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Nathan Thomas 

shooting something with the brainwrap people in an empty mall store yesterday

I have no reasonable explanation as to why I dressed nice to take pictures of myself in my kitchen other than I just wanted to. And that's good enough really.

I'm hosting the @blacksheepstagewv stop of the 2018 @travelinappalachiansrevue, the last night of the tour. Friday June 29th at 9pm. On the bill are some of my favorite people including @kml2157 @sweat_michaels @gogonotcrycry @bruce_pancake, a handful of English professors I had at Marshall, and some new friends I'm excited to meet. Come out, hear some poems, hear some songs. Let's have fun and celebrate the things made here.

self portrait june 2018

before the rain starts at the lake // after the rain starts at the lake 📷 @rarecreature_

non-standup things coming soon though I AM doing standup tomorrow for the first time in three weeks so come to that at the press club at 8pm. also my room is very good and cute

wow I graduate college tomorrow

The first generation panel of the @muparthenon podcast. It was really great getting to sit down this group and have weekly roundtable discussion on current events. I'm looking forward to seeing what the next panel for the podcast does. Thank you, @sadiehelmick.

last journalism school bubble day w/ @tvnewsprof

I had a poem published in the latest Et Cetera about my favorite place that I've never been.

here's an overly dramatic b&w picture, ive got two weeks of undergrad left.

Look, it's taking every ounce of strength I have to not caption this with lyrics from that Lee Ann Womack song I'm obsessed with. 📷 @meganisthejunk

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