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Nauaien  I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list! When you can't find the sunshine, be the sunshine ☀☀ Mom to furrball @seventhesillykitty

A perfect night to celebrate the perfect couple!! Congratulations Ahmed and Shamsa!

Clearly none of can use a camera timer 🙈
#famjam #eid2018

Love you both, it's been a while since we laughed like this 😘😘
Kudos to @jae_rite for making us laugh and Allen for capturing these beautiful memories 😍😍
Eid 2018.

Trip to High Park with @spoopynoellee photobombs, cherry blossoms and chipmunks!
Actual cherry on top: a lady told us we have a beautiful baby 😁.....well yea, of course we do! Have u seen her and her #pakipino parents? 😍😘💙💙

I more than "love" these people 🤗

Happy birthday to this old man and happy Darwin day to all!
#darwin #evolution #darwinday #charlesdarwin #supportscience #internationaldarwinday #naturalselection

Here is to hoping for an early spring 🙌 and that the sun keeps shining every day until then!!
Prettiest basket I am using to keep Seven from destroying my little leafy babies from @luvewantshop thank you Regina!
#house_plant_community #plantmama #plantsofinstagram #urbanjungle #houseplantclub #plantstyling #indoorplants #cheerstohouseplants

Sleepy babies 😘❤❤

All done!! 🎉 Over a year and half ago, one of my most favorite artists started a piece on me that went from a half sleeve to a full! I followed @codyeichtattoo for years before he moved to the great white north and was ecstatic to find out he was in driving distance for me to get something done by him! If you know me well, you have heard me speak about him, his artistry and his unbelievable use of colour.
Thank you Cody for for doing some of your best work on me! (I swear I am not being biased 😋) For all the great laughs, serious discussions and being so patient and understanding during some tough spots last year. This piece means a lot to me and I can't imagine anyone having done it better!! Charles Darwin said ~ "A man's friendships are one of the best measures of his worth"~ All the best until next time! #illbeback #brushupontrek #timewilltelltattoo #darwin #tattoo #tattoos #tattoosleeve

And finally this night is a wrap!....Happy New Year to all my friends and family near and far! #nye #nye2017

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