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STEFANIE MOIR | Vegan💫  ✨Vegan Fitness Community ✖️Gymshark / MyProtein ✖️Certified PT with a Psychology degree 🎬 👇🏻 12 WK SUMMER CHALLENGE

Today my fiancé @marco_shill left for Prague for a weekend for his Stag do so naturally I find myself watching our holiday vlogs and eating a tray of brownies to myself tonight ✌🏼 T minus 10 months 👰🏻🤵 ps I think leg day is working 🍑

Post workout protein waffles made with oat flour and @myproteinuk vanilla vegan blend protein 🙌🏻 Topped with berries, chocolate and maple syrup of course 🤙🏼 Swipe up in my story for the recipe 🙏🏻

Let us just ignore that satellite dish on my head for one second ... 🤭 I just uploaded a must requested YouTube video, how I increased my calories and metabolism from less than 1000 per day to over 2500 per day, a very important chat🙏🏻 You know me and you know I like to eat ... and I eat alotttt so if you are someone who is stuck in a rut and not sure how to get out of it and need to start fuelling that body, head to my channel and check out my video ❤️ #transformationtuesday #fitnessmotivation #booty🍑 #abs #gymsharkwomen #workoutmotivation #vegan #bootybuilding

I am so glad I am back into the swing of sharing recipes with you guys🙌🏻 I made this spicy avocado and vegan sausage pasta for Marco the other night and he absolutely loved it ✔️ Check out the full recipe at 🙌🏻 What are you having for dinner tonight?

I’ve gotten to the stage that I love Sunday nights because I can’t wait to dig back into work on Monday morning, pretty sure that’s how you should be feeling every time Sunday comes around 👌🏼 Just 2 weeks left of working on my 12 week Summer challenge for you all and I can’t wait to release it July 1st🙌🏻💙 ps this outfit is dropping over at @gymsharkwomen tomorrow the 18th! ✔️

New vlog going up tonight on YouTube featuring an amazing tofu chickpea masala ... yeah you read that right 🤭 Heading out for an early Father’s Day dinner tonight with the fam so you can enjoy this recipe over at or check out my video in a few hours! 🔥

Just trying to look like I have my self together when in reality I’m still suffering from jetlag one week later 🤙🏼

Ladies and gentlemen could we all please take a moment to remember the time I created the ooiest gooiest oreo brownies to ever grace your instagram feeds? I need a tray of these right about now please and thank you ✌🏼Recipe is at ✔️

And my YouTube try on / haul of all the new @gymsharkwomen releases finally went live! Check it out for all of tonight’s releases that just went live at 7pm UK time! My personal favourites are the new colours of seamless that just dropped, this sky blue is EVERYTHING! My link is in the story and also in my bio so huge thanks to those who shop through it 💙

Home to my own meals again🙌🏻 I love travelling and trying new food but I also like coming home to my own cooking and feeding my body with as much goodness as I can get 🤙🏼 This is my “burrito” plate of salad, beans, rice, salsa and a tortilla cut up and toasted ... not quite everything that goes in a burrito but it was everything I had in my fridge 😂 What’s your favourite dinner atm?!

Just ignore me over here trying my best to pretend to be in this time zone 😂 If you watched my story you will have seen the struggle last night of my jet lag kicking in and not being able to sleep until 5am this morning 😴 On the plus side I came home to the most amazing package from #gymsharkwomen and hellooo new seamless range in the most fabulous colours I have ever seen 🙌🏻 What is your favourite @gymsharkwomen set? Energy seamless is definitely mine!

And just like that I’m home! Had these amazing pancakes as my last meal in LA and I’ve now currently been awake for over 24 hours my body doesn’t know what is going on but more importantly what to eat😂 Is it dinner time?! Is it breakfast time?! Who knows✈️

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