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@Regrann from @vegantake0ver - Vaccines cause so much more harm than autism. That's just one potential side effect #vegantakeover #vaccines - #regrann

Its all a distraction......
♻ from @recycledpropaganda - The art of Distraction (digital design) -

♻👉@_meetingoftheminds - We are just one day away from our @_MeetingoftheMinds event in NYC. Tickets available in my bio.
Event Schedule
3:00 PM — Meet and Greet with Ryan Di Somma @standup911 founder of MOTM
5:00 PM — Truth on vaccines with Jessy @VeganTake0ver
6:00 PM — Open Discussions and Group Picture
7:00 PM — Presentation and Live Vegan Cooking Demo with Shantelle @BeVegan__
8:00 PM — Open Discussions and Conscious Music with DJ Sebastian @dutchmastakillah
8:30 PM — Metaphysical Wellness with Eugene @gravitas_amor
9:00 PM — “Shadow Work” talk and Closing Meditation with Joshua @Bleurosephotog
10:00 PM — Closing
Kiwami Greens @kiwamigreens
Vegan Food – @italkitchenbk
Henna – @sister2sisterhenna
Metaphysical Arts and Healing – @gravitas_amor and @Sajethesage
Crystal Wraps - @flowermagick
Om.Wear - @Om.Wear
Unique gemstone products – @agemaverick
Oil Paintings – @layes_Art
Support the movement - $20 (online and at the door), Group Discount - 3 beings for $17.00 ea (online only), MOTM Donation - Help MOTM visit a city or country near you. Everything helps!
What is the Meeting of the Minds??? Meeting of the Minds is the original conscious networking event that skyrocketed in popularity since the organization’s launch in April of 2014. The event features group discussions, guest speakers from around the world, workshops, music, art, yoga, meditation, delicious organic vegan food, kids activities, and networking opportunities with today’s greatest revolutionary minds. The organization’s primary goal is to create discussion within communities and build relationships to effectively organize and successfully implement positive change in the world. Our organization is sustainable, plant based, and community driven. We believe that through the power of love anything is possible. Socrates once said that the secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. Together we can build a world that benefits the greater good and not just a select few. Everyone is welcome to attend the events. We hope to see you soon! - #regrann

🔋Every year there are ingenious inventors, scientists👨🏿‍🔬👩🏼‍🔬 & experimenters👨🏽‍🔧 who are actively working to provide clean, free, affordable and beneficial energy⚡️ sources for all of earth's people. But you have to think 💭 that is as much a threat to some people, as a benefit to others.
Many agencies use many different means of suppression, to stop beneficial technologies from arising which would otherwise end our dependency on oil🛢, gas⛽️, timber🌲, etc systematically.
If one is under the impression that free energy devices are a myth, it maybe wise to research🔍💻: Keshe's Plasma Generator, Nikola Tesla's Free Energy, John Hutchison, The Baghdad Battery, Stan Meyer's Water Powered Car, etc.
👆👆 for real look into them!!! 👆👆
Patent offices are overseen📑 by the DHS, DOS, FTC, CIA, NSA, DOE and more, which keep a keen eye👀 on making sure technology doesn't become mainstream which may threaten their industries. ⛽️🛢
TRUTH is stranger than fiction. All of this technology exists but it's being governmentally, corporately suppressed.➿ Right now money💵 is being used to control humanity to try and keep it in a lowered state🤤. While teaching we are at the height of science and technology😂
Why do all these guys who rediscover free energy and anti gravity technology go missing, end up dead, names get smeared and ALL their work gets seized?? Ask yourself🤔 ♻ from @connecting_consciousness - FOLLOW the alternate account⤵️

In 1995 they began genetically engineering (GMO) rapeseed to be resistant to herbicides, and now almost all canola crops in North #America are #GMO. Canola oil consumption has been linked to vitamin E deficiency and a shortened life span in animal studies. #Research has also found some trans fats in canola oil, which were created during the heavy processing that it goes through. These trans fats are not labeled. This is ironic because trans fats are the opposite of heart #healthy! According to the #WestonPrice Foundation: “Like all modern #vegetable oils, canola oil goes through the process of caustic refining, bleaching and degumming–all of which involve high temperatures or chemicals of questionable safety. And because canola oil is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which easily become rancid and foul-smelling when subjected to oxygen and high temperatures, it must be deodorized. The standard deodorization process removes a large portion of the omega-3 fatty acids by turning them into trans fatty acids…research at the University of #Florida at Gainesville, found trans levels as high as 4.6 percent in commercial liquid oil… they are not listed on the label”. In 1985 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) labeled #canola “GRAS,” or “generally regarded as safe to eat.” The Bush administration in 2006 allowed the @Monsantoco run FDA to grant canola a valuable “qualified #health claim”. One of the reasons canola oil is so popular is that it is cheap. It is true It has a low saturated fat. It's free of trans fats, & contains omega-3 fatty acids. There are healthier oils, such as extra cold pressed virgin olive, coconut oil, and flaxseed, but they’re not as popular in the marketplace nor as cheap.

