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National Geographic  Life is an adventure - enjoy the ride and the world through the eyes of National Geographic photographers.

Video by Stefano Unterthiner @stefanounterthiner and my wife Stéphanie Francoise.

When you're eating but the dancing madness takes you like there was no tomorrow. Take a look how this male Sulawesi crested black macaque is having fun in the forest.
Shot on assignment for @natgeo for the upcoming Magazine story ‘A Fight for Survive’ (March issue)

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Video by @bertiegregory. The Jabiru stork is South America's tallest flying bird standing up to 5ft. The Jabiru's wingspan is also huge but not quite the largest- that title belongs to the Andean Condor. The Jabiru's local name translates to mean the bird with the swollen neck! I filmed these individuals hunting for fish and amphibians along the rivers of the northern Pantanal, Brazil. Shot on assignment for @Stevewinterphoto, @natgeo and @natgeowild. Follow @bertiegregory for more videos from our jaguar project.

Photo by @johnstanmeyer

Welcomed in sweet kindness, Dilbar Umarova lives within the legacy of her family's home. For 200 years she and her ancestors have inhabited this warmth-filled Samarkand home situated along a quiet alley, the living room today covered in Uzbek carpets, given to her by family for her wedding.

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RobertClarkphoto Gus, a wind swept dog on a wind swept field in Western #Kansas #HomeToKansas

"...just one sprained ankle away from literally dying. And that's a risk I'm willing to accept." Video by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey). Miki Collins and her dog team on a subsistence trap line that runs deep into #DenaliNationalPark, Alaska. Miki and her sister Julie inherited the trap line (which existed long before the National Park) from a long line of trappers who also lived off the land in this remote land of kettle lakes, winding rivers, and winters that regularly dip down to -50 or below.

Photograph by Michael Yamashita @yamashitaphoto - Myint Zu Pagoda emerges from morning mist in Indawgyi Lake, the largest body of fresh water in Myanmar. Few people live along its shores due to an ancient superstition that it is inhabited by evil spirits. Thanks to this it has been designated a wildlife sanctuary, a paradise for aquatic plants birds and a major feeder of pure, clean water to the Irrawaddy River that runs to its south. The Pagoda comes alive for just 10 days before the full moon in March when thousands of pilgrims from all over Kachin State come here for prayers and play. #indawgyilake #kachin #myanmar #irrawaddyriver #irrawaddy For more on Myanmar, follow @nature_org @thephotosociety @natgeotravel @natgeocreative

Photo by @shonephoto (Robbie Shone) and words by @M_Synnott (Mark Synnott). The Russians have identified more than 100 cave openings in the 21-mile-long southeast face of Hodja Gur Gur Ata, but to date, only 22 have been explored. Seven of them lead into the subterranean labyrinth known as Dark Star. Look carefully, and in the top right center of this image you can see one of these entrances. Caving exploration in this isolated corner of Central Asia began in the early 1980s after members of the USSR’s Sverdlosk Speleological Club identified this region’s vast limestone topography from geologic maps. The club had been searching for a place to pursue the Holy Grail of caving—to go deeper into the earth than anyone had gone before—and the Baisun-Tau Mountains, at least on paper, appeared to have all the right ingredients. Mountaineers will never find a peak higher than Everest, but the potential to find new and deeper caves is virtually unlimited. The crux is finding them, and as any caver will tell you: we know more about the surface of Mars than we do about what lies hidden beneath the ground here on earth.

Over the next few weeks we will be uploading photographs here from the Everest - Dark Star (cave) feature, which can be found in the March 2017 issue of National Geographic Magazine. Stay tuned to see more

Timelapse by @pedromcbride (Pete McBride) // The bustle of Havana Cuba at dusk is a symphony of sounds and color frozen in time. To see more, follow @pedromcbride #cuba #timelapse #iphone #color #havana @natgeoexpeditions

Photo by @BrianSkerry.

West Indian Manatees - a mother and her calf - float above a seagrass bed off the coast of Belize, in Central America. Manatees in this region are less acclimated to humans than those in Florida and thus tend to be more elusive. Despite their hesitancy, this pair allowed me into their world early one morning.

These “sea cows” communicate with one another through touch, as well as through patterns of squeaks and squeals. Such signals allow a mother to recognize her calf, and thus to teach the calf necessary survival skills early in life. Manatees are threatened in the wild by both boat strikes and the loss of warm water springs due to climate change.
To learn more about these beautiful creatures, and to see more underwater photography, follow me, @BrianSkerry, on Instagram.
Photographed on assignment for @NatGeo Magazine.
@thephotosociety @natgeocreative

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Video by @joelsartore | A ball python at the @lincolnchildrenszoo in Lincoln, Nebraska. This very calm and gentle snake is not only beautiful, but is an ambassador for both his species and for the zoo.
To see a full length snake portrait, check out @joelsartore!
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Video by @christian_foto (Christian Rodriguez )
Video at the Texolo waterfall park located in the Municipality of Xico, in Veracruz, Mexico. The main waterfall has an approximate height of 78.7 feet. There is a bridge over the ravine that connects both parts of the forest. On the other side, there are two smaller waterfalls that can be seen from some of the trails in the area.
The waterfalls and their surroundings have been used to film several films. Video by @christian_foto / @prime_collective #waterfall #xico #veracurz #mexico

Photo by @renan_ozturk // A male Pronghorn AKA ‘American Antelope’ moving across the entrance of Utah’s Goblin Valley State Park. Goblin Valley is known for its thousands of ‘hoodoos’ - balancing rock formations. I've always seen the three ‘sisters’ pictured here as the matriarchs of all the goblins towering at the head of the valley. ~

Tendrils of rain fell in the distances like perfect paint strokes and the herd of the fastest land mammals in the west walked right into place. After a little panic attack that I'd miss the moment, I charged into the desert, taking a face plant in the process. It didn't last long but there was a small moment when one of the males paused, and all the layers lined up before he darted into the distance. #utahpubliclands