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Have two songs released on sabrina’s album today. Sabrina is honestly (like really, honestly) one of the nicest people I’ve ever worked with. When I told her my cousins in Ohio were obsessed with her, she surprised FaceTimed them. Who does that?! Her voice is not fair, and her melodies are so natural it’s intimidating. Congrats @sabrinacarpenter on the release! You made a dope record! #almostlove #monalisa

So you think baseball is boring, slow, and too long? Ask me about the 7 hour 20 minute, 18 inning, longest World Series game in history, marathon match I just saw last night.
Thank you x 1000 @jkash for hooking me up.
Insane. #natevisitsballparks

how did I find you / Neiked + Miriam Bryant is out now.
I love this one so much, and am happy it’s finally out. It’s another example of how strange a songs path to the world can be.
Pic # 2. is a pic I took on our walk to the bar after we wrote it... in 2015.
Pic # 3. In 2016, Miriam had victor (Neiked) tattoo the songs title HDIFY even though the song wasn’t released yet because she loved it so much.
Pic # 4. Is a pic of us working in 2017 and her showing me the tattoo.
Love you @miriambryant and @neikedmusic. Thanks for letting me be a part of this one!

TBT to staring off into Miami.
I used to hate my profile, but now in my old age I’ve grown to love it.

Peru y Pittsburgh

Tuesday with raye. I ❤️ her!

A while ago @mikedelrio and I followed @iamlpofficial into Joshua tree. We rented a house in the middle of the desert and set up a make shift studio. We cooked together, and drank what felt like one hundred bottles of wine. We made a handful of songs that week, and this is the first one to be released. I'm so so pumped. Go listen to GIRLS GO WILD.

Tbt to running around in the wilderness with Jenn.
She took this candid of me 11 months ago, and I just saw it for the first time this week.

I am a songwriter and I def support the #musicmodernizationact
@sesac and @blackstone do the right thing and withdraw your amendment.
For my friends and fam here's a bit of backstory. Basically the laws that govern how songwriters get paid is a law written in 1908 dealing with player piano rolls. Despite over 100 years of technology, the law hasn't caught up. The music modernization act is trying to update the legislation.

Session starts at 2 today, so caught a few innings before heading to the studio. Marlins park. Another one off the list. #natevisitsballparks

first time i met raye i fell in love with her immediately. 
felt like id known her forever. we facetimed her grandma in yorkshire, and she taught me words like gully and peng. she had another session after ours (she works non stop), and i drove her to it. for 40 mins we took turns showing each other songs that were inspiring us. she's one of the best writers ive ever written with, and more importantly, one of the sweetest humans ive ever met.
ive been waiting well over a year for this one to release!!

Raye, kyle, and Kyle's poison ivy.

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