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National Geographic  Life is an adventure - enjoy the ride and the world through the eyes of National Geographic photographers.

Photo by @FransLanting // California’s Big Sur coast has been hailed as "the greatest meeting place of land and sea” by poet Robinson Jeffers. His classic metaphor inspired me to capture this image as an interplay between land, sea, and sky after overnight rain had drenched the coast and dawn broke in a glorious spectacle. Follow me @FransLanting for more scenes from the California coast.

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Video by @renan_ozturk // A real-time video capture of a pulse of Northern Lights in Iceland. What you're hearing in the audio is the reaction that @taylorfreesolo @burkgnar and the team of surfers and filmmakers were having when this burst suddenly erupted above us like a swirling tide-pool of water. Seeing people's reactions to the sheer wonder of our planet inspires me to keep creating images that can create positive change and understanding. #underanarcticsky #northernlights

Photo by @CristinaMittermeier. The top of unnamed mountains peeks through the lifting fog as the Arctic day begins. The continuous dance between forming ice and breaking ice, creates these whimsical patterns on the sea ice. Honoring the #sea_legacy is the best way to make sure the beauty of this fragile ecosystem lives on.
With @PaulNicklen @johanna.c.dominguez @_tomconlin and @SamKretch for @sea_legacy.
For #MorePhotos from this expedition to document the beauty of the Arctic #Follow me at @CristinaMittermeier

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Photograph by @thomaspeschak Marine scientist @pelayosalinas uses a diver underwater stereo video (DUV) system to survey shark populations in the waters off Darwin's Arch. This northern corner of the Galápagos Islands is home to the greatest abundance of sharks anywhere on the planet. Dr. Salinas most recent research for the @saveourseasfoundation is focused on the impact of climate change on the sharks of the Galápagos. Check out the June 2017 issue of @natgeo magazine for my story on Galápagos and climate change. In collaboration with #galapagosnationalpark #paulmangellfoundation #darwinfound To see photographs of Galápagos's incredible shark populations follow @natgeo photographer @thomaspeschak

Video by @bertiegregory. A wild water buffalo rises from a feeding dive in Yala National Park, Sri Lanka. Don't mess with this guy! Shot during a leopard project for @natgeo, @natgeowild and @Stevewinterphoto. Follow @bertiegregory for more wildlife adventures!

Photo by @petekmuller. Members of the National Geographic @intotheokavango river expedition team paddle dugout canoes, known as mokoros, along the #Cubango River in Angola. The upper reaches of the river are narrow and wind tightly through highland savannah. Each night, the temperature plummets to near freezing, leaving frost on our tents and mist above the river. By midday, however, temperatures climb into the high 80s (30 Celsius) and the sun shines powerfully. The river-based team moves camp each night and carries with them all the camping and scientific equipment that they require. Setting up and taking down camp accounts for a considerable part of the day's activities. In the coming weeks, the team will traverse every navigable meter of the #Cubango in order to conduct a comprehensive biodiversity and water quality assessment. More to come. #cubango2017 #intotheokavango #science #angola #Africa #nature #wild #adventure

@natgeo @stevewinterphoto I've been photographing and filming cheetahs with my assistant @alexbraczkowski in the southwestern grasslands of South Africa this week. New research led by Sarah Durant and colleagues suggests there may be as few as ~7100 cheetahs left in Africa, and that if their populations are to survive, they need good protection inside national parks to offset losses in community areas where they clash with farmers! Did you know that cheetahs have good hunting success! These two males along with one other female ate 80 blesbuck, nearly 100 springbuck and some hartebeest calves in just five months!

National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative is working towards the conservation of African lions, leopards and cheetahs across Africa. Increasing anti-poaching efforts, installing protective bomas to stop conflict between big cats and livestock and they even monitor big cats numbers with camera traps. Visit to find out how you can help save big cats today, and remember by saving apex predators we keep ecosystems balanced and healthy!

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Photograph by @paulnicklen // A fractured seascape. Spring ice breaks up along the coast of Svalbard, Norway. For many, they simply see ice and only ice. For others, they see the foundation of the entire Arctic food chain. Ice is a platform for ringed and bearded seals; it is a super highway for polar bears and Arctic foxes; it is an upside down garden for phytoplankton, amphipods, copepods and polar cod. When scientists talk about the Arctic being completely void of sea ice during the summer months in the near future, it should be an alarm bell that rings loudly in all of our ears. #followme on @paulnicklen to learn more about the causes and solutions for climate change. For @sea_legacy Thank you for your eagle eyes @jens_wikstrom_photography #ice #nature #photooftheday #climatechangeisreal

sitting on the back of the truck with the wildlife vet, and a very relaxed Livingstone Eland.
Limpopo, South Africa by David Chancellor @chancellordavid
Found in Angola, Botswana, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Elands live in both steppe and sparse forests. They are also found in semidesert areas and at elevations up to 14400 ft. Eland males are much larger than females, weighing 400-1000 kg compared to 300-600 kg for females. Eland have a distinctive dewlap which is thought to be an adaptation for heat dissipation, hanging from the throat and neck. Heavy horns are twisted in a corkscrew fashion and grow up to 4 ft. long on males, 2.2 ft. long on females. Herds usually number up to 25 individuals, although larger temporary aggregations of females and calves occur during the wet season. There may be more than one adult male in a herd, but there is a strict dominance hierarchy that controls access to breeding females. Home ranges of females, which make extensive movements during the wet season, are much greater than those of males. The diet of elands consist of grasses, herbs, tree leaves, bushes, and succulent fruits. They generally forage in open areas. Water is consumed voraciously when available, but elands can abstain from drinking in dry seasons. From new work and projects @chancellordavid @natgeo

Clevedon Pier, Somerset, UK by @simoncroberts. This photograph is from my series #Pierdom where I documented all 56 remaining Pleasure Piers around the coast of Britain. These eccentric Victorian structures are an integral part of the British coastal experience, although many have been lost due to storm damage, fire and lack of funding. See more at
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Photo by @renan_ozturk // words by #TheLastHoneyHunter film director @ben_knight- This is Maule Dhan Rai. The chosen honey hunter of his remote village in Saadi, Nepal. If no one else receives the blessing needed to safely harvest honey from these perilous cliffs, a generations-old tradition may fade away. Looking forward to screening #thelasthoneyhunter for the first time at @mountainfilm in Telluride this weekend. Incredibly grateful to my friends @jetbutterflies and @renan_ozturk for trusting me with this cultural version of the film and inviting me on this journey. Keep your eyes peeled for the July issue of National Geographic Magazine for more photographs by Renan and feature story by @marksynnott. @feltsoulmedia @camp4collective @dzifoundation @taylorfreesolo @travisrummel @sadiequarrier

A new documentary short on orangutan cultures, Person of the Forest, is having its global premiere this weekend at @mountainfilm festival in Telluride, Colorado. The film follows photographer @timlaman and others as they work to document the complex lives of orangutans. Check out the full length trailer at the link in my bio @tbfrost
Directed by @timlaman and @melissalesh. | Produced by @melissalesh @tbfrost @timlaman | Principal cinematography by @timlaman @tbfrost and @rrsuro | Special thanks to @natgeo @rebeccaexplore

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