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Nat Geo Expeditions  Experience the difference of traveling with National Geographic. Follow along with moments from our experts and travelers.

Photo: @mikelibecki
Definitely a spicy moment...one of the most powerful experiences on expeditions is being with and seeing the local people/culture and their deep connection with nature/their land. If this was my finger I am sure I would have been stung...this happens to be a very poisonous #scorpion according to the locals, deep in the remote jungle of Guyana, South America on the way to climb and explore tepui mountains. Does anyone know what kind of scorpion this is?
#natgeoexpeditions #joyineering #jungle #guyana

Post @meetthenorth : The island of Vigur is a world unto itself. It’s the perfect place for a black sheep to feel at home.

One family has been looking after this place for generations. They know every inch of the land ... and every sheep that calls it home.
Photo by @eric_guth .
#natgeoexpeditions #lindbladexpeditions #vigur #iceland #sheep #islandlife #north #arcticnation #blacksheep

Not only is @thebrandoresort tucked away on the beautiful atoll of Tetiaroa, the lodge also does its part to support this fragile ecosystem, working with a local conservation organization to protect coral reefs and habitats for sea turtles and nesting birds. #natgeolodges #frenchpolynesia #seaturtle

Photo @jeffmauritzen. Early morning light burns off the mist from the jungle surrounding Temple I and the Great Plaza at #Tikal. #Guatemala is an incredible treasure trove of Mayan sites. #natgeoexpeditions #mayan

Photo by @ladzinski. Hanging with these playful meerkats @tswalu. #natgeolodges

Photo: @mikelibecki
Nature always seems to find a way...this is a happy Boswellia Socotrana / Socotra Frankincense Tree literally 'living on the edge'...I am continuously fascinated by all of the miraculous magic, power and beauty of our Wild Mother Earth...especially here on Socotra Island, Yemen, home to over 300 endemic species. #joyineering #natgeoexpeditions

Modern technology all but stops at @threecamellodge. Instead, we emerge from our Mongolian ger tents to focus on a sky full of stars. #natgeolodges #mongolia #gobidesert

Photo by @clarefieseler. Meet the giraffes of Hwange National Park. The former president of #Zimbabwe used to sell off these protected giraffes for trophy hunting. A new political regime could mean improved conservation for these magnificent animals that are better enjoyed when seen via well-managed safaris. #natgeowomen

Photo @jasonedwardsng Many of the locations we visit on our National Geographic Expeditions leave us feeling inspired and full of wonder. And sometimes it’s just those quiet moments that are a little hypnotic. @natgeoexpeditions #natgeoexpeditions #arctic

The bornean sun bear subspecies is half the size of sun bears found throughout Southeast Asia. This individual was in the process of climbing a 50 meter tree to feed on termites. Sun bears are threatened due to the wildlife trade, poaching, and deforestation. On our Borneo Wildlife Active Expedition, we meet with @wongsiewte and learn about the important work his team is doing to save this species. Photo taken by expedition leader @charles808
#natgeoexpeditions #borneo #borneansunbear

By National Geographic photographer @massimobassano
Summer is ending in Antarctica and this Gentoo chick is getting one of his last meals from the parent regurgitating what he has in the stomach that he fished at sea.
The plumage is changing fast and in few days the parents will leave and the chick will be in charge of his destiny. Good luck baby. Thanks for sharing your life with us.
#natgeoadventure #natgeoinspires #natgeotravel #natgeo #natgeocreative #antarctica #antarctica_ambassador #gentoo #mothernature #savingantarctica #iaato #lindbladexpeditions #penguins

Photo by @clarefieseler. Being five feet from a lion pride can really change your perspective. Meet the #lions of Hwange National Park, the descendents of Cecil the Lion. After years spent underwater with marine life, I found that spending time up close with magnificent predators on land (and with the scientists who study them) was wondrous in a completely new way. They are at once incredibly powerful and terribly vulnerable. // Shot on assignment for @natgeo society last summer in #Zimbabwe.

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