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Nathan Kalish  'I Want to Believe' the New Album by Nathan Kalish

This was one of those days where I woke up in the van at a rest stop. On this particular day I drove to Chicago Music Exchange played some very nice guitars and hung out with their talented staff of players engineers and guitar experts. We were recording this video in the back room when a kind and fellow Wisconsinite named Justin was introduced to me. Turns out he had sold out millenium park the night before and was just popping in to buy a bunch of guitars. I felt cool for one day and that means alot to a working musician like me. This video turned out great minus how beat up i look. I got my choice to play any guitar in the store and this beat up old guild sounded and also looked the part. Thanks CME. Check out the video here.

This quiche was like cheese cake using goat cheese but replaceing sweetness with savory. Idk it was so effin good. Thanks @dangerouspiesdc you guys are the coolest. Thanks to Glenmont Popes for rocking so hard and lets go home.... Bye bye

Fuck yeah. Pie style. Two of the dopest dudes out there rodney and stevie

Tonight! Last show of this run. 8PM at Dangerously Delicious pies in DC

Tonight in New London CT at 33 Golden St. 9PM

Lots of really cool stuff in the works for next year. Excited to announce some of these ventures and adventures. Till then you can see us at 10PM Tonight at Askew in Providence Rhode Island.

Tonight! Cambridge MA . the Country Club Presents!! Nathan Kalish at the State Park. 9PM. Photo: @justinlfricke I hear they wear sweaters on their shoulders in This town!!!

New England, its kinda like old England, rainy and cloudy but more vinyl siding and pizza. Walked into the gig with my guitar last night like I often do. This way i don't usually have to look around for a manager or sound guy they can generally just spot me. The MOD last night recommended i pull around back for the load in. So i set my guitar on the stage and drove around back. There were four rows of parking three of which had no parking signs and the fourth which was closest to the bar had no signage. So naturally i parked there. Load in eat some dinner work on a couple new tunes and Karen comes up to me saying the van is gone. The MOD hears this and starts saying "no you didn't park in the back fooooook!!!" Anyways i hitched an uber went to bail the van out and got back just in time for set. The bar paid us the extra money so we didnt have to lose money on the gig. The patrons did a good job of buying merch so we almost came out flush which is still a good thing on a monday playing music on the Road. So cheers to coming out even, even after you get towed. Tonight the adventure continues to Yarmouth Maine 6:30PM @woodhullpublichouse

Shaskeen Pub tonight in Manchester, New Hampshire. Musis starts at 9PM 📷@hunterlokenparcel

Tour started in ohio on friday its sunday an we are on our 4th show already which is today at 1200 hours in Delhi NY at taste of the catskills, been having to take multiple power naps just so our Zzz count adds up to a reasonable amount distribution across the field operations Unit. We could use more water and pizza rations but our load in time only allows for a 5 minute gas stop which has to be timed perfectly with our driver shift changover. If you see me and give me a hug please please make it short so i dont fall asleep on your shoulder.

Tonight at hotel Crittenden in Coudersport PA. 9PM.

Fall Tour starts today and Im all jacked up on flannel and hot coffee. Tonight at Mudflats in Galena OH 8PM

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