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! w e a r e i n f i n i t y  2 вғғs: ɑʟყ & jɑɴєʟʟє - ʀɑɴɗoϻ sтuғғ ɠɪʀʟs ʟɪĸє us ʟovє - ☀suϻϻєʀ☀ - 🎀 jusт вє pʀєттყ, ɗoɴт вє єɑsყ 🎀


cred- @sugarandspiceofficial
love this! double tap :)

your cute but stupid face. yeah i miss it.
omg guise, we're at 797 and my birthday is wednesday! 3 more followers to 800!!! please help! it would be such an awesome bday gift!! thanks & ily -aly💗

school is out -- it's summer! drinks get colder, hair gets lighter, skin gets darker, nights get longer, life gets better💕
we survived school!!! congrats to the 6th, 8th, and all graduates! you did it! YAY!
S U M M E R, i love you☀ -aly💞

i'm just hungry man.
follow @girlystrong for beautiful feed and amazing pics💕
💫 @girlystrong
🌟 @girlystrong
800 by june 19 pwease? ily💚 ~alyy(:

cute😍 double tap if you love!
follow @twerk_island for amazing feed✨ aly approves!
sfs? comment below! 500+ ☺

double tap if you love your sister💜
i love my sister ( @jaboo_z ) so much. it's not even funny. we fight, we tease each other, we make each other cry, but we'll always be sisters and i will always love her. she is my best friend in the whole world and she understands me the most. she is the only one who is always 100% there for me. zoe i love you. you are perfect and im so glad to have a little sister that i can take care of and that can take care of me. i love you so very much💞 -aly

Tag your best friend! {@_alymckenzie you are mah main 😉} -
Dont worry! Summer is coming slowly but surely! ☀ ~Jayjay 💘

double tap if you have the bestest friend in the world💞 * cough cough @jayjayluvs is perfect cough cough *
it's almost time for school to end. no more orange jump suits and digging holes.... jk jk! but we do wear uniforms -.- but we're almost done with school😄 finally!
ily(: <3 -aly

This is so cute! Do you like it? Double tap! 💘 ~Jayjay 💖

This is gorgeous! Do you like it?
So, do me a favor and try to say happy birthday to my bestest bestest friend ever Aly!!! Her birthday is June 19, so if you can say happy birthday!! ~Jayjay ❤

yes😍 tag your best friends ( @jayjayluvs ).
question: should we do a Q&A? where you guys can ask us any question and we'll answer it? because we wanna be able to interact more with followers...
only 2 more weeks of school for me! well 2 more weeks of work! im kind of gonna miss school... mehhh no. im so funny😋 ugh well we got school tomorrow =/ have fun with that. ily guys! -aly💞

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