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Nathan Cichosz 


@charbreeze today begins your 26th year of life. Even though I’ve only been involved the last 5 years, it’s been damn fun. You’ve made me laugh more then every episode of sunny combined. I’m sooo excited to see this year of your life unfold. Prospect your dreams and don’t be afraid to jump. I’ll jump with you. Just to be clear, I don’t mean suicide. I wont do that. Sorry. Love you baba.

Little giant...today I am reminded of the incredible time I had working with these guys. @youknowsean @gomezica69 @james_wilson.jpeg @ryanmarquez you guys inspired me sooo much. Thank you for letting me drink from your fountains of knowledge, thank you for putting up with my non-grip hands. I’ll never these bro’s!!! G&E for life!!!!

This Place // This hour. Full video in bio

My sister. Today is a day to celebrate your existence. To celebrate how you came to be the Selina we all know. The tenacity you carry to follow your dreams is unparalleled by anyone that I know. I always think “that must’ve been what Einstein was like”. So determined to accomplish something that nothing will hinder you from attaining it. If that’s all you were, I would admire you for it. But you’re so much more than that. You’re funny as hell, strong as shit, and extremely caring to those around you. We’ve had a lot of heart to hearts and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Love you sister. @beautybeforeyou

The world needs to know the beating (non-physical, non-emotional, well maybe alittle emotional) I bestowed upon my wife at Disneyland. @charbreeze

Happy Father's Day @verncichosz. I'm eternally grateful for you being my father. You always chose us kids over the entire world. And you made it look like an easy choice. Thank you for making that choice to follow Christ. You really built a foundation for me to be successful in life. Dad, thank you for all the choices you made for yourself and for me. You are a shinning example of an amazing father. Now go drink a beer. Love you dad.

This is what happens when you're home alone for the entire day.

Film friends!! New lens. 14mm. On my setup it's a 19mm. Too wide? Let me know

Now I get to look at it for a week.

Sometimes your housemates go to Disneyland. Sometimes they forget to ask you to take care of their dog. And sometimes the dog takes matters into his own hands and writes a letter of request on a piece of wood.

This lady here. If the entire cast of Sunny was one person and a girl it would be her. Thank you for the countless memories of comedy. Intentional and unintentional. Happy birthday. And just remember. White water in the morning. Love ya lady. @jictoriavohnson

I've saved this for such a time. Happy birthday man. I love you and cherish our friendship. I wouldn't be who I am today without your influence. Thanks for giving me many handfuls of laughs through the years. And even more heart filled moments. I pray this is the year of walter. @salteewaltee

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