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Dset  Indonesian in Italy. 🇮🇹Cooking🎂.Travelling✈. Photography 🙌🏻Taking care of my kids🌻Eero Ettala is my favourite snowboarder and future neighbor.

sometimes i just need some asian colorful food #homemadefood #soyuramen

just panoramic view from the top of Mount San Salvatore #naturelovers #montesansalvatore #lugano

Yesterday, while in Indonesia everyone was busy watching(or maybe even partecipating) ASIAN GAMES opening ceremony, somewhere in Etelä-Suomen lääni, people were enjoying their garlic festival (I didn't even have any idea on why such festival does exist 😂). Meanwhile in Kuusisaari, Indonesian people were busy having late celebration of 73th Indonesian Indipendence Day. I even won the price for rope pulling/tug war game with the rest of my team #strongwomen #valkosipulifestarit2018 #pestarakyat #bazaarrakyat #17agustusan

got "nasbung" straight from the embassy itu sesuatuuuuuh buanget rasanya 😅 #17agustusan #nasibungkus

i love “vietnamese style” springroll during summer: it tastes so fresh and so easy to make/no need to fry!!! i wrote it as "vietnamese style" as of course, mine is not authentic vietnamese at all: i made it tailored for myself using any available ingredient from my fridge as i need to empty fridge before leaving home for summer holidays 😂 for filling i've used authentic italian roasted chicken thighs (leftover from yesterday’s dinner), cilantro leaves, mint leaves, julienned carrots, baby cucumber, roman lettuce, julienned green chilli pepper, rice, glass noodles and chives. Just use some ready-to-use thai sweet chilli sauce to eat it (add few fresh lime wedges and coarsely chop cilantro+honey roasted nuts in it for more unique taste) and have some ice cold fresh seasonal fruit infusion water (i’ve put mint, strawberry pieces, few slices of lemon+orange+peach), it sure helps cooling down from summer heat 😉 #asianfood #involtinoprimavera #springrolls #fusioncuisine

panoramic train started with the storm, and continued with the rainbow and colombian parade 😍 beautiful colorful day despite the original plan was to visit choccolate museum 😬

looked nice without photobomber #tbt #aftersunset #twoweeksago #lakelugano

View from home: Basic.

#theview ~no other caption needed~ 😝

But She's the Queen🤩

A beautiful evening with my beloved and mesmerizing unique daughter (@bearniez )

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