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Natural Movement  🌟🌿 Natural Movement® 🌿🌟 News, videos, tips & insights |By @erwanlecorre Founder of @MovNat®

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What does MovNat look like at home? It is a common question in the movement community. Check out Danny’s new article where he explores one simple, thoughtful setup -

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Who's this?

In a past life I was a Karate black belt. Now I am a pink belt 😂.
Karate Sensei @karatebyjesse invited me to the Karate Nerd Experience 2017 event he's organized in Boston to teach some MovNat/Natural Movement. It was great to reconnect to a very familiar discipline and community...28 years after I hanged up my gi. So I logically made the connection between the traditional martial art, the modern sport and Natural Movement, doing a lot of ground movement, balancing movement and some jumping in the end. What happens when you get out of your movement comfort zone? How many movements are you familiar and comfortable with outside the dojo, beyond the typical Karate moves?
How does a lack of day to day Natural Movement and the reduced function it generates impacts your specific practice and performance?
Can you apply the Karate mindset to turn any movement into an efficient technique? Can you use the MovNat method to improve fundamental function, positional control, explosiveness, balance and reflexes altogether?
The answer is YES.
Great event, great people!
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Mindful repetition. Improving BOTH motor-control AND strength or conditioning SYMBIOTICALLY. Through movement. NATURAL movement. What do young children know about exercise? .

A lot. So much. They are wired to move and driven to CONTINUALLY improve their effectiveness and efficiency. They achieve this not just through "random" moves but through INSTINCTIVE yet PURPOSEFUL, repetitive PRACTICE. .

We may call it "play." We may call it "instinct." We may call it "practice." Whatever we call it, let's not miss to see how BRILLIANT it is. Let's not miss to understand that it displays a purposeful PATTERN indeed. .

Last but not least, let's not miss to realize that we grownups can still do it too and that not only we can but we SHOULD.
The practice is "Natural Movement." The method is @MovNat.
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It is a short, short moment in second at most. This is about how long you remain airborne. Not free from gravity, just free from anything supporting your body. No point of support. No equipment, no technology. You are the equipment, you are the technology. You alone take the decision, you alone take the risk. You alone can propel yourself in the air, generating your own force, your own acceleration. Destroying one's balance is easy. Anyone can do it. It is re establishing it that is the challenge. It is the confidence in one's ability to recover, maintain, control, displace one's balance through space that separates the skilled mover from the unskilled, the fast mover from the slow one, and often separates the mover from the physically idle. How much movement autonomy have you created in your mind, body and life? How much movement effectiveness and efficiency?
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"It is not just a jump. It is not just some movement. It is not just about oneself. It is also about inspiring others and the next generation to the power of movement and nature in our lives. You can't just pass that on only with words, or a single verbal statement. You pass it on with the casual example of your own motion, energy and consistency. You provide reality, a context which you not only must create but which you also must be an integral part of."
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In the hot and sunny summer days, MovNatters and other Natural Movers often find themselves outdoors in the, shirtless...and potentially exposed to painful sunburns.
But who wants to use industrial sunscreens full of toxic chemicals entering your skin and rapidly polluting your whole body?
Not me. And probably not you either. Have you found a solution yet? I just posted this below on my personal account, where you can also find a direct link to the product. It's the only sun protection I use when I take off my clothes on sunny days. ~Erwan

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The summer is going strong and you beautiful health conscious people have been trying to find toxic-free sunscreens that would also be easy to apply and would nourish your skin at the same time?
I hear you. In fact people ask me all the time if I use sunscreen when I move outside shirtless in the sun? Yes I do!
It is natural, toxic-free, the cleanest, most nourishing, highest quality I have ever found...and it happens to be made by my lovely wife @feathereaglesky . My search for a POTENT yet CLEAN sun protection solution is over. Check out the link in my profile for Feather Eagle Sky Sun Body Protect. There's also another formula called "Face Protect."
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My publishing house @victorybeltinc has received my complete manuscript more than two months ago and they are actively working on editing it. The editing process can take several months, especially given the size of my manuscript and the volume of information I have produced and delivered. They say it is going to be a BIG book...both in term of size and impact. It should finally be on the shelves around Spring 2018!
I know many of you have been awaiting this book for a long, long time. Good things often take time. The wait is worth it, every second of it.
Stay tune with @naturalmovement, @movnat, myself @erwanlecorre and of course @victorybeltinc as well for updates. You can also subscribe to the MovNat newsletter on the website.
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That huge stone was buried at the bottom of this natural hot spring taking lots of space, so I decided to move it out of the pool. It was literally sealed in by rocks and mud underneath it so it took me half hour just to dig it out and shake it free. Then I rolled it out to the side only to realize that I needed to clean the wall if I wanted to be able to flip it and put it up in a stable position. Because it had been hard to move it to this point already, I kept it lapped while working on that space needed by moving smaller rocks around. During the whole time I was concerned about the stone slipping and crushing my feet, as it was covered with thick algae making it very slippery. Eventually I was able to push it and flip it to a stable, elevated position. This kind of work can't be replicated at the gym, there are way too many variables involved. The kind of variables that most people who are into strength absolutely discard. The weight is unknown - definitely quite heavy - the shape uneven, the grip...what grip? There is no handle, the stone is wet and thick with slimy green algae. The grip has to change and so must change your whole body position as you adaptively look for the path to effectiveness. The entire event doesn't last a few seconds but a few minutes. There's a real risk of hurting your feet or hands if you are not alert and responsive. All around, this kind of work, effort and performance is a completely different animal. I am not saying that it is better, as the development of strength and power can be done quite effectively and seriously with entirely controlled props and variables. BUT eventually the real-world is the real-world, and it is full of diverse, often unknown variables which your central nervous system must handle and respond to if it wants to efficiently use your strength...which again cannot be practiced and learned in a gym. This is not just practical strength, it is also adaptable strength.
Now forget all I said, it's irrelevant. All I was trying to do was to impress my woman, and I did. End of the story. The rest is literature 😂.
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Natural Movement is the practice. MovNat is THE method.
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Train inside to move outside...

Young kids want to move naturally anywhere, anytime. Even in unnatural environments. It is an instinctual drive that not only should never be denied or prevented, but that healthy parents must support all the time. This boy is not just going to have the permission to move naturally, shortly after he will be moving in wild nature, barefoot, with his whole family. Make the whole CONTEXT more natural for them to grow strong and healthy. It starts with parental understanding, attention, patience, guidance and cheering. That's the support system for a healthy, vibrant childhood.
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The original purpose of movement is to enable you to move adaptively through complex you can stay alive and reproduce successfully...which happens to be the primary definition of "fitness."
Move for real. Have fun, take risks, push yourself, reach a different state of mind where you feel exhilarated. No machines needed. ⭐️
It doesn't have to be fancy, it doesn't have to be flashy, it doesn't have to be complicated, it doesn't always need to be predictable or predefined, it doesn't need to be tamed. ⭐️
It needs to be an expression of how much freedom of movement you have and allow yourself. Don't let distance scare you. Embrace it. ~Erwan
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