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Despite mounting #evidence to the contrary, #mainstream #nutritional guidelines have instructed #Americans to eat #soy and drink #soymilk BUT soy milk is not a #healthychoice By drinking soy milk you are not doing yourself a favor, you are destroying your health. Please, take a look at these reasons why you should #avoidsoymilk
1✴ Soybeans contain large quantities of natural toxins or “antinutrients”. Drinking just two glasses of soy milk daily can significantly alter a woman’s menstrual cycle.
2✴ Soy has been found to increase the body’s need for #vitaminB12 and #vitaminD .
3✴ Soybeans also contain haemagglutinin, a clot-promoting substance that causes your red blood cells to clump.
4✴ 99% of soy is #geneticallymodified It contains one of the highest contamination by #pesticides of any of our foods.
5✴ Soybeans and #soyproducts contain high levels of phytic acid, which inhibits assimilation of #calcium #magnesium #copper #iron and #zinc
6✴ Soy foods contain high levels of #toxicaluminum which negatively effects the nervous system the kidneys and has been linked to the onset of Alzheimer’s.
7✴ Soy contains a compound resembling vitamin B12 that cannot be processed by your body. Thus, soy foods can contribute to #B12 deficiency.
8✴ Fragile soy proteins are exposed to high temperatures during processing in order to make soy protein isolate and textured vegetable protein, making them dangerous for human digestion.
9✴ Soy contains toxic isoflavones.The soy isoflavones genistein and daidzein can stimulate existing #breastcancer growth showing risk in consuming soy products if a #woman has breast cancer. .
10✴ Soy contains plant estrogens, called phytoestrogens, which #disruptendocrine function and lead to infertility and breast cancer in women.
👉Drink #HempMilk instead!! Learn make your own click here 👉 #HempMilk101 👈
#LoveMySilk .
Sources: http://www.realfarmacy.com/reasons-avoid-soy-milk/

Store-bought almond milk is short on… almonds

One of the main ingredients you would reasonably expect to be in #almondmilk is almonds. However, it was revealed a few years ago that almond milk producers were really cutting corners with this core ingredient, with a half gallon of #milk containing less than a handful of almonds. Stated in another way, a European brand of almond milk (Alpro) was revealed to contain less than two percent almonds in the entire container.

Store-bought almond milk is not from sprouted almonds

This is not on the radar for most people to investigate, but a significant factor to consider, especially for anyone with digestive concerns. This is because almonds contain enzyme inhibitors (sometimes referred to as anti-nutrients) which are beneficial to the survivability of the nut, but can cause significant absorption issues in humans due to resistance to be being broken down by enzymes in the digestive tract. This can cause many digestion related issues, including bloating, gas, fatigue, stomach pain, and more.

Store-bought almond milk contains unnecessary ingredients

Due to the lack of almonds and a very watered down consistency, manufacturers make up for this by adding unnecessary ingredients like #carrageenan, locust bean gum, gellan gum, and sunflower lecithin, to thicken up the “mock” almond milk. Some of these ingredients carry digestive concerns, and some of them are relatively harmless, aside from the fact you aren’t really drinking almond milk, but a dumbed-down facsimile.

#Hemp milk is a better choice.
Learn how to make your own home made hemp milk #hempmilk101 👈

♻ from @veg_md - 5 Reasons Why I Don’t Recommend a #Keto Diet
1. That we know of, no population in history has ever thrived on a very-low-carb/high-fat diet. There is exactly zero scientific evidence that a #ketodiet is conducive to longevity & longstanding vitality - unlike a plant-centric diet, the foundation of the longest-lived people on earth.
2. A keto diet may cause short-term #weightloss, but possibly at a serious price. A 2010 review found that low-carb, #animal based diets increased cardiovascular death by 14%, cancer death by 28%, & all-cause mortality by 23%- trends confirmed in other large studies.
3. A keto diet hasn’t been shown to prevent, control, or reverse type 2 #diabetes in the long run. Avoiding carbs will temporarily lower your blood sugar if you have diabetes. But this simply masks the underlying problem, which is insulin resistance – ie, glucose in our blood can’t enter our cells & the liver overproduces sugar. This is NOT the fault of carbs from #healthy foods – whole grains, legumes, fruit, or even starchy vegetables. In fact, a high-carb, high-fiber, #plantbased diet is exceptionally protective against diabetes & can actually REVERSE insulin resistance & lower diabetes complications. In contrast, low-carb diets can promote diabetes over time, as they foster #inflammation & fat buildup in our cells, causing insulin resistance.
4. Keto diet research is in its infancy, focusing on short-term blood results & body weight – not actual rates of disease or death. And some findings are concerning. LDL cholesterol levels tend to rise (or at best, stay the same) on keto diets. An overwhelming wealth of #research shows that the higher the LDL, the higher the risk of cardiovascular disease.
5. A keto diet is low in refined #grains & added #sugar, which is great. But it also can be low in phytonutrients, #antioxidants, & #fiber, all of which have profound benefits, and it forbids some of the most powerfully health-promoting foods on earth – whole grains, #legumes, & many fruits. To me, that’s just not good medicine.
References in 2nd image above.

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(Swipe) How #Monsanto is trying to counter your #ascension #poisoning the #earth!

If you're eating #meat, #dairy and #eggs all those #animals are #saturated with #glyphosate from the #toxiccrops they are fed.

#Glyphosate kills #gutbacteria that produce 90% of your #neurotransmitters!

