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NYPA  PACANZ, Discovering tomorrow's stars today..... Hosts of the National Young Perfomer Awards, held annually in October for 8 Art forms over 2 years

As the curtain comes down, the hairspray settles and the excitement calms after NYPA 2018 let’s just take a moment to give some thanks to very important people. Firstly, performers, I urge you today to thank your parents, those that (probably) pay your fees, drive you about, pack your lunches, bring you snacks (important) and support you endlessly, without these guys you wouldn’t have had the chance to come and experience this weekend, or any of the other amazing opportunities that are yet to come. Now, your teachers and choreographers- how amazing are they?! The caliber across all genres was crazy high, and these incredibly passionate and creative people are to thank for that. THANKYOU all for being willing to pass on your knowledge and support your students, we know creative arts can be tough but we thank you for working so hard in this special and often demanding industry. Obviously a huge thanks needs to go to Nikki C for ALL that she does, because I tell ya what, it’s a serious amount of admin and colour coding (and hours) that goes into getting an event on this scale that well run, so thank you, you’re amazing! Lastly, the volunteers that work tirelessly for this event. These people have nothing personally to gain- they volenteer their time and hours for you guys because they want to ensure you have a platform in which to express and grow. So a crazy huge thanks to every person who gives their time, not just to the NYPA but to all the societies that nominated you, the local competitions and the national ones. We’re lucky there’s people like you supporting the arts. Huge ups to the NYPA for bringing all kinds from all places together to celebrate what we love. 💕💕💕

Your winners for the National Young Performer Award 2018. 💕✨💫

Our judges all glammed up and ready to go! 💕💕

Ballet finalists for 2018! 💫 1. Asia- Rose Blowfield. 2. Mason King. 3. Dane Head. 4. Briese Phelan-Boyd. 5. Jemima Scott. 6. Bekah Terry.

Winners of the online competition for the Movitae prize pack! We’ll have them at the front desk for you tonight. Congrats! 💃🏼🌟

Vocal finalists! 🎶✨🌟 1. Manase Latu. 2. Harry Grigg. 3. Pasquale Orchard


Your Pianoforte Finalists! 1. Lixin Zhang 2. Michael Cai 3. Jessica Chi. How exciting! Bring on the final concert! 💫✨

And now- Your ballet semi finals. And huge congratulations to everybody again! 1. Oskar Temel. 2. Jemima Scott. 3. Taylor Fergerson. 4. Asia-Rose Blowfield. 5. Liliana Holdsworth 6. Briese Phelan-Boyd. 7. Ayiana Lo-fo-Wong. 8. Tsuyumi Wilson-Travis. 9. Rebekah Terry. 10. Ariah Mandeno. 11. Dane Head. 12. Sophia Bae. 13. Mason King

Your Semi finalists for Tap! Well done to everybody who competed in this massive tap section. 1. Lara Wilson. 2. Emerald Jackson. 3. Isabelle Fox. 4. John Terrey-Jones. 5. Renne Stasiewicz 6. Ben Porter. 7. Will Perkins. 8. Brooke Mowbray. 9. Faolan Okan. 10. Sharron Wei. 11. Caleb Cameron. 12. Bayley Graham 💫✨🌟

Semi finalists for Vocal. Another huge congrats to all of you who sang your hearts out today! Run order for Semi finals! 1. Angus Simmons. 2. Olivia Sheat. 3. Manage Latu. 4. Felicity Tomkins. 5. Pasquale Orchard. 6. Harry Grigg. 🌟💫

Pianoforte Semi finalists! HUGE CONGRATS to everybody who played so amazingly at the Globe today! Order for semi finals: 1. Marianna Kang. 2. Jessica Chi. 3. Shaun Liu. 4. Catherine Chang. 5. Michael Cai. 6. Lixin Zhang. 💫✨

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