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Jess 🌱 Natural Travel 🌎  Natural living & travel lifestyle blog. This is my journey of creating a life that can benefit the world 🌍 #digitalnomad #naturalliving


#oxfordveganfestival was so much fun!! Had the best falafel wrap for lunch and got some amazing goodies - my first bamboo toothbrush from @zerowasteclub , some reusable menstral pads from @ecofemme plus a bit too much vegan rocky road and vegan Turkish delight 🤩 so much amazing looking food and innovative products!! Spending a day hanging around other people who making a positive change was so uplifting 💜 (not at all full of militant vegans which is what Francis was afraid of 😅) Thanks all you wonderful people 🌎💙

Those first few days in Auckland were really crazy, still finding out feet. When I look back now we were so naive 😅 like excited little puppies 🐶
But that feeling has never left us. Never once have I doubted our ability to make travel our full time jobs 👍🏼 it’s happening.....

Exactly two years ago today I got on a plane with my favourite @francisdarracott and we started the best 5 months of our lives. Francis was so scared of flying back then he didn’t eat anything for days before 😅 after 24 hrs of travelling we arrived in Auckland, exhausted and jet lagged and tried to get to our hostel. That day was such a blur but we woke up at 4am the next morning and could hear the birds of New Zealand. I remember thinking that it sounded so exotic and for the rest of our time travelling around the beautiful country I fell in love with that sound. I cannot wait til we get back on a flight for another adventure. It’s ultimately what gets me out of bed every morning. NZ we will be back one day 💙🇳🇿
P.S Francis made 3 amazing videos of our trip if you’re interested in seeing them links are in my blog (link in bio)

This is my favourite way to start the morning. Fresh lemon, ginger and mint tea + yoga. Trying to flush all the bad stuff out of my body and replace it with goodness 👌🏻 what’s your favourite way to start the day?

Today I’m curled up on the sofa poorly again. I had glandular fever 7 years ago and it’s permanently weakened my immune system. So if I work myself too hard I get ill pretty quickly 🤒 so here’s a photo of Francis in London last weekend being tourists. ✌🏻 This guy has totally been amazing, cooking me food and making me do easy yoga every morning and evening. Yoga really is underrated for wellbeing, it’s one of the best things I can do for myself but I don’t do it enough! No matter where you are in life I’m sure it’ll benefit your wellbeing, physical or mental. What’s your go to when you’re feeling rough?
P.s He is actually really happy in this photo underneath that serious face 😅 Downing Street is one of his fave places in London 🇬🇧

Beautiful day practicing my modelling skills for @francisdarracott new YouTube video 😅 He’s hit 3000 subs already! It’s kicking off, so excited! Check it out link in bio @francisdarracott
#sheisnotlost #thetravelwomen #portraitphoto #travelgirls

It’s cold today. Winter is here already it seems. Been stocking up with warm clothing and trying to mentally prepare myself 😖 it’s not that I don’t like cold weather, it’s that the UK seems to have a different kind of cold.... a wet cold. The kind that gets inside your bones and chills you from the inside. Take me to -11 degrees in Iceland any day over +7 wet winter in England... Oh but it’s going to be so different soon. I’m imagining that warmth and I can feel it already ☺️ I’m counting down the weeks.... 💛

Happy #worldveganday ! Just finished our vegan chilli with brown rice and tortilla chips! 😋 I’m so thankful for this beautiful food that keeps me healthy 👌🏻
I’m plant based for the planet first but it just makes so much sense. Why are you / aren’t you vegan? No negativity here, I’m just interested to know 🌱💚

I’ve been on it today. Maybe it’s the gym session and coffee I had this morning… 💪🏻 I’ve almost finished a batch of edits which means I will have done all of today and tomorrow’s immediate work. This means that tomorrow I get to… do all the other things I’ve not had time to do in the last few weeks! 😅 Happy first day of November by the way. I usually dislike November for many winter / personal reasons but today is another benchmark in forming our new lives. We’ve just given our one month’s notice on our rented room which means we’re moving again!! Details to follow soon but I’m being very secretive about this one…. :)

Eat your greens! Green pea pasta, broccoli, green lentils, green olives, green jalapeños, spinach and... tomatoes. 🍅 I love making healthy food at home but I’ve been finding it so hard to find vegan / gluten free food when we’re on the move. I was living off pizza express in London cause it’s the only place I know that has something good I can eat that’s not just salad - and it’s so amazing that they do but gluten free pizza is just not the same 😩 there’s so many amazing vegan options in London but they’re mostly wraps and burgers and ahhh I want them all! Help! I’ve gone gluten free as I think it might be causing my fatigue / unexplained weight loss / permanent bloating... so maybe it’s worth it but I’m still struggling! Any suggestions of places to eat with gluten free vegan options is hugely appreciated! 🙏🏻

We love London. Which is weird for us as we usually love mountains and beaches more 😅 but there’s something fascinating about this city and the people here. We also end up finding some jems like this cute swing in convent garden. About 20 mins later I fell flat on my face and that smile got wiped pretty quickly 😅 we aren’t fans of the underground so we always get boris bikes around the city. Just as we were heading back to our hotel to get our stuff Francis bunny hopped the curb and stupidly I followed... Yeah I failed miserably and came completely off the bike... I’m all good and my camera is fine, I was more worried about that! Note to self - @francisdarracott is a bad influence 😅💜

We’ve just spent a lovely few days in Bournemouth catching up with Francis’ family and getting some of that fresh sea air in our lungs. One of the best things about working freelance is that we can decide last minute to go anywhere we want and bring our work with us, it’s such a great feeling. We headed to London today and we’re staying here for the weekend. After checking out of our hostel because we didn’t want to pay £60 a night to stay in a room without a window 😳, we’re happily settled in a travel lodge. (Even if we didn’t both suffer from anxiety I would not want to stay there, it was that bad...) Really excited for our London day out tomorrow. We are country/coast people at heart but we do love the buzz of this city. 🇬🇧

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