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Naya Rappaport  🇩🇴🌞 South FL📍Sharing snippets of my life day by day.

“ A lot of your shackles...
you have gold plated them and
you are wearing them like ornaments.”
- Sadhguru
➡️Are you bound by the pursuit of happiness?
Addicted to seeking pleasure?
Remember that we are limitless.
To live a more Devine life is to create our own joy/ contentment from within and to break our shackles tied to others & materials.
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“When they ask you why you love the rain, the ocean, the river, tell them it is because unlike the people who should have loved you better, the water was never afraid to touch you; even when you were at your most damaged and broken.”
-Nikita Gill
My name is Naya.
New, flowing, renewal is the meaning of my name that reminds me to continue to strive with vigor.
What’s the meaning of your name?
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Like is about the journey not the destination.
When you feel like giving up, look back at how far you’ve come. 🌞
When you feel like a failure, take it as an opportunity to begin again. 👣
When you feel unmotivated, remember your “why.” #yourpurpose
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🥂 Dance is the purest expression of every emotion.
Cheers to another trip around the sun @e_zdays 🌞
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Change is constant.
You are ready to become your inspiration.
Step out of your comfort zone. Begin to shed old truths and layers of your ego that no longer serve you. Tomorrow isn’t promised so honestly ask yourself what’s stopping you from making a change today?
Shift happens when you step on the mat.
Come practice #hotyoga with me at the @yogajoint #westboca
Tuesdays 10:15am and Fridays 8:30am.
Would you like me to teach free classes via @instagram LIVE /IGTV?
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🐱 A misunderstood super villain.
An antiheroine...
often doing the wrong things for the right reasons. 💎
Out of these four, what do you consider the worst trait?

Tangled in negativity?
Three ways to help you move forward:
1️⃣ Let go of expectations.
Just like comparison is the thief of joy.... so is being a perfectionist.
2️⃣Develop a positive morning routine.
Affirmations, meditation, a short walk, cuddle your fur babies, practice gratitude and so on... 💆🏽
3️⃣Become aware / tap into the root of the problem.
Start paying attention to your triggers.
➡️Anything else you would like to add to the list?
I always love to share and read your comments.💖
Have a wonderful day! 🌞
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MOOD : Unfuckwithable
“Unfuckwithable is making your own opportunities instead of waiting for someone to give you one. Unfuckwithable is building your own doors—and then knocking on them. Unfuckwithable is what happens when you believe that your work matters. And unfuckwithable is an attitude.”
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Metamorphosis is a radical change.
Caterpillars are born with four internal buds that are genetically programmed to turn into wings.
During their #chrysalis transformation their two simple eyes (light sensing) move inward to the brain; two complex eyes (true vision) form at the exterior. #nationalgeographic
Like the transformation of a caterpillar maturing into a butterfly....
I, myself, went through a period of self destruction.
My makeover programmed with a mix of demolition and growth.
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I were
to die
I’d want you all
to know
even the worst days
were worth it
because they were
the cost of finding
I’d pay it again,
a thousand times over,
just to reach you
once more.
I found my heart 💜;
It beats in
all of
-William c. Hannan
During this trip, in October, I was delivered horrible news about a passing of a high school + college best friend.
A piece of me died with her.
👉🏽 My friends...
Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Hug your loved ones a little tighter and tell them how much you love them each and every second you get the chance.
@soashleymarie & @salila_thuy you ladies are my sisters and this lifetime is heaven because we’re reunited. Thank you for always holding space for me. #charliesangels #powerpuffgirls
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Thank you for your hospitality!
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She isn’t meant
to be handled
with caution,
but to be loved hard.
- @abooknameher
Inspired by: @acrowithjon & @nwoy
@e_zdays and I in @aloyoga 💖

Lack of consistency can bring on a lack of interest.
What keeps you coming back to your mat ?
Even on the days you don’t want to. 🧘🏽‍♀️
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