cold then and it's more suitable for cold weather!
This was the first prop I've made - I made the bow and arrows out of foam and worbla.
Picture: @heather_bailey_ (more pictures of it on my Onlyfans)

I thought I would show you some of the amazing girls I talk to pretty much daily! This is my little online girl gang. Would you want to be in our gang? 😎
Swipe across: @lishablackhurst, @jenniferdeku, @officiallyacrux, @alexiarosexo, @eminence.sgh, @kalitakhaos, @kittenlebow, @missveronikablack

Even bad guys need to bath!
More of these are on my Onlyfans, link in bio β€οΈπŸ’™β€οΈπŸ’™

Today has been catching up on admin work I've been behind on thanks to @npcomputerswsm fixing my laptop and saving all my work on there! Even models have to have office days.
Casually wearing my #sexworkiswork top from @itsbeadux in Café Nero while I work 😏

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