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supermodel🐥🖤  beautiful, cute & dying⚔️

crybaby 🐥🖤⚔️

“it’s been a long week”
- me in the middle of tuesday

you inspire my inner serial killer😇

they laugh at me, because I’m different;
I laugh at them, because they’re all the same.

Pull up in a droptop, she hit my line.
I can't fuck with you, I ain't got no time.
You ain't even main girl, you were just a side @lilrae____ 🙂

not wanting me,
the beginning of me,
wanting myself.
thank u🐘

babe, babe, babeeee
deine eyes machen mich so crazy

One kiss is all it takes
Fallin' in love with me🥀

all the crazy shit we did that night, those will be the best memories⛵


make it happen.
shock everyone.

I know you look at my shit and ask yourself, is she prettier than me?

yes, yes I am...

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