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@CristinaMittermeier //What is it about spending time with animals, big and small, that makes our souls sing? I spent an entire morning following the comings-and-goings of moon jellies as they worked they way up and down the water column. Attracted by the light, or by freshwater, or by mysterious maps they only know, there is no rhyme or reason to their travels as they gulp down plankton in their path. To see other mesmerizing ocean creatures #follow my feed at @CristinaMittermeier #gratitude #love #animals #jelly #moreocean

@DaisyGilardini // A Laysan Albatross showed great interest in my camera while shooting on a white sand beach in the Midway Atoll in Hawaii.
This species is listed as Vulnerable in the IUCN Red List. The result of our civilized indiscriminate consumerism is a really sad reality for thousands of Albatross and endangered spices that live in the Archipelago. 30% of all albatross chicks die on Midway. While out at see feeding, the Albatross pick up all kind of plastic debris mistaking it for food. They will then feed their chick by regurgitating plastic in their stomachs with the result that they will be so full that will die for starvation and dehydration. It has been calculated that Albatross in Midway feed their chick with 5 TONS of plastic every year. It is important to be aware of our daily plastic consumption and the consequences that come with it.
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@Shannon__Wild Light can be make or break an image and this is a great example of what would otherwise be considered just another shot of a common animal here in Africa, the Springbok. Instead, the early morning light lit up the golden grass and backlit the springbok beautifully creating an ethereal feel.

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The American red wolf once inhabited the entire Southeastern United States but is now only found a small area in North Carolina. They were declared extinct in the wild in 1980, but were brought back in 1987, thanks to the hard work of several zoos across the US. This canid is an essential part of keeping the ecosystem healthy, for example, they reduce the spread of diseases by removing sick animals from the environment through predation.
Now, less than 40 of these incredible carnivores exist in the wild, making them one of the rarest animals in the world. Let's not let the howl of the American red wolf fall silent.
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@DaisyGilardini // During spring, the bears graze like livestock at pasture. They’re particularly fond of the new, fresh sedges. Mother bears, freshly emerged from their winter dens, teach their newborn cubs about life in the great outdoors. On a warm sunny days these two cubs decided it was much more convenient to hitch a ride on mama back!
Lake Clark National Park - Alaska - USA

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It’s five o’clock somewhere. Photo by photographer @erikruszewski while traveling in Manuel Antonio National Park in #costarica.

@ladzinski / Colombia’s #SantaMarta mountains is a steep and rugged jungle environment, home to an extraordinary range of diverse endemic and migratory birds. I was lucky to spend 3 days cozily nestled on the side of the mountain at an old farm house last December. This white horse here was one of the residents, a borderline feral animal living a good life with plenty of grazing territory. He primarily lived alone, away from the other horses on a nearby pasture, but on our last morning he had a visitor. As soon as the 2 were put together they warily checked each other out and then burst into highly energetic playing. I was fortunate enough to roll some video of the interaction. 🇨🇴

@Shannon__Wild / A herd of Grevy’s Zebra at dusk in Lewa Conservancy, Kenya. One of the few remaining populations of this endangered Zebra. I particularly like their very thin stripes and unusually round ears!

It’s estimated there are only 2000 Grevy’s Zebras left, which are found primarily in Southern Ethiopia and Northern Kenya, such as where this image was captured.

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@FransLanting On assignment for @natgeo in the grasslands of Tanzania's Serengeti, I made this image of mother cheetah resting in the midday shade with one of her cubs. Long-term studies in the Serengeti have shown that a few cheetah females are so good at raising cubs that we can call them “supermoms.” This female is one of them, and so was her mother. “The daughters of good mothers make good mothers themselves,” researchers there told me. Follow us @FransLanting and @ChristineEckstrom for more encounters with the wild world of animals. @thephotosociety #Cheetah #BigCats #Tanzania #Serengeti #Supermom #Cub #Wildlifephotography #Wildlife

@ErikaSkogg // A barred owl, named for its "barred" color pattern in its plumage, makes a visit to our #Vermont cabin in-between the rain this evening. Native to eastern North America, barred owls are one of the most common voices in the forest but more often heard than seen. This individual made a rare and very welcomed appearance amidst the fall foliage at dusk for a beautiful photographic opportunity.

@DaisyGilardini // “Hitching a ride” - In this particular episode a mother was resting with her two young cubs in a day den on her way to the pack ice to hunt. Day dens tend to be in wind-protected areas, where snowdrifts and trees form a natural shelter.
Mama bear remained calm as our vehicle approached the location giving us the opportunity to photograph both her and the cubs for several hours before she suddenly decided it was time to leave.
She flopped downhill in deep snow when one of her two cubs decided it was more convenient to hitch a ride on mama’s behind. The cub jumped up and held on with a firm bite on mama’s furry backside — a charming and totally unexpected behaviour.
Wildlife photography is all about patience and perseverance. Despite the challenging conditions and long hours waiting for something to happen, the experience of witnessing something so rare is beyond price.

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@drewtrush: A remote camera captures a black bear at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. #BlackBear #Yellowstone #Wildlife #Wyoming

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