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Nathalie Kalbach n*Studio  Mixed Media Artist + Teacher + Author of Artful Adventures in Mixed Media ≈ love going on Art Strolls and Strolls Through the Hood ≈ Jersey City, NJ


In my second lesson of Drypoint Etching I asked if I could experiment a bit with something I had prepared and Bruno my amazing teacher was cool with it. I had brought a Monotype - Ghostprint on a plastic paper -it feels like cloth and it smooth and interesting. I had used some new inks which I had tested during the weekend and thought I would like to see how a print would look on top of it. We had now idea if it would work with the paper, and the inks but alas - here is the result with my Jersey City Powerhouse Etching and I love it. The paper is just so beautiful itself too. I am so hooked. I love when a class inspires and rejuvenates you - and as an art teacher myself, it is always good to be a student once in a while again to be reminded how things go :) Cannot wait for the next lesson - four more to go :) ⠀

Maybe she is catching a snow flake? Another snow day in the studio :) ⠀

Peekaboo! Ever since I saw one of his murals in Paris many years ago, I love his work . Here: Wendy at the window by @seth_globepainter discovered on a Stroll through the hood in the evening .

Can't stop making city backgrounds and play with pastels in my Art Journal . What is the thing you like to do over and over in your art journal at the moment?⠀

Had a fantastic time at my first Drypoint Etching class yesterday- I love taking classes and learn something different and it makes me think about all kinds of ways on how to incorporate something different into my art and with other supplies . Learning is so inspiring. Looking forward to 5 more weeks in this class- wohooo. ⠀

"...I am too many thoughts in too little head" - always love how @tylerknott says things so on point for me :) Playing with my new oil pastels and acrylic paint before heading out for a fun class tonight. ⠀

Another painting I found in the studio while reorganizing and cleaning which is in my book Artful Adventures in Mixed Media. It is two years old and yet it feels new to me, I see some elements of it that I want to repeat - I love when your old work reminds you of something and inspires you. ⠀ ⠀

Have spent the last couple days cleaning up my really messy studio ...not that it really made a dent so far- LOL but getting there. Found this collage which I made for a chapter in my Artful Adventures in Mixed Media book showing the step by steps for creating it as well. It is a small 6x6 piece and I still love it- time to hang it up :) ⠀

Super snow day today - having a good time in the studio playing with Creative JumpStart but also some ideas :) ⠀

Started this page when teaching a class a couple weeks ago - fun to finish it up today and loved adding some stamped Central Avenue Circles on inside envelope paper. thanks on the idea of using envelopes to @carolyn_dube in today's Creative JumpStart video. ⠀⠀

Hold your horses! This is the very first time in the 7 years I organize Creative Jumpstart, that I took some time out to get jumpstarted myself and create an art journal spread. I created an art journal spread around my word for 2018 (self-)Respect inspired by @mystele1 video yesterday in the classroom. Loved doing this ...maybe this year I am not just stuck with the administrative stuff of the workshop organization and go with my goal to do more art for myself - woot woot :)

Happy New Year my friends! Thanks for all the support and good times this year! Wishing you an amazing, peaceful, creative, happy, successful and healthy year 2018! Cheers and see you on the flip side :) #nye #happynewyear #sylvester

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