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Revolutionary  Free Thinker 💭 Open your mind 🔓 🔑 Step out of your comfort zone❗ Let go of old beliefs ✌ Be the change ✊ Vote with your lifestyle 🔥


Did ya know ♻ from @savagesec - #SavageSec
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🔊🔊📱🗃🗄💻🆒️●●●Modified privacy...!🚫Sounds like tons of fun!.. Don't anyone freak out this has gone on for years....Enjoy the illusion of freedom.
Hopefully people will start to wake up. And please dont think this is only for illegal suppose immigrant. Its a world wide attack.
. - #regrann

Salk Institute scientists have found evidence that #tetrahydrocannabinol (#THC) compounds found in #marijuana can promote the cellular removal of amyloid beta protein in the brain — the brain plaques which are linked with the progression of #Alzheimersdisease. The most common cause of #dementia and its incidence is expected to triple during the next 50 years. It is strongly associated with the build-up of #AmyloidBetaProteins in the brain, forming plaques that are thought to somehow damage #neurons and cause their demise. As a result, key brain regions like the #hippocampus can decrease in volume, leading to severe learning and memory defects.


The compound works by passing from the #lungs to the #bloodstream, where it attaches to two types of receptors, #cannabinoid receptor (CB) 1 and 2, which are found on cell surfaces all over the body.

Receptors in the brain can be activated by endocannabinoids, which are a class of #molecules made in the body that signal between #braincells. THC works similarly to #endocannabinoids by activating the same receptors in the brain, which produces the drug’s #psychoactive effects.

The #researchers found that high levels of amyloid beta were associated with cellular inflammation and higher rates of neuron death. They demonstrated that exposing the cells to THC reduced amyloid beta protein levels and eliminated the inflammatory response from the nerve cells caused by the protein, thereby allowing the nerve cells to survive.

What they found was that not only did the THC cause a breakdown of the #protein buildup, but a reduction in inflammation in the cells. Inflammation is bad because it makes it harder for your neurons to communicate with one another correctly.

Source: https://www.salk.edu/news-release/cannabinoids-remove-plaque-forming-alzheimers-proteins-from-brain-cells/

If meat is bad for our health and the environment, why aren't we hearing more about it?
💰#AnimalAgribusiness raked in over a TRILLION dollars in revenue last year.
💰 Corporate giants like Smithfield, Tyson, Cargill, and Perdue spend more $$$ lobbying congress than the NRA.
💰 Because so much money is spent by these industries lobbying Congress, #meat remains part of the official dietary recommendations and secures billions in food subsidies every year. This makes a product which is extremely resource-intensive to produce much more affordable than it normally would be.
💰 These corporations have so much political influence (via the #USDA) that processed meat (a WHO CLASS 1 carcinogen) is still offered in #school cafeterias and in hospitals!
💰 These industries even sponsor their own medical research (can you spell "conflict of interest"?) and donate to organizations like #Atkins, #Paleo, and The #WestonPriceFoundation. This keeps the layperson confused and easy to convince that meat and dairy have #health benefits despite the growing mountains of research proving otherwise.
💰 $550 million is also spent annually in meat and #dairy advertising. If the evening news and other media networks reported on the harm meat/dairy have on our health and the #environment, they'd lose a LOT of advertising money. So are you really surprised that we haven't heard more about it?
Let's take down this industry.
🌱 Vote with your dollar and go #vegan
Change starts on your plate!!

♻ from @nuestra_patriapr - If you have Kik make sure you show Dan some love Siliver_fox_31. He’s on vacation with the national guards and he’s looking for a little taste of paradise! THIS IS THE AID PUERTO RICO IS RECEIVING! Horny American military pigs looking for ass on vacation in the middle of our people’s crisis! USA OUT OF PUERTO RICO! #Gusano #Pigs #Amerikkka #UsaOutOfPuertoRico #vivalaindependencia #VivaPuertoRicoLibre

♻ from @animaliberationfront - Sent in by anonymous *scam update with new findings* Info: @unabashed.melancholy - #regrann

"Casualty role players" is what they call them now lmao. Oklahoma you may want to stay vigilant
#Crisisactors #TheWorldsAStage

