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Gaurav Patel [ Gavu ]  #PHD in NawaaB🤴 #Rajkot can'T RelaxD on 1st April 🎂 #STYliSh #A_TØ_Z👌 #CUTENEsS #1_TO_100%😍 #POpULER #STARTING_TO_END😎 #S👆NglĘ#Yeh_ITz TRUE#

D Caliber Of A Person Is Not How Well He Prepares 4 Everything 2 Go Right,
Bt How He Stands Up nd Moves On After Everything Has Gone Wrong..!!😎😗

Talents will take us to high position in our career... But behaviour will help us to maintain the high position in the people heart.😘👌🙌

Happiness in Life depends on how You Perceive It.

That is why Some Are Happy Beggars & others Sad Millionaires! " "Think Positive"#👌😘😎

Even a correct decision is
wrong when it is too late.
Life is a game of timing.
Respect time and time will Respect You!!!😘✌☝️

Walking with Confidence
is far Better than
Running with Confusion.

If You Spend More Time Preparing,
You Will Spend Less Time

અમારી #MoZz માં જ એટલો નશો છે કે , બીજા કોઈ નશા ની જરૂર નથી પડતી....!!!😎✌🙌

People respect us only by two reasons.... Either we have power or Our behavior is helpful.... First one is temporary but second is permanent....😘🤙🙌ka

Only wealth doesn't make a person rich. True wealth lies in having progressive thinking, positive thoughts and really good friends..!!

તમારી હા મોજ,
ને અમારી ભલે મોજ,

જયારે બે મોજ ભેગી થાય વીરા ત્યારે જ આપણી હા મોજ હા ☝🏻થાય....☝🏻😘😍

Punctuality Is Not About Being On Time.
It Is Basically
Own Commitments 😎✌

Being Upset Will Not Solve Any Problem.

But... Getting UP and SET Your Way To Your Goals Will . . . !😎✌

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