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Nathalie  "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." Sun Devil πŸŽ“ Giants fan ⚾ Social Media Specialist

1st time ever having a King Cake. πŸ‘‘ πŸŽ‚
Didn't find the baby Jesus. πŸ“·by @audreybynature

On this gloomy day, I wish I was in the desert getting ready for all the fun that spring training brings. Also wanted to do a throwback of when @nickswisher was with the @athletics. 🌡 β˜€οΈ 🍹 ⚾️ #springtraining


Enjoying the sunshine. πŸ˜β˜€οΈ #dogsofinsta #dogsofinstagram #puppygram

#fbf to the time @__melaniek__ and I were on the @latelateshow. What an experience - I don't ever want to do it again (took five hours), but glad I can check it off the list.
The count down is on - five more months until LA becomes my new home. β˜€οΈπŸ˜ŽπŸŒ΄βœ¨πŸŽ‘

I just want to stay home with him. πŸΆπŸ€—β€ #instadog #puppygram

Made it through the full 60 minutes of spin last night and only sat down twice, but kept moving! Some movements hurt more because of a lower back issues. It's all about little victories and I'll take them! Thanks @giulianacarranza for going with me!

Love this little face but hate being woken up at 2:30 am, 3:30 am, and 4:30 am so someone can go to the potty. Anyone know of any way to make a dog sleep through the night? It's like a baby. πŸΆπŸ™ˆπŸ˜©

Finishing up on day two of a new diet and I want sugar. It's funny how sugar makes me less crabby. Food isn't bad but just missing chocolate and candy. 🍏πŸ₯‘πŸ₯—

What a happening Friday night with this guy. ❀🐢 #puppygram #instadog

I promised myself I wouldn't comment on anything about politics but today I couldn't help it. I am extremely sad to the point that I cried watching a compilation video from @theellenshow of these two amazing human beings. @barackobama was the first president I ever voted for and it was for his second term. It makes me sad that both him and Michelle are no longer in the White House. I feel this way because of how much they accomplished for America. I was able to benefit in so many ways especially when it came to healthcare. I have to say that the Obamas are just special people. They seem caring and kind, thoughtful and strong and extremely personable. They are the type of people you want in your life as friends or as family. The gloomy weather today matches my mood. When I was younger my Dad had said that when it rains, God is crying and when there is Thunder, Jesus is moving his furniture. Today is perfect weather for this day.

My little boogs trying to be cute and beg for a treat. ❀🐢 #instadog #puppygram