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S H A N E I C E C R Y S T A L  x Daughter of Zion💜 x Follow: @travelwithneiicey ✈️ x Home Sweet Home📍🔜 x Subscribe to my Youtube Channel! 🎥

Last stop: Bangkok📍Finally made it back home from travelling SouthEast Asia for a month. I’m tired and sick but I can’t tell you how much fun this trip was...and I got to experience it with my sister and best friends💜

Don’t put a price on your experiences especially when those experiences promote growth!🐘✨ Swimsuit: @fashionnova
#travelwithneiicey #travelislife

Do what your heart desires, but be smart about it 🤘🏾✈️
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Good morning from Vietnam🇻🇳

Just made it to the Philippines and already tanned AF!! 🇵🇭 Bodysuit: @fashionnova

This rice terrace in Bali was breathtaking. I fell in the mud a few times, almost lost my sandals and 3 people had to pull me out .... but it was all worth it for this shot. I also bought this dress from a local market and I’m serving you bare back real ness NO PUN intended😂😂 #travelwithneiicey

Just tryna slay for this gorgeous waterfall behind me...🤷🏾‍♀️💅🏾 #travelwithneiicey

How I Feel When Good Food Arrives At My Table!🤗🍓

Golden hour ✨🍫
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Soaking up the ☀️ Swimsuit: @bfyne 👙

It’s 5:27am right now in Bali... what time is it where you’re at?? 🇮🇩 -
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Cotton Candy Skies...🍬 📍Bali, Indonesia

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