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nayo4u  In the Telecom b'ness, a younging farmer and an aspiring life athlete... Snapchat: nayo4u #Calisthencs #workoutroutine

We got these push up wheels from @decathlonghana and they’re just amazing! We’re slowly getting the hang of the advanced movements. Cc @paddy_lordnaire the gym bud 💪🏿#calisthenics #workout #workoutmotivation #progressnotperfection

Today was a HIIT session and then it was ... LEGS! Oh my days! I freakin hate ‘em but totally worth it!
#workoutmotivation #workoutfun #workout #fitness #fit

Issa throwback to 2017. Gallant hops into greatness. Leaving all the FILTH behind! Let’s do this!

Shot by
Yours truly, @moshutter

Due to uncontrollable circumstances, I missed 85 of today’s 90. Yawa! But stiiilll, we no lose. 🤣😎

Mbaku, what are you doing here? It is challenge day! Cc @paddy_lordnaire #calisthenics #workout #workoutmotivation #gymbuddy

We’ve been doing this, siiiiince the 80s! @niishopay see the way you dey force me make I fool.🤣🤣🤣 #freespirit #Bros4Lyf

Thirty! The big thirty. I’m happy you have joined me. I’m overjoyed with your growth, your genius, your maturity. You and I will dance always in complete serenity.

God help us, we will blossom, we’ll grow together, we’ll live happily ever after... For all ETERNITY!
I ❤️ U, @apiorkor
Still celebrating your birthday-ity 🤣😘😘😘

Twenty-Nine. No, I was not late and now I can PROUDLY say “You’re MINE”. I ❤️ U

Twenty-Eight. I’d most probably live a miserable and too normal a life, if 9 years ago you said to me “You’re late”. I ❤️ U

Twenty-Seven. In our own cocoon, to the rest of the world, we deafen. I ❤️ U

Twenty-Six. If there ever were a “twig” of yours I broke, trust me Baaby, I will go through thick and thin for you to see its fix. I ❤️ U.

Twenty-five. The cruel world looks on greenly, but so help us God, shall we strive to thrive! I ❤️ U

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