Switch and bait game of deception and distraction played by the globalist zionist bankers crime syndicate. 💭
What's happening in Hollywood, has been happening for decades, and it happens Daily in politics, in Wall St, in big corp, in Washington, it's a misogynist culture pervasive throughout society, and throughout the world sadly. That's a reflection of how far behind in our spiritual evolution humanity is lagging. But it's slowly changing as there is a growing shift and increasing awareness in our global collective Consciousness. 🗨That being said, the botched and poorly executed cover up of the Las Vegas false flag was drawing too many questions and waking too many people up, the Elites had to find a way to totally sideswipe people's attention towards something completely "shocking", aka the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Thus, using zionist establishment fakestream media to do what it does best, manufacture the desired reality/outrage which keeps focus away from the globalist bankers Rothschild and their crimes. 💢stay woke💢
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♻ from @_doctor.g_
Via @doctor.espo
One of my personal rules: 1️⃣Transparency. I am completely open with you and my patients. Another rule: 2️⃣When I don't know something, I won't pretend I do. But, it seems everyone on Instagram is an expert. Inaccurate and misleading information on IG sets up false expectations and people buy (often with their money and hopes) into these claims that are either opinion or have ZERO evidence.
@_doctor.g_ and I constantly come across a ton of Instagram accounts of people who claim to be experts but actually have no credentials. So we came up with a guideline to help you to sort out trustworthy accounts.
☑️Formal Graduate Education - Check where they went to school and if their degree actually fits. If they have a degree in marketing and try to sell you nutrition advice, think twice. A few degrees we look for: ND•MD•DO•DC•LAc•PhD•NP•RN•RD•IFMCP•CNS•MSc
❗️Assure they are LICENSED❗️
☑️Continuing Education: If you notice they're going to conferences, gaining post-doctorate education, attending CE events and being involved in the latest healthcare events, then they're doing their part to stay relevant and knowledgeable.
☑️Reliable Cited Sources: See if they cite Pubmed articles or articles from reputable journals or sources.
☑️One-Size-Fits-All: If they are offering advice that requires no personalization, be skeptical. Of course some things are standard across the board (Ex: Sugar is Bad). If they claim 1 change, 1 ingredient, 1 pill will fix you... run🏃💨
☑️Transparency: Beware if they are not clear about what they do, their training, if they practice/see patients, their financial connections, and their education.
☑️Affiliated Organizations: See if they are affiliated with accredited organizations such as educational institutes, professional organizations or national organizations.
Of course these criteria are not fool proof but it's a great start. You want to be able look at their website, profile and Google search them and be able to find consistent, accurate information. My patients always come to me with new and often odd diets/supplements/programs that I have to debunk. But now you KNOW.

Senate Bill 720 (S.720), also known as the “Anti-Israel Boycott Act,” was largely drafted by the notorious and powerful Israel lobby in Washington, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, AIPAC. According to its own “2017 Lobbying Agenda,” AIPAC has made the passing of the bill its top priority. The U.S. Congress is beholden to Israel’s interests and by the “stranglehold” of AIPAC over the elected representatives of the American people. Thus, it was no surprise to see 43 senators and 234 House representatives backing the Bill, which was first introduced in March. Although Congress has habitually backed Israel and condemned Palestinians — and any politician or entity that dared recognize Palestinian rights — this time, the Congress is going too far and is jeopardizing the very basic rights of its own constituencies. The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution has been the pillar in defense of people’s right to free speech, freedom of the press, “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” This right, however, has often been curtailed when it applies to Israel. The Center for Constitutional Rights refers to this fact as “The Palestine Exception.” S.720, however, if it passes, will cement the new U.S. status, that of “flawed democracy” as opposed to a full democratic nation that legislates and applies all laws fairly and equally to all of its citizens. The law would make it a “felony” for U.S. citizens to support the boycott of Israel. Punishment of those who violate the proposed law ranges from fines between US$250,000 and US$1 million, and/or 20 years in prison.
♻ from @kill_the_addict
#OpposeAllCaesars 👽🏴 - #regrann

Keep passing the message, Fema the town without light and all these generators doing nothing in the ports!
@Regranned from @nuestra_patriapr - #Repost Sigan pasándo el mensaje, Fema el pueblo sin luz y todos estos generadores haciendo nada en los puertos! #Genocide #VendePatria #CrisisIsland #PuertoRico #PuertoRicoSeLevanta #VivaPuertoRicoLibre #RickyRosselló #Rickyrossello #ricardorosselló #ricardorossello #Amerikkka #Fema - #regrann

🔥Watch all videos🔥I don't debate with pro-vaxxers. I just state facts and ask for basic logic. I've been personally damaged from vaccines and I don't have autism. Most people who have damage don't react right away or even know they've been affected.🔥Yeah I guess it's your right to choose to vaccinate, but is it moral to inject a ton of neurotoxins and some of the most harmful substances into your children? If anyone else injected anything in a vaccine into your child they'd go to prison. Do your research first please. ♻ from @futureworldhealing_

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