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Photograph by @chrisburkard // A swimmer glides through the pristine waters of Valle Verzasca in Switzerland's Ticino region. Images of this location look too perfect to be true, with views of the nearby church, multiple natural jumping platforms, and one of the most picturesque bridges I've ever seen. We enjoyed the water all morning, and, when the sun was directly overhead illuminating the water, it became crystal clear. I knew this was the best time to make images of people swimming in this magically clear water.

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Photo by @jodymacdonaldphoto // At 3,500 meters inside Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Park in Lijiang, China is an outdoor theater like no other. Impression Lijiang is a cultural outdoor performance created by the acclaimed Chinese Film Director Zhang Yimou. With the breath-taking 18,5,596 m (18,360 ft) Jade Dragon Snow Mountain as its backdrop, this outdoor performance using 500 local actors and 100 horses highlights the ancient traditions and lifestyles of the local Naxi, Yi and Bai people of the region. If you travel to this area, it’s a must see. @natgeocreative #Lijiang #China #yunnanprovince

Video by @tobyharriman // I never could have imagined such an incredible place with snow covered trees, just a short drive outside of Seattle, Washington. It provided a perfect opportunity to get some aerial shots I have always wanted. Thanks @lisabao, @andinguyen08 and @teeter_town for showing me the trail and being perfect models! Music: @jteveringham
#seattle #washington #natgeo #video

Photo by @benhortonphoto - surfer @mikecoots duck diving a wave in Kahuai. "Mike lost his leg to a shark in the surf many years ago, rather than giving him a fear of sharks, his experience has led to him becoming a conservationist and advocate for sharks."

Photo by @hoffmanbrendan | The island of Ouessant (in English, Ushant) is located at the far western tip of Bretagne (in English, Brittany), northwestern France. It is wild and remote, though busy in summer, and starkly beautiful. For this picture, I rustled up a caretaker with a key who let me climb in a misty rain to the top of the church in the center of the main island town of Lampaul, where I watched these two having a neighborly chat on the front stoop. This is from an assignment I shot last summer in Finistère, the far tip of France's Brittany region. The story is now out in the April/May issue of National Geographic Traveler magazine, so for more pictures grab a copy or have a look at my personal account @hoffmanbrendan. #france #finistere #brittany #bretagne #ouessant #ushant

photo by @andrea_frazzetta // Guatemala, The Great Jaguar Temple dominates Tikal with its nine tiers representing the nine levels of the underworld and raising its temple to an imposing 37 metres above the spacious central plaza below.
Tikal was a capital of the Maya world in ancient times, and it’s easy to believe when you’re confronted with the thousands of massive pyramids, plazas, temples, and dwellings that remain today.
@andrea_frazzetta @instituteartist #guatemala #natgeotravel #tikal #mayans

Photo by @jessicasamplegram // Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) has just begun in Tokyo as seen at night along the Meguro river in Naka-Meguro #tokyo #japan

Photo by @jessicasamplegram // The Tokyo Plaza Omotesando Harajuku complex's escalator entrance designed by Hiroshi Nakamura. .
#tokyo #japan

Photo by @FransLanting It’s always rush hour on the beaches of South Georgia Island. Extraordinary numbers of king penguins are going into the water to start fishing offshore. It’s a testimonial to the richness of this Southern Ocean ecosystem and the importance of this island at the edge of Antarctica as a sanctuary for marine life. Follow me @FransLanting to learn more about the amazing life history of king penguins on this spectacular island.

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Photo by @KristaRossow // Sunshine can be fickle and fleeting on the Oregon Coast. As quick as the sunshine appeared, it nearly disappeared, but not before I was able to take this image of rocks illuminated in the ocean near Ecola State Park. #Oregon

Photo by @dguttenfelder.
Outside the stone window of a 15th century tomb, a mother a child play on the lawn at Lodi Gardens in New Delhi, India.

Photo @materas// South Caineville Mesa rises above the Benonite Hills near Caineville, Utah. This area of exposed bentonite is just outside the boundary of Capitol Reef National Park and is a colorful remnant of fine volcanic ash and silt deposited during the Jurassic period 140 million years ago. Follow me @materas for more images like this from Utah and around the world. #desert #southwest #utah

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