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Natural Movement  🌟🌿 Natural Movement® 🌿🌟 News, videos, tips & insights |By @erwanlecorre Founder of @MovNat®


My office today. Working on designing my first Natural Movement ONLINE course to be soon released on naturalmovement.com!

So I’m defining each move, rehearsing them, detailing the whole thing. It’s gonna be an entry level program for people who are new to the practice and/or haven’t been physically active for a long time.
Lots of ground movements, some standing and super basic balancing movements.

My two natural movement masters Eagle and Sky (4 and 3 years old) are replicating some of the moves they see daddy doing, or just improvise joyfully, while Tiger the dog watches, probably wondering what it is all about.

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Contextual positional rehab through MovNat practice.

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Our bone health class moving under/over #obstacles @movetrulangford !! #movetru #obstacles #naturalmovement #movnat

MovNat/Natural Movement: influencing the world of fitness - and WAY beyond - since 2008.

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When did taking a break and maintaining your fitness become mutually exclusive? You're right, they shouldn't be. Grab your copy of the October issue (ON SALE NOW!) and check out 12 life-changing adventures that will recharge your body and mind, leaving you sharper, stronger and more relaxed than ever 😎💪 #menshealth #adventure #trip
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Learning principles and techniques for efficient movement is only the beginning of the journey towards real-world capability.
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It was a privilege and honor to learn from the Man himself, Erwan Le Corre, this weekend at @movnat L3 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was a truly transformative experience, testing all of my physical and mental limits. I came away seeing more clearly my weaknesses and deficiencies, but I also found places where I was mentally stronger than I thought. Forced to confront the elements, to be cold, to be in pain, to be uncomfortable, to be terrified- and to do it anyway. I was told beforehand that L3 would be just the beginning. I leave New Mexico today knowing deeply, at the heart level, what that means and having taken my first small steps in that journey. #movnat #movnatcertifiedtrainer #naturalmovement #naturalmovementfitness #reclaimhuman #nextlevel #digdeep #theonlywayforwardisthrough

Natural Movement is the practice, MovNat is the method. A testimony of the
Yearly MovNat Level 3 certification that just took place last weekend in the wild nature of Northern New Mexico.

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The certification and passing were not the most important part of this weekend.
The people I met, the skills I learnt, the friendships formed, the connection with nature, the challenge of demanding more from my body and mind.
This @movnat Level 3 weekend will be an experience I never forgot.
Reinforcing the importance of movement, strength, helpfulness, gratitude, nature and a level of suffering.
It's hard to explain unless you were there but the exhilaration felt goes beyond what words can express.
Thank you to my senior instructors, @erwanlecorre @natural.mover and every participant who made this weekend something that resonated deeply with me.
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Teaching log shouldering at the level 3. Always fun to move logs around!

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The Master in his elements, and bunch of enthusiastic MovNatter accompany him in the woods of Glorieta/Santa Fe/New Mexico

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MovNat, THE Natural Movement method!
Learn to practice. Learn to teach.
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move_autumn17 coupon code expires tonight at midnight (MST) - last hours to save 15-35%. Happy Moving!

Today do everything you can to reduce raised sitting time: sit on the floor, kneel, squat, stand or move...like for instance practicing sitting down on a LOW surface without using hand support.
Enjoy every moment spent moving!
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Practicing the sit-to-stand! Look at that from, nice work! If you missed it, this week's blog is on this movement: http://langfordpt.com/index.php/2017/09/24/sit-to-stand/ #movetru #movetruabq #sittostand #standup #squats #movnat

Natural Movement is the practice, MovNat is the method!

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It is that time again. Our seasonal three day sale starts TODAY. Save up to 35%. Use coupon code - move_autumn17 - find your event today at movnat.com

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Whatever you are doing, if you aren't at the very least supplementing some deliberate practice of #naturalmovement , it isn't sustainable.

I'm sure you can give me an example to prove me wrong...a yogi, a performer of some discipline. But remember, the exceptions prove the rule and often those disciplines are actually close relatives to NM. A thorough look at the evidence shows human beings thrive best on healthy doses of the full spectrum natural movement over the course of a life time. No extreme stress, no extreme neglect, no extreme specialization. Right in the middle, as usual.

Only @MovNat combines the healthy, diverse stimulative stresses that nature offers and the scientific understanding of how the body functions and adapts to keep us sustainably strong, mobile, and mindful. And this competence; this capability; this centeredness does carry over to whatever else you do.

Now, I know it's not the sexiest, most entertaining pursuit. You'll never get the same attention as the person overtly showing off their body and stunting. And, given the pressures of society, it's challenging to cut through the noise and just do purely what's healthiest for you. So if you are deliberately MovNatting, on any level, you have my respect. 🙏🏼

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"A wolf doesn't behave like a chihuahua when in an apartment. The chihuahua doesn't behave like a wolf when in the woods.
Children move naturally even in unnatural environments. This is because that's what they're hard-wired to do. They follow that drive instinctually. Those who are lucky enough to see healthy parents or adults around them that show them the same Natural Movement behavior which they know and do intuitively, that's even more power to them. They know it's OK. They know they get instant approval unless they'd attempt something stupid. They can even get some of our guidance, even just in the form of a visual example.
They have years ahead of them to refine their practical, real-world movement skills, and that is the most evident and potent, yet the most overlooked physical education program that ever was: Natural Movement." ~Erwan

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The body and the brain! Guess who is who?

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Mud minimal shoes, 💯 % biodegradable, vegan, fair trade. Available in any size and in any natural health store worldwide. Gloves available. Natural Movement. Ground power.
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