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A time not so long ago, when we were blissfully ignorant that leash laws apply to cats as well. Now come to think of it, I have rarely seen roaming cats, but often see cats being walked on leashes. Hashtag: life lessons

Remember the kitten we rescued last Summer (mom abandoned him when we were trying to trap her and her litter of four kittens). He was two days old then, my oldest daughter bottle fed him and he is now 7 months old (pictured on left). We ended up finding his brother (pictured on right), six weeks later, and adopted him as well. They have been neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, and happily living outside. My neighbor, kept the other two kittens from this litter and even trapped the mom to get her fixed. However, last week someone from our neighborhood called animal control -- no good deed goes unpunished. Try to control the pet population and you get reported. Due to strict pet laws in our county, we will have to rehome these kittens -- the law states that they need to be contained in our yard. We tried, but it was like, well, herding cats. One is ready to go now (the one on the right) but the other my daughter is coming to terms with his coming departure. If anyone local needs a sweet kitten, please let me know. Update: both, Have a new home!!

The daughters of @threelittlemaidsbaking are at the expo, too. Selling their amazing baked goods!!!

My daughters have been working for weeks on their products to sell at a homeschooling commerce expo. They are saving money for a trampoline and a dog. Fabric hair bows, wool felt barrettes, and wool pompom bookmarks.

When you go visit your friend and every girl is wearing @aliceandames. The sight could not have been any sweeter.

Six dinner parcels to fill six hungry bellies.

How can this little baby be up to this sort of shenanigans already? I guess DENIAL truly is more than just a river in Africa.

With so many 👧🏻's in my life, I couldn't think of a better way to use my Liberty scraps. #nathaliesews

Spring hair 🌼


Despite my Catholic education, it was in college that I discovered the wondrous magic of having a St. Patrick's Day birthday -- green boozy drinks for all. And it was after I had a child that I discovered that this right here is how I want to continue to celebrate this day -- sipping all the La Croix while watching monkey acrobatics. Thirty five is great already!

Today's animal sighting. 🦊

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