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NATION OF RAP🕷  candy may, i think i’m dying

One NY mixtape gotta go..
A) Live. Love. A$AP.
B) BetterOffDEAD
C) Amerikkkan Korruption
D) 1999

Which is a more likely outcome this year..?
A) Rocky drops his worst project
B) Cole drops his best project

Rank these films:
A) Troy
B) 300
C) Gladiator

Name 3 songs that changed your life..
My picks:
Border Line - King Krule
The Trapeze Swinger - Iron & Wine
Slow Show - The National

Aye I brought the “Peep Em” playlist back where I put 7-10 underrated hip hop songs (& one R&B song) onto a playlist. Link in bio.
If you don’t have Apple Music, these are the 10 songs I picked this week:
1. Big KRIT - No Wheaties ft. Curren$y, Smoke DZA
2. Busdriver - Ministry of the Torture Couch ft. Hemlock Ernst
3. Shine Sinatra - Worry ‘Bout Mine ft. Kidz in Brooklyn
4. YGTUT - Bad Guys
5. Scallops Hotel - Gnosis, Black Nationalism, Rice
6. Evidence - Powder Cocaine ft. Slug & Catero
7. Statik Selektah - In the Wind ft. Joey Bada$$ & Big KRIT
8. Curren$y - Stash House ft. Freddie Gibbs
9. Sage Francis - Escape Artist
10. Curtis Harding - Ghost of You

Which Kendrick song hit you the deepest on first listen..?

What y’all listenin to on this fine Sunday night..?

Congrats to the Eagles but onto a more entertaining sport.. who’s coming out of the East this year?

What’s the most iconic hip hop instrumental..?

Ayo comment if you wanna be added to a chat where we’re gonna listen to Kanye’s whole discography (one album per day). We’ll dissect each one and talk about our favorite and least favorite tracks and shit like that. Only comment if you’ll be active, thx🧡

Pretend TPAB & GKMC don’t exist & gimme your top 3 TDE albums..

Which is more IMPORTANT to Kanye’s discography & career, Yeezus or The Life of Pablo..? & why?

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