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Via @fathomlesslife This is so heartbreaking especially considering we have the ability to stop such things from happening 😔💔🦏 We need to protect endangered species before they disappear.

Caption below from @amivitale With a heavy heart, I share this news and hope that Sudan's legacy will awaken us to protect this magnificent and fragile planet. Yesterday, Zachariah Mutai comforted Sudan, the last living male Northern White Rhino moments before he passed away. Sudan lived a long, healthy life at the conservancy after he was brought to Kenya from @safari_park_dvur_kralov in the #czechrepublic in 2009. He died surrounded by people who loved him at @olpejeta after suffering from age-related complications that led to degenerative changes in muscles and bones combined with extensive skin wounds. Sudan has been an inspirational figure for many across the world. Thousands have trooped to Ol Pejeta to see him and he has helped raise awareness for rhino conservation. The two female northern white rhinos left on the planet are his direct descendants. Research into new Assisted Reproductive Techniques for large mammals is underway due to him. The impact that this special animal has had on conservation is simply incredible. And there is still hope in the future that the subspecies might be restored through IVF. Support this important work: http://donate.olpejetaconservancy.org/projects/sudan
I had the privilege of following this gentle hulking creature on his journey from the snowy Dvur Kralov in the Czech Republic to the warm plains of Kenya, when he was transported with three of his fellow Northern White Rhinos in a last ditch effort to save the subspecies. It was believed that the air, water, and food, not to mention room to roam, might stimulate them to breed—and the offspring would then be used to repopulate Africa. At the time, there were 8 Northern white rhinos alive, all in zoos. Today, we are witnessing the extinction of a species that had survived for millions of years but could not survive mankind.

Lightning strikes the water through the clouds.
#animals #nature #wildlife #thunder #lightning #clouds

Train passes through woods on a snowy day.
#animals #nature #wildlife #train #trains #woods #trees #snow

Young Penguin coming out of the water.
#animals #nature #wildlife #penguin #penguins

Nature is full of turns like life.
#animals #nature #wildlife #snow #trees

Two beautiful Giraffes.
#animals #nature #wildlife #giraffe #girraffes

Mother Bear and her Cubs.
#animals #nature #wildlife #bear #bears #cub #cubs

Credit @timlaman
Photo by @TimLaman. Helmeted Hornbills are one of the iconic birds of Indonesia’s rain forest, but in recent years they have been the target of illegal hunting and trade for their casques and bills, which can be carved like ivory. Yesterday I photographed this stockpile confiscated from smugglers in Samarinda, East Kalimantan at the Conservation Department office. On one table, we saw more than 100 hornbill heads and beaks, which was shocking, especially since I have been spending many weeks in the wild just to get brief glimpses of the live birds. Authorities in Indonesia are trying to clamp down on this trade that is driving this species toward extinction, and I’m hoping to raise awareness through this story, which is a partnership between @NatGeo and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Indonesian hornbill conservation group @RangkongID. Stay tuned for the full story about Helmeted Hornbills coming up in the August issue of @NatGeo and please do what you can to spread awareness about this critically endangered species. #onassignment #YearoftheBird #hornbills, #helmetedhornbills #endangered #endangeredspecies #RangkongGading #Indonesia #Kalimantan #Borneo

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