What they don’t tell you is that the “solvent” that is most often used to extract the oil is the #neurotoxin hexane – and it’s literally bathed in it. Hexane is a cheap byproduct from gasoline production, that’s a serious #toxic air pollutant. It’s been shown that some hexane residue can remain in the oil, and the #FDA does not require #food manufacturers to test for it.

This #tick induced allergy will butcher your efforts to eat #redmeat — and though it’s rare, it’s on the rise.

An #allergy spurred by the #lonestartick — so named for the off-white blemish on its back, and linked to a dangerous mammalian #meatallergy — is spreading beyond its southeastern U.S. home

A bite from the pesky #arachnid can prompt swelling, itching, hives, stomach cramps and even death, according to the report. “There’s something really special about this tick,” asthma, allergy, and immunology researcher Jeff Wilson told the mag. “Just a few bites and you can render anyone really, really allergic.” How it works: An element of the tick’s saliva completely rejiggers the #immunesystem to be acutely sensitive to the carbohydrate molecule galactose-alpha-1,3-galactose, aka “alpha-gal. (That's found in red meat)” The allergy reportedly affects everyone, regardless of genetics.

Following are some #environmentfriendly cleaning recipes: 🔼All-Purpose Cleaner
Put 1 teaspoon baking soda, 1/2 teaspoon dish soap, and 2 tablespoons #vinegar into your spray bottle, you can do this with a funnel. Give it a stir/shake. Let it stay for some minutes, then fill bottle with warm water and shake it up. Add some drops of #essentialoil if you like. 🔼Sink and Stovetop Cleaner
Mix a half cup of #bakingsoda with enough warm water in a bowl to get a moist paste. Put the paste on sponge or brush and scrub away. 🔼Dishwasher Detergent
Mix 2 cups baking soda, 2 cups borax, 1 cup salt and 1 cup Lemi-Shine. Store in an airtight container. Use two tablespoons per load with white vinegar in the rinse compartment. 🔼#Fruits and #Vegetables Wash
Mix all of these ingredients ( 2 tbs baking soda, 1 cup vinegar, 1 cup water, 2 tbs lemon juice) then pour in clean spray bottle. Spritz on the fruits or vegetables. Rinse off well after 5 minutes. 🔼Natural Ant Killer
Combine 1 cup of sugar, 1 tablespoon of Borax, and ½ cup of water in a saucepan. Boil for 3-5 minutes. Let it cool down then you will get a thicken paste. Clean the ant area with white vinegar before you use this mixture. 🔼Green Drain Cleaner
Sprinkle 3 tablespoons baking soda down the drain, and pour 1/4 cup white vinegar on top so it bubbles. Let it stay for around an hour, then rinse with boiling water. 🔼Lemon-Scented All-Purpose Cleaner
Mix 1/4 cup white vinegar, 2 tablespoons baking soda, and 4 cups of hot water. Squeeze in the lemon juice into the mixture. Stir well and let it stay for some minutes to allow the cleaner to cool, and then remove the lemon rind. Save it in a spray bottle for later use.

There’s plenty of press coverage and consumer awareness when it comes to #geneticallyengineered #food and #crops, and the #environmentalhazards of #pesticides and #animaldrugs. But the #fertilizerindustry? Not so much—even though it’s the largest segment of corporate #agribusiness ($175 billion in annual sales), and a major destructive force in #pollutingtheenvironment, disrupting the climate, and damaging public #health. Learning the facts about #chemicalfertilizers and the companies who produce them will give you yet another reason to #boycott chemical/#GMO/#factoryfarmedfoods and choose #organic and grassfed animal products instead. Remember, organic standards established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (#USDA) prohibit the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, GMOs, or animal drugs.Here’s a few of underreported facts that raise disturbing environmental and regulatory questions about #MonsantosEvilTwin—the chemical fertilizer industry.1) Chemical Fertilizer is the Largest Industry in Global Agribusiness According to the ETC group, a watchdog organization that researches the socioeconomic and ecological impacts of industrial agriculture and GMOs, the world’s seven dominant pesticide, GM, and #seedcompanies (including #Monsanto #DuPont, #Dow, #Bayer, and #Syngenta) represent a $93 billion market. The global, #energy intensive chemical fertilizer industry is almost twice as large, at $175 billion. As ETC points out: “With combined annual revenue of over $385 billion, these companies call the shots. Who will dominate the industrial food chain? And what does it mean for farmers, food sovereignty and climate chaos?”2) #Fracking Has Made U.S. a Huge #NitrogenFertilizer Producer In recent years, U.S. production of nitrogen fertilizer has boomed thanks to the falling price of #naturalgas used in its production. The reason for the cheap gas of course is fracking. 3) #KochIndustries Is a Fertilizer Leader. In 2010, Koch Industries was named “the world’s third-largest maker and marketer of nitrogen fertilizer,” according to the Wichita Eagle.

