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This morning in Jamaica, Queens, New York, a bull broke loose from a slaughterhouse and ran for his life. Ten police vehicles pursued him as he desperately ran for his life for about an hour and a half. Mouth foaming and eyes wild, this boy knew one thing: the place he came from was a place where nothing good happens, and he couldn't go back.

The determined animal never gave up the fight, but was tranquillized far too many times and later died as a result. Skylands Animal Sanctuary would have negotiated for his release if he would have survived the ordeal.

I truly hate to post about negative occurrences. But this morning's events brought out something in all of us...empathy. Whether vegan, vegetarian or dedicated meat eater, it is safe to assume that most people felt sad for the poor bull and deep down inside rooted for him to get away. When you put a face on an issue it is no longer political, it's personal. We all love animals and we all wish the best for them as individuals. Even the person who sits down to a steak every night likely doesn't wish pain and suffering on innocent animals. The underlying issue is that we as a society fail to see our food as having been an individual with a personality, preferences and opinions when the pieces of his or her body come skinless, boneless, drained of blood and nicely packaged in ceran wrap.
But many animals end up on the news for fleeing slaughter, and trust me, if every animal got the chance to run they would. So let's take it upon ourselves to recognize the fact that non-human animals are individuals, even when it may be difficult to remember. Ask yourself...if you had to spend the day getting to know every animal you consume, would you still be able to eat them? #animalrights #vegan #consciousness #mindfulness #empathy #compassion #loveallbeings

One of my biggest inspirations, my father ❤️ #fatherdaughterbonding #myhero #loveinfinitely #inspiring #genius #family❤️

I am so sad to pass on the news that my beloved Gran, Nan Twaddle, passed away this past Saturday. She was 93 and died peacefully at home surrounded by her family. She was the kindest soul. A woman of strength, courage, love and compassion. She was a guiding light throughout my life, and I will always remember the summers, the holidays and all the love she gave us. I was always proud of what she achieved in life and strive everyday to be like her. Thank you for raising me to love and respect all beings. Your beauty shines in us all who were blessed to be a part of you. You are taking a Iittle part of us with you as you follow your angels onto your next journey. I will carry your big beautiful heart with me forever. I will make you proud. I miss her dearly. Please remember her in your prayers. 🙏🏼💕 #inspiration #amazingwoman #kindestsoul #empathetic #love #grandmagrandaughterlove

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For my friends who say, "Sure, a plant-based (vegan) diet is proven to have tremendous health benefits, but it's impossible to be a superior athlete and live a vegan lifestyle." Here is but one more example of a superior athlete, to add to the LONG list of top level athletes, switching after seeing the health benefits of plants over animal products. The guy just orchestrated the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history at 39. I am not preaching, I am sharing. You're welcome.
"For most of the year, Brady eats vegan. In the cold winter months, he adds some lean meat to his diet.” Those who know me well know I am deep into the bio-hacker lifestyle (always looking for ways to understand how the body can operate optimally... not get sick, eliminate disease, clarity of mind, joints healthy etc) and that was my original reason for exploring plant based. Let's consider this subject closed... the research is there, the great examples of superior athletes are there, the availability to healthy plant based options are there. You still be you and eat as you please, and I will do the same. I'll see you when I turn 120 :)
This is not an animal activists post. If you are health oriented or sick of being sick you should fully explore and learn about the power of plants.
Now, you'll have to excuse me while I go meditate and buy the book, The Four Agreements.
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Thank you @civettala for my beautiful Fluorite necklace! The Genius stone, raises the power of concentration and manifesting ideas. I always wear it to my Patient Education Days. Knowledge is power ✨ #civettala #fluorite #wornwithintention #highvibrations #crystalenergy

Street Artist @kiptoe1 Check out this beautiful art @urbantreezla and get some healing cannabis while you're there 😊🌿✨💕 #kiptoe #urbantreez #streetartist #hollyweed

I chopped all these onions while @indyrishi3 cried in the bathroom! ;-) Thank you @shareameal !! An amazing organization that makes healthy vegetarian meals for the homeless. The role of Khalsa Peace Corps is to be a platform that transforms ones' higher conscious into daily actions of service and sharing. Check them out and volunteer! 😊🙏🏼❤️ #shareameal #volunteer #spreadlove #conciousness #mindfulness #vegan

-250 degrees. No words. All you needed to hear were our screams 😳❄️@Izabellamiko #cryotherapy #goodforyou #freezing