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Nathan (N8) Miers  🌲Co-founder: @everdreamstudio 📷Archives: @nathan_miers_archive 👽Personal: @therealwofo

"Nahua Stargazer: Teotl" Collab w/the up & coming @pinkybrewtz, made at #campwannamakaheady last summer. Scooped by @adab_one 🌌🌠🐯🗿🐯🌜🌌 Nahua philosophy proposes that there exists a single, dynamic, eternally self-generating energy called Teotl. Teotl continually shapes the cosmos as part of its endless process. That which humans commonly understand as nature -- e.g. heavens, earth, rain, humans, trees, rocks, animals, etc. -- is generated as one aspect, facet, or moment of toetl.

Nahua "keepers of time & space"(cahuipouhqui) were knowledgeable of the time-space rhythm of teotl & responsible for keeping humankind in balance with the cosmos. Toetl is neither material nor immaterial but ambiguously both. It is essentially force: continually active, actualized energy-in-motion. Thanks for looking!🙏🏼📷:

Tell us about the time you got WAY TOO HIGH, and you could win a free sticker pack. 5 winners will be tagged and announced tomorrow at 4:20pm. @everdreamstudio #wooks #wooklife #wookshit #wooksdoingthings
CONTEST WINNERS: @djinnglass @taste_dontwaste @b_money_glass @quesoandweed @rarespheres Thanks to everyone who took the time to share!!🙏🏼💜🌌

N8-Bit Release Party Recap Video. Hosted at @shoppurplehaze and shot by @theterpdon. Read the full project backstory in my blog at Thanks for watching!!🙏🏼

Meet Neptune...instead of fire, he breathes smoke, and he wants whatever you’re smokin’ on! With an insatiable appetite for terpenoid combustion, he just might burn through your entire stash, if you’re not careful! A collaboration with one of my favorite glass sculptors @joepglass, and made at @everdreamstudio in preparation for the HEAT4DASTREETZ show last December, this was easily one of my personal favorite collabs of 2018. I packed as many murrine as I could into Neptune’s head, Joe brought him to life in the form of his most recent mini-rig design, and the @moltenaura planetary eyes and accents were an easy choice to complete his cosmic steez. Now in the home of @bears_house_of_headies thanks to @hickorysmokeshop. Thank you both for the support! Photos by Thanks for looking!!🌌🐉🌌

⁣📸2&3 Garbaggio collab with @Sweaterkingpin
📸4 Solo N8Bit Minitube
⁣📸5 Collab with @Calmbo
⁣📸6 Solo Invader Sherlock
⁣📸7 Solo Invader Onie
⁣📸8 Solo N8Bit Marble
⁣📸9 Collector Coins ⁣
All pics by @thc_samuel
The mini tube and a small handful of the coins are available thru @shoppurplehaze. Thanks again to everyone who came out to the release, and especially⁣
for giving life to the project! You can read the full backstory in my blog at More to come!!⁣👾👾👾👾👾

As little n8, I spent way too many days (and nights) heavily tapped into the video game realm. As an entire generation transitioned from playing outside the house to inside a screen, my friends and I would rush home after school to cram the latest and greatest game cartridge into its sleek futuristic console...story continues in my blog at
I just want to take a moment to extend a huge thank you to everyone who made this project and event possible, from the entire @shoppurplehaze family (esp Eman, Andrew and Jake), to my friends and helpers who took care of the photos and loose ends (@thc_samuel and @theterpdon), the dedicated coldworkers who gave up their fingertips and days off (@willcookforyou and @pat_taylorglass) the artists who collaborated with me on this project (@sweaterkingpin, @Eusheen, @Calmbo, @AlexUbatuba, @KuhnsGlass, and @MurdocGlass) and of course all of the collectors and show attendees who came out to celebrate with us; it’s all of you who make these types of projects and events possible. I hope to continue to do more of these fun concept shows in the future. Much love!! -N8- 📸 Pics by @thc_samuel📸

“Aurora Bearealis” is a collaboration between @coylecondenser and myself, made for the HEAT4DASTREETZ show on December 15th in Denver Colorado. Event info available on the @everdreamstudio page. Photos by @thc_samuel.

PEW PEW PEW!! January 12th it’s on like Donkey Kong! My newest N8BIT murrine series, which is based on some of my favorite space-related video games while growing up, will be released in brand new functional works alongside collectible sets of murrine and related merch at @shoppurplehaze in Denver. We’ll have a show-day arcade tournament with tons of prizes for high scores, munchies, and more! More details TBA, so keep your eyes glued to the screen!! 👾👾👾👾

@Eusheen and I recently created this set, dubbed "Solar Flare" in the summer of 2018 at @EverdreamStudio. We enlisted @TheTerpDon to film the entire process from start to finish over a 5 day period and 100+ man hours. Full-video is posted in my blog at🚀

@elboglass X @puntington X @nathan_miers. We squeezed in four full layers of Murakami-inspired murrine, flips, and space detail on this one! Read the full project backstory in my blog at Photos by @borovision.

🦖@elboglass x @nathan_miers🚀 “Sometimes you have to get lost in the process to find yourself”. 🗺 Thanks to @elboglass for pushing me out of my comfort zone and inviting me in on this special tribute to @takashipom 🙌🏼 Full story in my blog on Thanks to @pat_taylorglass and @coopglass for their dedication to the grind and thanks to for the snaps📸. Made at @everdreamstudio

I recently had a chance to collaborate with master-crafter @eusheen on a set we dubbed “Solar Flare” while @theterpdon filmed the entire process from start to finish. The HD video can be seen on my nathan_miers YouTube channel.

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