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Paul Richards  I am "NATIVE". I live and breathe custom baggers that can ride across the country in style......and comfort!

WORLDS FIRST 21" 180mm bike FOR SALE!

2006 HD has:
Brand new 21" 180mm front tire / wheel complete with our chrome Native PRO Pitbull kit and one off steel front fender.
HD 120R motor w electric automatic compression releases & D&D Borzilla pipe.
Johnson Engineering Twistgear transmission internals shift smoother, eliminate weak link in trans and reduce hwy rpm.
Barnett Scorpion clutch.
2010 HD touring swingarm upgrade (lengthened wheelbase by 1/2”). Chrome smoothie rear wheel can accept a 200mm tire.
Brand new x-ring chain drive so you can put all that power to the ground with no worries.
Instant up front and rear air ride w Arnott rear shocks. NO cheap car shocks used here! LOL Arlen Ness rear fender. Top shop saddlebags w carpeted interior. Paul Yaffe steel stretched gas tank. Stamped steel front fender. Headwinds headlight bezel.
Danny Gray seat w dual Airhawk inserts. ($800 seat) Small HD backrest included.
Kenwood deck & 400 watt JL amp powering Hertz 6x9 lid speakers and 6.5” fairing speakers sounds great.
Perfect new candy red PPG paint really pops in the sun.
Priced at $35,000.
This bike rides great w the altered wheelbase / super strong swingarm and the 120R pulls hard but smooth right off idle. This bike starts great and is built “right” w NO corners cut, NO shotty wiring, NO bolt overlooked, & loctite used throughout. This bike is a show quality bike built to RIDE anywhere.
Call 269-276-9200 to set up a showing. #nativecustombaggers #21x180 #baggerforsale #120r #fatfront #smtmachining #oneofone

I'd rather not be doing computer work on a Sunday but since I have to I might as well make the best of it...with my boy Rush😎 #kingrush #hammockdog #hammocklife #pitbulllife #lovernotafighter #nativecustombaggers

My boy Rush helping to count the cash drawer at Perry Harley-Davidson....or maybe just looking for another treat 😎 #nativecustombaggers #kingrush #pitbulllife #lovernotafighter @perryharley_davidson

World's first 21" 180mm front tire build is now complete and on display at the Chicago Baddest Bagger competition! #nativecustombaggers #worldsfirst #smtmachining #fatfront #180front #ofcourseitsforsale #120r #nativepitbull180fronttirekits

Lots of Native wide front tire baggers out here at Baddest Bagger in Chicago. #baddestbaggerchicago #fattire #180mm #nativecustombaggers #ddcustoms #daperformance

@ddcustom latest awesome creation built with our Native 180 front tire kit is out here at the Chicago Baddest Bagger competition. Come on out! #nativecustombaggers #fatty #180fronttire #fatfront #chicagobaddestbagger

NATIVE will soon be offering the new 20" & 21" wide front tires, wheels and Pitbull kits along with our tried and true 18" kits. Since many of you have questions about these new sizes we put together a comparison for you. Your welcome 😉. WIDE FRONT TIRE SPECS:

180/55zr-18" Avon Cobra
Made in England.
7.25" / 182mm wide.
25.8" diameter.
9/32" tread depth.
827 lb max load at 42psi.
74W weight rating.
6.5"x20" Shinko 777 (Korea)
6.375" / 162mm wide.
28.75" diameter.
9/32" tread depth.
908 lb max load at 41psi.
77H weight rating.
180/50-21" V-Rubber (Thailand)
6.625" / 168mm wide.
28.375" diameter.
6/32" tread depth.
584 lb max load at 41psi.
62H weight rating.
#nativecustombaggers #fatfront #detailsmatter #180front #180fronttire

We often get asked if HHI sells our NATIVE brand wide front tire kits. I, Paul Richards of Native Custom Baggers, would like to set the record straight on this topic.
HHI kits are not and have never been the same wide tire kits as we at Native offer. We did agree a couple years ago that HHI could sell our wide tire kits but it didn't turn out as expected. HHI does build the triple trees for our PRO kit and we ORIGINALLY supplied them with our stamped fenders but they ended up making most of the other parts themselves and we had NO control of what they ultimately included with their kits which is a problem for us here at Native because quality control is very important to us. After we started receiving calls from people that purchased a PRO style kit from HHI that was missing the NECESSARY notched slider covers, we notified HHI to stop using our NATIVE name on their wide tire kits. Now all of our wide tire kits that ship to our dealers and our retail customers come straight from NATIVE so we can make sure all the correct parts and detailed instructions are included. We DO NOT have distributors because we prefer to build relationships with each of our dealers and retail customers as well to better serve them. This message is not meant to bash HHI by any means. We just want to clear up the confusion because we constantly hear that people think they sell our NATIVE wide tire kits which is NOT the case.
Some people have also reported to us that at some of the bike rallies a certain company has been MISINFORMING the public that NATIVE copied them on the Bagger wide tire kits which couldn't be more untrue. NATIVE began installing 180mm front tires on HD touring models in 2006 and we have been promoting our wide front tire KITS since 2012 which means that we have FAR more experience in creating and installing Bagger wide front tire kits than ANY of our competitors. NATIVE also offers the most fender options, biggest wheel selection (including factory style wheels) and the greatest kit selection of ANYONE. Soon our NATIVE kit selection will grow even larger with the addition of the COMPLETELY BOLT-ON 20" and 21" x 180mm kits!
We welcome new dealers. 269-276-9200

We just added our 180mm Pitbull "RUSH" kit to this 2015 RG along with the 18x5.5" Enforcer style wheel we offer. The fender is our new Halfbreed wrap. We lowered the fairing 2", the front suspension 2" and the rear suspension 1". The fairing lowering blocks, our wide front tire kits and many wheels are in stock and ready to ship. Call 269-276-9200 if you would like more info. #nativecustombaggers #pitbull180 #ddcustoms #180fronttire #halfbreed

We have many wheels and brake rotors IN STOCK for our "Pitbull" 180mm wide front tire kits. Here are pics of some of them. We can also mount and bead balance a tire and ship within one day! Most of our Pitbull kits are in stock as well. 269-276-9200. #nativecustombaggers #performancemachinewheels #180fronttire #fatfronttire

ALL PRO KITS ARE ON SALE till the end of May! $300 off all PRO wide front tire kits and our kits INCLUDE THE NECESSARY custom cut slider covers (VERY IMPORTANT). We offer 5 fender styles, unlimited wheel options and QUALITY tires from Avon and Dunlop! Check out the kit on our website and call us at 269-276-9200 if you have any questions. #original180 #originalfattirebagger #nativecustombaggers #180fronttire

In case you haven't heard, in addition to stocking many custom wheels for our Native Pitbull 180mm wide front tire kits, we also offer factory replica wheels for our kits. Enforcer, Agitator, Impeller and Knuckle wheels are available in chrome, all black and contrast cut finishes. Call us at 269-276-9200 for details. We will have many wheels and lots of info on our brand new website which should be up by mid May. #180frontsince2006 #original180 #originalfattirebagger #nativecustombaggers #180fronttire #fatfronttire

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