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🌲 Liz 🌲  • STAY OUTSIDE ⛺️🏔🏜 • • 📩

My three word love story: ✨I LOVE ROAD ✨

I took ALL of your suggestions, (minus the snowsuit, cuz ya no) and I went up into the mountains at dusk to fight in the Battle of the Mosquitoes... 🏹🤺💣💉... and I prevailed! Not one bite! ⚔️ #victoryismine

Word of the day: 🔸Marvelusting 🔸

Guys! I am so elated with all the responses I received regarding my mosquito dilemma, 💙SERIOUSLY!! I'm so excited to try all the new remedies, here's what I'm thinking_
- eat garlic, then make a garlic bulb necklace_
- a cape faceted of fabric softener sheets_
- be less sweet_
- negotiate_
- bathe in lavender, tea tree, peppermint oil_
- face net_
- shower daily_
- no bright colors_
- eat them before they eat you
- a sword_
- Avon products_
- snowsuit_

Hahahaha!! Can't wait for that picture on a mountain top! 😂👊🏼 #youarethebest

~ Any woman is Queen, who turns pain into power and builds castles of the stones once thrown at her ~

I am so totally over being attacked by mosquitoes!! Last night I was up in the mountains and bathed in repellent, but forgot my face. (cuz who likes to spray their face with that nastiness!?) My face got attacked! I am allergic to them, so even if I catch them right when they land, its too late, the swelling has begun. And I must be blind not to see the several that landed right on my nose 🙄. I despise the little suckers and they LOVE me for it. If you have any tricks you've found successful, besides moving to Iceland or walking around in a halo of fire, IM ALL EARS!
Swoll Face

Here is a memory of a fine day when I was one of the first humans on a newly paved, mosquito free, Forest Gump road!

~ Go with the choice that scares you the most, because thats when you grow ~
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Stare down with Thor! 😍🔨#thorshammer

I haven't watched television in quite some time. It's been wonderful! That said, last night I started a new (well new to me, it has 6 seasons out) Netflix series, and I HAVEN'T SLEPT! Finished the first season 😂. It's soooo intense! Any guesses on what it is? 🤔 #bingewatch

~ Focus on how far you've come, focus on what you've overcome ~

If you don't have a cloud, road and lone tree obsession, we probably shouldn't be friends 😆💙☁️🛣🌳

Just over two years ago I begin a journey of healing, self discovery, personal growth and acceptance through nature exploration. I've always felt inspired in nature, and I sensed I would find answers within her beauty. Along the way I have met many wonderful people who have helped me see things differently, feel things intensely and accept things gracefully. Within my transition I have learned that life is short (Hold those loved ones with all you have...say, "I love you"), character is strength, judgment is dishonorable, regrets must be crushed, overcome your fears, mistakes make you powerful, forgiveness is best done promptly, and it's genuine and caring form is rare! So be grateful for what you have, value and show appreciation to the friends and family who matter most. And always leave your door open for love, because that's where true happiness sneaks in!
I ❤️my journey 🌲🍂🏔🛣
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