Although #serotonin is well known as a #brainneurotransmitter, it is estimated that 90 percent of the body's serotonin is made in the #digestivetract. In fact, altered levels of this peripheral serotonin have been linked to diseases such as #irritablebowelsyndrome, #cardiovasculardisease, and #osteoporosis. New research at Caltech, published in the April 9 issue of the journal Cell, shows that certain #bacteria in the #gut are important for the production of peripheral serotonin.
♻ from @ubiquitousphire
Video from @rawtruth_
#boycottMonsanto #eatorganic #govegan # GrowYourOwnFood #GrowYourOwn

♻ from @streetwearaddicts714
Fuckin #GunGrabbers. If your kid is out in the street today protesting "gun violence". You should be ashamed of yourself as their parent.

♻ from @revealed_truth
NFL, NBA, MLB and sports stars.. Beyonce and Jay Z..
Jim Carey..
Cardi B..
Kardashians & Jenners.. Will Smith..
Reality celebs..
Talk show hosts..
Housewives.. Rappers & Hip Hop Artists.. You know what's truly terrifying about this list above. The average American can list off dozens, if not hundreds, of these people in the categories above. .
But you know who the average American does NOT know :
Who are your state representatives? Who are your Congressmen/women?
Who are the members of the Cabinet?
Who are the Joint Chiefs of Staff?
Who is the AG (Attorney General or IG (Inspector General) and why are they so important to US?
Who are the Supreme Court Justices?
Who is the head of the FBI, CIA, and NSA?
Who is Julian Assange and why is he extremely important at the moment?
I started this account initially because I wanted to wake up the people around me - everyone I know is still poppin' bottles in clubs, concerned with fashion and fame, talking about the next hottest Netflix series or box office hit, or worried about the next national sports championship.. And look, I'm not knocking hobbies and saying we can't have fun SOMETIMES, but that's not what is happening in this generation. Entertainment has become our entire LIFESTYLE and culture. We are CONSUMED with "fun," and this happened by intentional design. They taught us to seek fame and fortune through entertainment, while they brainwashed us to think that discussing politics (or faith) was somehow inappropriate.... But I'm hoping this reaches the eyes and ears of even one person who needs a reality check & some tough love - ITS TIME TO BREAK FREE FROM THE TRAP. Once upon a time, the average American was EXTREMELY involved in politics, but our generations have been brainwashed through a Rockefeller funded public education program and we've become dumbed-down, spoiled, and complacent... But I'm telling you - this country (and world) as we know it is shifting dramatically right now, and its not the time to sit back & be uneducated and ignorant.
We are living in a war on information & truth right now, and I encourage you to start educating yourself before they begin censoring us

It'll be interesting to see how dairy companies will react to the increasing decline in demand for cow titty puss as the years go by. I wonder what they do with all the surplus milk...all that suffering for nothing. smh
The #dairycompany will end contracts with many of its suppliers as consumers shift away from animal-based milk.
Dairy company #DeanFoods issued a notice last week that it would discontinue its contracts with a number of dairy suppliers after May 31. While affected #milk producers speculate that #Walmart new milk processing facilities are to blame for losing their contracts, Dean Foods explained that the issue is related to an overproduction of dairy despite a consumer shift away from animal-based milk. 🥛📉
Reece Smith, director of corporate communications for Dean Foods, explained that “a surplus of #rawmilk at a time when the public already is consuming less fluid milk and companies assertively entering or expanding their presence in the milk processing business have exacerbated an already tenuous situation in a highly competitive market.” 🥛📉
Amid the growth of the #plantbasedmilk industry, dairy farmers in the United States have consistently purged millions of gallons of excess milk, hitting an all-time high of 78 million gallons last year. 🥛📉
Some #dairyproducers have restructured their businesses to take advantage of the growing plant-based industry, including Elmhurst—which operated as a dairy-processing facility in New York for 90 years until it transformed into a vegan milk brand in 2017.
♻ from @http.vvegan
via @vegnews
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Just an interesting #conspiracytheory worth checking out about Stephen Hawking. The theory suggests that Hawking actually died over 30+ years ago and was replaced, his name and reputation hijacked and used to promote certain ideologies/program the masses.
It’s a conspiracy theory worth researching. I suggest you do use #DuckDuckGo instead of google.
♻ from @annamoli
#wakeup #questioneverything #believenothing #alltheworldsastage #thematrixisreal #theylive #conscious #problemreactionsolution #ardoabchao #weaponsofmassdeception #WEDONOTCONSENT #populationcontrol #staywoke #collectiveconsciousness #everythingyouknowiswrong #predictiveprogramming #woke #thematrixisreal #parasites #divideandconquer #archons #conspiracytheory #reptilians

It’s been called Nature’s #Valium . . . And yet, unlike the #pharmaceutical drug with all of its potential side effects, #valerian root is a Safety Class 1 herb – the safest rating possible!

If you’re not familiar with it, valerian root has long been used to support #relaxation and #sleep. But don’t think of it as just a nighttime #herb – many people use it during the day to promote emotional well-being.

How To Make a Valerian Root Tincture ⤵


1 part dried valerian root (Valeriana officinalis)(I used 1/2 cup)

2 parts vodka (Preferably 100 proof, but 80 proof is okay. I used 1 cup)


Fill your jar about halfway with #valerianroot. Pour vodka all the way to the top, then cover with a cap and shake well. If desired, write the start date on the jar using a sticky note, label, or piece of tape – it makes keeping track of how long it’s been steeping easier.

Place the jar in a dark area that is relatively warm. (I keep mine in a #kitchen cabinet.) Let the mixture steep for 3-5 more weeks. Shake occasionally.

When it’s ready, strain the mixture through a cheesecloth, making sure to squeeze out as much liquid as possible. Pour the liquid in a clean container and store in a cool, dark area. * Anxiety dosages of 2 mL to 4 mL
* Insomnia dosages of  4 mL to 6 mL

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