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Natasha Slade  Mother of Macarthur & wife of Bruce. Fashion & horse racing enthusiast living in Scone. Enquiries:

Day 3: I have really embraced the idea of creating a daily ritual lately. I'm doing some Tai Chi first thing in the morning followed by some stretching. This has helped enormously in a short amount of time. I have an old dancing injury where I can barely get my hands past my knees, I can feel how much more limber I feel in the last few days. Bring on being able to touch my toes again! 😂 #JBTProgram #JBT #health #wellness #fitness #ritual

Afternoon delight!Kick sugar cravings with a boost of protein, healthy fats and DELICIOUSNESS! I have run out of Tahini so going to try this with peanut butter today. Yum!

Next time you feel desperate for dessert this smoothie is sure to please your tastebuds without expanding your waistline 😋🙌😍 Healthy fats and protein satiate hunger and curb sugar cravings, and cinnamon helps to control glucose levels and minimise insulin spikes - great news for cravings AND weight loss!
Method: blend vanilla protein, frozen banana, tahini, pinch cinnamon to taste, Unsweetened vanilla almond milk or filtered water and lots of ice! Pour into a sexy glass, adorn with a cute straw and kick back and enjoy #healthy #smoothie #yum #JBT #wellness #treat

Day 2: Have you ever meditated? I mean, truly mediated? I thought I had until last week when I ACTUALLY did for the first time. Do you know what? It was amazing, to be able to truly switch the mind off from the millions of tasks, lists, chores, thoughts that go through it all the time. I've been trying to do it each morning for 15 minutes. Give your mind a rest today, just for five minutes ✨ #Grateful #Mediate #Health #Wellness #Inspire #Gratitude @gratitude_project #GratitudeProject #JBT

I want Mac to have the best he can possibly have when it comes to nutrition. Since having a baby, I have become much more aware of what is in food. It is so important to build a healthy food culture in the home & I have found this recipe book so inspirational for healthy, easy meals to nurture my family. #health #wellness #JBT #nourish #JBTProgram #family #life #grateful #blessed

We have recently spend a few days at @goldendooraustralia & it has really inspired me to get up each morning & do Tai Chi as the sun comes up. Such a lovely way to wake up in the morning followed by some stretching #Blessed #GoldenDoor #Home #Grateful #happy #JBT #Wellness #Health #Happiness #Inspire #Motivate

Day 1: Write a letter to yourself. Even if it's only a few lines. Write it on a piece of paper or in your phone. Just write something kind 💙 #Grateful #happyheart #Inspire #Love #Life #wellness #happiness @gratitude_project

5 years ago today I did something that has changed the course of my life. I chose to put myself & my health first. I did a week long detox, quitting smoking & ridding my body of sugar & rubbish I had been feeding it my whole life. Since then I have continued to make decisions to live a healthier life & had it not been for that week detox, I probably wouldn't be where I stand today, married to an amazing man with a wonderful little boy. I am so grateful for that week that forger changed me & made me who I am today 💙 #Family #Life #Health #Wellness #Grateful #happyheart #JBT

Are you investing in your future health? #JBT #Health #Wellness #Inspire #HealthyLiving

So grateful that the beautiful @gratitude_project came into my life & gave me the opportunity to have my own business & work from home to inspire others to live a healthier, happier life & to be the best person they can be.
Going to share with you Ange's 30 Days of Self-Love over the next 30 days. I hope you enjoy 🖤 #Grateful #Happy #Life #Health #JBT #SelfLove #HappyHeart

JBT Meat Free Monday Movement!
Who wants to take part and commit to ongoing Meatless Mondays?? I wanted to give you enough time to plan around your weekly food shopping.
Benefits of meat Free meals 🍏Nutrient dense 🍏Glowing skin 🍏Healthy for the planet & cruelty free 🍏Better for cleaning out your digestion 🍏Great for weight loss 🍏Lower cholesterol and blood pressure 🍏Reduce risk of diabetes 🍏Cancer prevention, especially bowel and breast
🍏Reduces body odour 🍏Energy increase 🍏Feel happier and more connected 🍏Feel lighter
🍏Gut health 🍏Save money!
It's proven that the more veg you eat the healthier #Monday #JBT #meatfree #healthy #wellness #fitness

Cannot wait to see this beautiful little boy today #Love #Family #Grateful #Mac #MyBoy

Lazy Sunday brunch? Yes please! The cleanest, simplest and most nutritious pancakes around! And JBT friendly of course! Message me if you would like more information about the JBT program & more of these yummy recipes! x

Mash banana in a bowl. Whisk eggs separately. Mix together well.

Blend ingredients together in a blender.

Cook in a greased non stick pan over gentle heat as you would normal pancakes- it's super important to cook these SLOWLY!
Serve with mashed berries and coconut yogurt.
Add 1/4 cup oats to the blender for a thicker batter and extra energy.

Dot with blueberries whole cooking.
Add cinnamon or vanilla to taste.
Add some chocolate or vanilla complete powder.
SO versatile! And kids love them too. #health #wellness #JBT #Pancakes #Sunday #yum

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