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Nathan  Introducing the undisputed heavy weight champion of the world T.V πŸ‘‘

We kiss we love we hug we dance. I'm really glad I am your man. Your touch your gentleness your golden heart, baby tell me where to start. Happy 6 months, it may not seem like much but it really is. I just wanna say thanks for being you and for your contribution to my happiness. Love you like no other ... my brother from another mother πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

1 word... PUPPY

Yeah mara what a night #mara21st

Kisses for the zombie misses #movieworld #frightnight #whatanexperience #loveher

Morning from the Gold Coast @tee_vila

Dat Aga treatment minus Liam cos he's an aggot and wasn't invited #jakesheadintheback #lastnightswedding

What little spunks we were πŸ‘‘ 2011 BAES

That time I nearly got eaten by a big spider but was too happy to give a fuck

TB #bae

When you and Bae both gangsta af but in this case she got da gun 😎

A while ago 🍹