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Daisy Gilardini // Two young males spar on the coast of Hudson Bay in Manitoba, Canada. Usually solitary animals, in November polar bears congregate around this area to wait for the bay to freeze to take off on the pack ice to hunt for seals. Playfights during this period are common, and it is good practice for more serious standoffs that take place during mating season. Wapusk National Park, Manitoba, Canada.
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#WapuskNationalPark #PolarBear #BEAR #manitoba #canada #wildlifephotography #climatechangeisreal

@IngoArndtPhotography / The subspecies of brown bears found along the southern Alaskan coast are the largest of all brown bears. Males can weight over 1.000 pounds. They grow this big because of the rich food in their habitat. Sedge grass, lots of clams and of course salmon. The coastal brown bear in this picture catched a salmon one early morning. Only seconds later another bear was chasing him to get his fish. He ran away with the salmon in his mouth, in full speed exactly in my direction - what a perfect and exciting situation!
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#bear #alaska #wildlife #wildlifephotography #nationalgeographic

@renaeffendiphoto: A husband and wife build a haystack in the village of Breb, Romania. #Haystack #Village #Romania #Transylvania

@DaisyGilardini // White terns are incredibly beautiful little birds that range across the islands of the South Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean and the Central Pacific. . They live along the coast and move to wooded areas during the berating season. They do not build a nest but lay the egg on a depression of a bare branch. The common threat of the white tern is predation from rats and cats which has been introduces in some of the Islands where it breeds.

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#tern #whitetern #MidwayAtoll #Hawaii #birdphotography

@stevewinterphoto | Mom cleaning her cub. The cheetah is the fastest land animal on Earth and Africa’s most endangered cat. Cheetahs purr like house cats, which is one reason they are under threat, as the cubs are either captured or raised in captivity to be sold as pets to the very wealthy, though only one in six survive the journey to their new prison.
As with all big cats, the number one reason for their decline is habitat loss, then comes human-wildlife conflict, where livestock owners kill predators in revenge killings if the predator kills their livestock. Finally comes the illegal wildlife trade; the pet trade is hitting cheetahs hard as is the trade in their skins and bones.
If we can find a way to believe they think, feel, and have emotions, maybe we can treat them better and find a way to ensure their future on this planet. @stevewinterphoto@natge@thephotosociety @africanparksnetwork #ldfoundation @leonardodicapriofdn

@chancellordavid | Eastern Cape, South Africa. I have no idea how many rhino poaching incidents I’ve attended over the years, but definitely too many. This one has always stuck in my mind. This rhino was brought on to a piece of land to show hope for the species. By no means a pet, it was still attributed the status of a family member. Its gentle walks along the fence line always drew the odd spectator, and it was this that was in the end its downfall. It was buried as if a member of the family, and for me it was exactly this visual comparison that established his passing so indelibly in my mind. @thephotosociety @everydayextinction @natgeo #notrade #nopoaching

@daviddoubilet: A school of barracuda surround a scuba diver in an upward spiraling formation. #Barracuda #Underwater #Ocean #CelebesSea

@amivitale: A giant panda rests in an enclosure at the Wolong China Conservation and Research Center. This image is available as a limited edition fine art print at any of the National Geographic Fine Art Galleries. Visit @natgeofineart to learn more. #GiantPanda #China #FineArt

@ronan_donovan: A Rothschild's giraffe drinks at the water's edge surrounded by water birds in Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda. #Giraffe #Uganda #Africa #Wildlife

Just Your Average Evening Stroll | (@neiltapman) Neil Tapman photographed this scene during an evening hike in Val di Funes located in the Dolomites in Northern Italy. Neil writes, “while shooting this photo I often wondered who owned this cabin and how amazing it would be to have a cabin with such a view!”

@shaazjung | The shape of this tree, like nature’s outstretched arm, with one of her most perfect creations in her palm. .
We call this beautiful leopardess ‘Marble’ because of her glassy green eyes. Unlike other leopards, marble loves the rain and on a gloomy evening we spotted her perched beautifully on a tree, to the sound of approaching thunder. .
Photo from Nagarhole National Park in South India. On assignment for Natgeo WILD. .
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@jonathan_irish // For the love of blue. I can’t tell you how often I see photographers leave a beautiful scene minutes after the sun if the sun finally setting signifies the show is over. It baffles me. One of my favorite times to photograph is during the “blue hour”...just after the sun goes down (or comes up, if we are talking about sunrises). I love that ethereal glow during this time, when there is still light in the sky but it has taken on a beautiful blue hue. Next time you are out photographing/enjoying a sunset, do yourself a favor and hang out for another hour or so. You just might stumble upon some magic, like I did here in Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Parkin Colorado. Follow me @jonathan_irish for more images like this and around the world.

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