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  People can be just as beautiful and majestic as a sunlit alpine meadow. So I use my camera and shoot them in the face. 🌻☀️🌲

Make fun.

Since I'm single, I only look this happy when I'm eating sushi.

I know I love to talk about how nice trees smell and stuff, but I think it's immensely important to acknowledge the human aspect of the world around us.
I stumbled across this young man and his brother last night while trying to bushwhack to a small sanctuary located on top of a mountain right outside Cusco. The land here is considered yours if you live on it, so his mom scraped together the couple hundred bucks to build that unfinished shack you see in the background. Whereas in most of Cusco my white skin makes me look like a walking dollar sign, to Alejandro I was simply a new friend and he eagerly rushed out of his house to say hi and show me his Pokeball. I asked him how many he had caught and he cast his eyes downward and dejectedly said "None. Pokemon don't come up here."
This young boy's entire world is so poor that he can't even imagine owning imaginary friends.
He can't even own IMAGINARY FRIENDS.
Think about that when you feel that you're too poor for that $6 beer at the bars, or the $15 sandwich at lunch. Think about that when you see a hardworking, darkskinned person in the kitchen at your local restaurant and think about how they are there because they wanted to finally live a life with electricity and water. Think about that next time you hear someone chant "build that wall."

Feel it.

Found a wild white walker north of the wall. @2themtn in Iceland. #portrait #portraitphotography

Channeling my inner West Side Story in Denver the other day.

Missing those summer vibes. @carolinewardofficial

It's me! My stupid face!
Thanks for the shot, @jfragasso

The Governor of Colorado, Mr. John Hickenlooper.

The man, the legend. Brendan Leonard, the madman behind @semi_rad

Sometimes the people I shoot are moving fast and doing cool things. @boobicycles

Bridges are hilarious, y'all

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