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| natty b |  because health is wealth i like hot yoga + sweet potatoes || no labels, but also no dairy 📍nyc || lots of airports

searched “vegan” on google maps, went straight to @simon_pure_de, and ordered a gf wrap with hummus and every veggie 🥒🥕🌽🌶🍅 ... and it was delicious but also the size of my head 🙌

protein + fat at breakfast = dream team 💪 for energy when good food options throughout the day are VERY limited // hb eggs, the yummiest smoked salmon, and (many) cups of coffee ☕️ with mandelmilch (my new favorite german word)

swiss🇨🇭grocery stores are treasure troves for healthy options on the go 🏃‍♀️ // 15 hours of travel later and this lentil salad tastes like heaven, supplemented with half an avo because YUM 🥑 and this girl needs all the fuel she can get to power through the work day

will (happily) walk 4 miles to squash my yearly bagel craving, and there’s only one place to do it @bkbagelny 🙌 // gf toasted mini bagel with tofu veggie cream cheese, salmon, cucumber, and capers 😍 HIT. THE. SPOT ... aaand now we walk home 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

chilly, rainy weekend mornings call for cozy 🎃 oats with a big scoop of @artisanaorganics raw ab, banana coins, and a sprinkle of @paleonola 🍂

weeknight dinners (and their photos) certainly don’t have to be pretty but they can be easy, nutritious, and delish 🙌 // tonight i took a bag of frozen cauli rice from @wholefoodsnyc (which already has kale + sweet potatoes!), mixed it with 2 eggs and some tamari on high, and served with @bilinskisausage ... spring greens for moi and spicy italian for the fiancé ❤️

PSA: if you haven’t tried roasted delicata as a vehicle for babaghanoush, you haven’t lived yet 🙌 // and the tacos: crisp up 2 @sietefoods tortillas on the stove, add a scrambled egg to each, and top with mixed greens + lots of salsa 🌮 // quick, easy, filling, and delicious 😋

dreeeeamy brunch post hot vinyasa @pureyoganyc (which was amazing and included mountain climbers 💪) // sautéed spinach with chicken + spring greens @bilinskisausage, ✌️ @vitalfarms eggs, and steamed sweet potato ... with a sprinkle of ebtb seasoning 🤤

fiancé (365 days till HUSBAND) of the YEAR right here with my all time favorite dinner on the table when I get home from the west coast 🙌 // @wholefoodsnyc salmon, swiss chard, and acorn squash with a side of cotton candy sunset sky 🐟🌱

definitely planned out this breakfast bowl during the ab sequence @purebarrenyc this morning 🤗 // @kitehillfoods unsweetened plain almond yogurt, (microwaved) frozen wild blueberries, and @paleonola yumminess 🙌 // happy monday AND october 🍂

such an incredible morning ✨ thanks to @amandahopcraftmua for making me feel beautiful and @jharperphoto for making our sunrise 💍📸 so much freaking FUN ❤️ // lunching on mixed greens, homemade sourdough with avo + tomatoes, and a little grilled salmon before heading back to reality in the big 🍎

slippers + oatmeal on the farm 🍂 doesn’t get much better than this ❤️ // rolled oats, chia, flax, collagen, raw ab, and lots of crunchy grain free toppings 😋 // now the real question: anyone have tips for our engagement shoot tomorrow morning? this girl does not 🙅🏼‍♀️ like the camera 📸

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