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Nathan Egan  Work until your idols become your rivals Toronto street workout and Calisthenics Cpss

Calisthenics isn’t a sport it’s a life style

Dynamics are rough, that’s why I prefer statics. Editing is still pretty shit but at least it’s better.
Videos by @peter.sip

Progress is anything but linear, when you work your hardest day in and day out for months and see little to no real improvement it’s truly crushing. You just need to keep believing and continue on no matter how hard it is. Often I get discouraged by looking at how far away I am from achieving my goals. I forget where I started and how much better I have become since then. Lately I have been comparing myself to others to much and not focusing on my own journey from where I started to where I am now. There are many horrible times when I feel like quitting altogether because I get so discouraged. When this happens I stop and think about how much I have gained from Calisthenics and how much it has really changed my life in so many amazing ways. #calisthenicsworkout #calisthenics #dock #vacation #water #sky #fit #nathaneganstreetworkout #sand #stay healthy #water #protein #streetlife

First time touching rings in a couple weeks, I’m still recovering from my vacation 😂. I’ll have this cleaned up in a few days

Very bad straddle planche presses on the beach in the Dominican Republic. I only had like 5 minutes to film a couple random attempts and I haven’t really done anything all week

Which one do you guys prefer? 1 or 2. Some quick parter videos from the @calisthenics_canada beaches meet up. First video athletes @soooconrad @diet_wata @ajy_jamal and @carlito 😂 Second video athletes were @mikemike_unbreakable @ethantraining @soli_sw @project__rise

Some fun dynamics outside today at the meet up. Thanks to @calisthenics_canada for organizing today’s event it was crazy

Sick new trick I learned yesterday 😂 thanks to @youssefc for catching this on video. I literally hit my head at the bottom of the foam pit and now my neck kills

Iron cross progress so far, I just wanted to try an new type of edit for my videos since I’ve been too lazy lately. Song Neffex Destiny

Quick straddle planche in @southampton_on

At Gymnastics Mississauga finally learning some decent dynamics thanks to for helping me learn. Video by @youssefc

Cottage gains

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