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Photo by @coreyrichproductions | Not all limits are self-imposed … just the ones that you can control. Seeing those limits for the illusions that they are is the important struggle we all face every day. **
Here, my friend Peter Ortner (@luner._peter) leads up a slab on the flanks of Trango Tower with David Lama (@davidlama_official) belaying.

Photo @fred_pompermayer One of those unpredictable days when you have no idea how the surf conditions will be and it turns out to be epic for the brave ones who paddle out.

Photo by @celinserbo // Sunset over Pingora in The Cirque of the Towers and Wyoming's Wind River range. Pingora holds one of the fifty classic climbs of North America. The 1200 ft. Northeast Face was first climbed in 1962 .

Photo by @coryrichards taken on assignment for @natgeo | the team lead by @drsteveboyes traveled over 1,000 miles by Mekoro doing a mega transect of the Okavango’s source and it’s ultimate outlet in the delta. It’s the largest freshwater wetland in Southern Africa and the main source of water for a million people. It’s home to the world’s largest remaining elephant population but the deltas future is uncertain. Learn more about @intotheokavango and join the efforts in securing the protection and sustainable future of the Okavango System #okavangodelta #elephants #natureconservation #insidenatgeo #exploration

Drawing @jer.collins ➕ Photo @chrisburkard

Photo by @michaelclarkphoto // Somedays the ocean is just not in a good mood. Yuri Soledade (@yusurf) on a decently big wave at Peahi (aka JAWS) a few days ago on a brutally windy, choppy morning. The surf was forecasted to be huge but the full brunt of the storm slid north of here and the main part of the swell missed Maui. Regardless, the 20-knot side shore winds tore these waves apart and made for pretty miserable conditions to be out in on a jet ski. Yuri made the most of the early morning waves before they seemed to disappear thirty minutes later. #peahi #jaws #maui #bigwavesurfing

Photo by @Andy_Best // Children of the South American Gaucho and nicest kids around - A Gaucho is a skilled horseman and cowboy of the Argentinian pampas and beyond. On this day we came across a broken down truck of a few Gauchos and their children. After towing them back to town we shared wine, a hot meal, and taught these boys a few camera techniques. Following they named their new pup after me it was amazing. One of the funnest moments I've had on a project. What an honor. Stories and more over at @Andy_Best. Thank you! @luke_blaser @lone.bison

Photo by @coryrichards, shot on assignment for @natgeo |  900 kilometers from the North Pole sits the world’s northernmost archipelago, Franz Josef Land. Made up of 192 islands, the uninhabited island chain's delicate ecosystem depends on the presence of ice. #adventure #climatechange #globalwarming #ice #glaciers

Photo: @coreyrichproductions | Onward and upward in the great granite playground of the Trango Towers in a sub-range of the Karakoram mountains of Pakistan. #Throwback to a 2011 trip here with David Lama (@davidlama_official) and Peter Ortner (@luner._peter) to climb Trango Tower.

Photographer @grant_gunderson captured skier @sophiarou dropping into her first run of the Season in Revelstoke with the peaks of Rogers Pass as the backdrop.

Photo by: @jamesqmartin
There are places that are so beautiful that they challenge the senses and make you wonder if what you are looking at is real.... #patagonia is one of those places. Go check @jamesqmartin to see more epic content of these unique part of the world.

Photo by @coreyrichproductions | The day's commute. Alex Honnold (@alexhonnold) third-classing the approach pitches to some of the harder sections of the Nose of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park @tommycaldwell @_linacolina_ @brettlowell @Joshlowell @mortimer_peter

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