The brain and heart are flowers of life, but the navel is the root. It is these flowers which allure us, and then we think that they are everything. But the roots of man’s body and his life-energy are in the navel. No flowers blossom there. The roots are absolutely invisible. Over the centuries, this is forgotten. All the emphasis is on the brain and heart- even heart a little.
Naturally, the life-energy flows more feebly and our contact with the soul becomes weak.
Today the roots are as weak as people asking Where is the soul? Who says there is a soul? Who says there is a God? We do not find anything.” We will not find anything. One cannot find anything. If somebody searches all over the body of the tree and says, “Where are the roots? I cannot find anything,” then what he is saying is right. There are no roots anywhere on the tree. And we have no access to the place where the roots are; of that place we have no awareness.
Only from there does the child acquire life; only from there do the branches and sub-branches of his life start spreading; only from there does he get energy; But our attention is never focused on that energy center– not even for a minute! Our focus is not on the system through which we get to know that energy center, instead our whole attention and our whole education is focused on the system that helps to forget it! That is why our whole education has gone wrong and takes us toward madness.
You may not be aware that the whole day you breathe with your chest but at night your breathing starts coming from the navel. The whole day your chest goes up and down, but at night when you are asleep your belly starts moving up and down. You must have seen a small child breathing; the chest of a small child is not moving, it is his belly that is moving up and down. Small children are still very close to the navel. As a child starts growing, he starts breathing from the chest only, and the tremors of the breath no longer reach the navel.
If suddenly an accident happens, you will be surprised to notice that the first impact will be on the navel– not on the brain or the heart.
♻ from @ancient.light

After the body parts of three women were found last night in a barrel unearthed from the garden area of the #ClintonEstate in #upstateNewYork, ground penetrating radar was brought in to analyze the entire property. Within a few hours, eleven more possible sites were pinpointed and excavation began.

By dawn, 11 more identical steel 55-gallon drums were awaiting transport to #Quantico with an immaculate chain of evidence. They will arrive and be opened later today.

Now that the discovery seems to be complete, the issue should turn to the #Clintons. Everyone knows they’re killers. You can already get odds in #Vegas on how many of the barrels are for Hillary’s victims and how many are Bill’s. Then the question becomes…can you make it stick? The Clintons are smart and powerful and always one step ahead of the game.

What didn’t make sense is that while the area is completely quarantined from the press and the public, reports say that both of the Clintons sat rocking in their chairs on the front porch sipping coffee or tea while the home they’ve lived in more than 15 years was exposed as a graveyard.

Authorities say they should know the contents of the barrels soon. We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.
♻ from @freedom_faction
#PizzaGate #PedoGate #SpiritCooking - #regrann

For real tho.... Thats in #Jersey by the way. Right before the #lincolntunnel.
#PizzaGate #FakeNews

📢Go look for yourself, 👉 Getprsm.com 📢
For roughly the last decade and a half, the NSA has been caught in lie after unscrupulous lie. Every time they are caught spying on Americans, the secret agency first denies it — then justifies it. The NSA has now been caught again. And, again, they denied it and are now justifying it.

This time, their unscrupulous spying involves a shadow “social network” that combs data from all social networks and your online data to create a graph of everyone and everyone they know. If you’re wondering where your invite to join this shadow network came from, you never got it. However, you’ve already joined.

NSA even has a website for this network on which they gladly display all the information they collect. It’s called GETPRSM and it’s scary. While it looks like an Orwellian satire gone wrong, the site is very real and the NSA has no problem admitting it.

While they originally claimed this information was only being collected on foreigners, a shift in their policy showed that this was not the case.

Feel safe yet?

As the war on terror continues, so does the erosion of our rights and privacy. As the old adage goes, those who would trade their freedom for security will get neither — and as the warrantless state spying machine grows unchecked, Americans are quickly fulfilling that prophecy and finding themselves without freedom or security. 📢Go look at Getprsm.com for real no joke your device will already be registered📢

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