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A simple rule of thumb when choosing fruit & veg is to include a variety of colours as this will ensure you’re getting a wide spectrum of phytonutrients. PURPLE/RED fruit n veg contain a plant pigment called anthocyanin, a potent antioxidant offering a myriad of health benefits such as cardiovascular support, cancer prevention, memory and cognitive function support.
Beta carotene, another important antioxidant and precursor to vitamin A is present in all ORANGE fruit n veg. This is essential for immune support, skin & mucus membrane integrity and eye health. Beta carotene is also present in high concentrations in all GREEN veg however the orange colour is concealed due to the amount of chlorophyll! 🌱🌱🍏🍎🍒🍇🥦🍋🍆🍑🍍🍅 #eattherainbow 🌈 #simples

Need some meat free inspiration? Look no further... introducing my EPIC (yea, it really is!) vegan dill & beet burger with fresh horseradish cashew cream and pickled red onion. I used soaked chia in water instead of egg to bind the mixture (extra omega 3 brownie points👍🏻)The best thing about this recipe is that you can make a batch and freeze em up for quick, hassle free future meals, giving you more time to do other fun stuff 😉 the full recipe will be up on the site soon. Watch this space👀! Oh, and HAPPY FRIDAY!!

Vegan sweet potato & quinoa nut roast with my chilli cranberry sauce up on the menu at casa Rodriguez. Packed full of protein and flavour - this ones a winner! Let the festivities commence 🥂🎄💫

THE SEXIEST olive oil just landed on my doorstep. The branding, the imagery, the ethos, the taste... everything about it is of superior quality and class.
Produced in beautiful Florence, cold pressed within one day of harvest from olives grown on the family run estate and bottled up in slick uv-protective bottles to fully preserve the precious nutrients. The oil is produced in limited quantity and each bottle numbered. Thank you so much @extra_virgo for this beautiful surprise. I love what you have created and I’m well and truly hooked 👌🏻😚

Baked egg in a spicy tomato and spinach sauce + avocado to combat the heat 💪🏻🌶. Breakfast, brunch, dinner... this dish is a winner (and I'm a poet but didn't know it.... oh just stop now! 🙄)

It's the weekend!! 💫 today I'm 'working' from home... well, when I say working, I mean getting creative in the kitchen with new recipe ideas! No disturbances, just some good old tunes and letting my creativity flow 🙌🏻 #happiness . what do you love about the weekends? Enjoy people.. enjoy ✌🏻

Salmon and cod fish cakes with a yogurt + dill sauce. So simple. So delicious 😋

Morning!! Woke up super early this morning and couldn't get back to sleep so I hopped out a bed and sent a load of emails. I'm a big fan of mornings due to the peace and calm I feel. The energy is different... things are still. I like it.
Now I'm planning for the day and sipping this delicious soothing tea. Has anyone tried @cuppanut ? It's literally made from dried coconut and this one is flavoured with turmeric & ginger. Genius! Wishing you a wonderful Monday! ✌🏻

I spent 6 hours at this delightful spa yesterday, investing in self care and celebrating my birthday with @arderelife. It. Felt. Good. 😊👌🏻I went for a full body massage using beautiful @soverallondon oils. Utter bliss! Also loving the Berber rug hanging in the waiting area!

Morning!! Some water talk for ya...
After years of buying copious amounts of bottled water and bearing the guilt of contributing to landfill and not to mention all the nasty hormone disrupting chemicals such as BPA that leached in to the water!
I spent ages researching water filtration systems and finally choose the Berkey!! I love it! It was so easy to set up and it just stands on your counter top and does its thang! But the best part is this.... it REMOVES: 99.999% of viruses, pathogenic bacteria, pharmaceutical drugs removed 99.5% (below lab detectable limits), pesticides, heavy metals such as aluminium(99%), cadmium(99.7%), lead(99.9%), mercury(99.9%), nickel(99.9%). It also removes or reduces: arsenic(99.9%), E. coli(99.999%), fluorene, petroleum products(gasoline, diesel, crude oil, kerosene - 99.9%).
The tap water here in London tastes awful... like chlorine, which ain't good. Maybe you can't taste it as you've gotten used to it however you can instantly taste the difference in the water when you run it through this bad boy! Tap water also contains metabolites of pharmaceuticals that can not be filtered. This includes the contraceptive pill therefore we are drinking the by products of synthetic hormones which begs the question 'what is this doing to our endocrine system?' Something to consider anyway. This Berkey costs just over £200 but think how much you'd spend on bottled water over the years....?! Also, the good thing about this one is that it's portable so you can take on camping trips etc! Water: a basic necessity...keep it clean 💦😊have a great Wednesday people ✌🏻

Nourishment in a bowl 👌🏻featuring a delicious boiled egg, garlic sautéed kale, red cabbage, sprouts, fine sliced carrots, spinach, cherry tomatoes, camargue red rice and taking centre stage, the ever loved avocado 👏🏻😋the sun is shining and I'm a happy ☀️

Just finished reading this great book by one of Londons leading dermatologists Dr Stephanie Williams on the relationship between dietary/environmental choices and youthful skin. She explains how we can slow down our biological clock and promote hormonal and metabolic balance through adopting a certain way of eating.

Genetics of course play a huge part in our skin type and health however, we can 'future proof' our skin through dietary adjustments. We can't see what's happening on a cellular level but trust me, the late nights, poor dietary habits and lifestyle choices will take their toll and our skin will inevitably show signs of this 'wear n tear'. The contents of this book is certainly food for thought! Thank you @drstephaniew for such a good read - I couldn't put it down!

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