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Nathalie Walker  Animals. Nature. Quantum Physics. Ancient Wisdom. Holistic Health coach. Cannabis Consultant. Reiki Certified ✨🕉❤️

A good book to read on Bicycle Day! Chemist Albert Hoffman's discovery of LSD in 1943. Psychedelic is derived from Ancient Greek words translating to "soul-revealing" #mystic #naturalscientist #visionaryexperience #psychedelic #bicycleday #alberthoffman #mindrevealing #lsd #ayahuasca #thefellowshipoftheriver

Current Mood. May all beings be peaceful ❤️#meditatedaily #buddha #peaceful #stillness #quiet

Sometimes my morning meditations feel like this! Just a few minutes of pranayama breathwork and the mind settles, you can learn how to do on YouTube! I find breathwork to be one of the most powerful tools #meditateeverydamnday #quietthechaos #breathwork #pranayama #grateful

Beautiful ❤️#Repost @moby
I've mentioned this before, but this is Tucker the cat. I found him in April of 1975 when he was about 5 days old and had been left in a box to die at the local dump. The vet told my mom and I that Tucker wouldn't survive, but George the dachshund became Tucker's mom, and Tucker lived to be 19 years old. When I was 18 or 19 years old I was playing with Tucker, who I loved unconditionally. I realized that Tucker had a rich emotional life and a deep desire to avoid pain and to be happy. And in an instant I realized that every animal has a rich emotional life, a deep desire to avoid pain, and a desire to be happy. So I gave up McDonald's and Burger King and pepperoni pizzas and became a vegetarian, and then a few years later, in 1987, a vegan. As you probably know, animal rights is my life's work, especially as this year alone over 100 billion animals will be killed by and for humans(and that animal agriculture contributes 45% of climate change, 75% of antibiotic resistance, and 50% of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease). So, happy birthday Tucker, and thank you for showing me that each and every animal deserves to live it's own life, free from suffering at the hands of humans. #animalrights #animalliberation

Connecting to your inner divine being is where the true power lies, once you connect you understand this 💫 #thepoweriswithin #nikolatesla #leader #genuis #divinity #connecttoyoursoul #mentalpower

“We must never forget that we are cosmic revolutionaries, not stooges conscripted to advance a natural order that kills everybody.” -Alan Harrington #Repost @jasonlsilva with
What is a LIFE WELL LIVED? Tag your friends who need to hear this. 🙏 #alanharrington #cosmicrevolutionaries #continuousgrowth

Live with love and see the best in everyone, might as well bring out the best instead of the worst. And never stop dancing 💃🏼❤️😇 #dancewithlove #bringoutthebestineachother #secretstohappiness

This is for meat eaters as well, if they're going to be slaughtered at least let's make it as peaceful as we possibly can, there's too much abuse & torture. The less pain the animal is in the better the energy you consume from them is. If you're not going to do it for them, do it for yourself. Help this compassionate organization 🙏🏻#Repost @socialcompassion
TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. The current absence of humane slaughter laws for poultry is archaic in this modern world, and if we could have it our way, NO animal would ever have to go to slaughter again. Unfortunately, the fact remains that poultry consumption is still huge in the United States.
We need your support on #AssemblyBill3159, #TheHumanePoultrySlaughterAct by Tuesday, April 3rd. Even if you are not vegan or a vegetarian, surely you could take a moment to support a law that would render these animals insensitive to pain before being shackled and killed. This bill would enact such improvements. 🐓
Please tap the link in our bio to visit our #takeaction page, and send us your letter of support on this imperative & progressive bill for poultry in California as introduced by Assemblymember @tonythurmond1 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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