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Founder of @broken_heals  Founder + Author + Certified Coach Helping Women Grow, Love + Heal Buy the book: Random Notes from a Broken Girl Feb 17th! Curvy, Curly, Conscious!👇🏾


Grab your girls for a day of self-love and relaxation! ✨ #CCCTribeVibes #curvycurlyconscious

Tickets available at www.curvycurlyconscious.com
Join the ladies of @curvycurlyconscious and @AfroChicTo for self-love day party that includes:
🧘🏾‍♀️Guided Meditation by @theshelahmarie
🤸🏾‍♀️Yoga @ellelyon88
🎤 Poetry @_queen_lamoi
🥗 Breakfast & Lunch Bar @alkalivity_catering
🥂 Cocktails via @_thedivabar
🌍 CCC/AfroChic Passport Experience w/@dr.nekessaremy @natashahelwig
@yoninaturals @mortgagesbynik @laideenandco

Sounds by: @hangaelle
Event planner: @kyreeskreations

Supported by:
@thejasmineleeteam @missjacquelineforde @_thepopshop @theserve.ca

Plant your own garden and decorate your own soil instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.
Whether in a relationship or not, take a moment today to celebrate.
Celebrate how far you’ve come through your relationships - whether toxic or not. Celebrate your growth. Celebrate your healing. Celebrate your love. Celebrate you.
#Love n’ #Light Always 🖤
- Tash #brokenheals

I’m super excited to be apart of this dope event! @afrochicto will be bringing you a beautiful and organic collaboration with the amazing visionary women of @curvycurlyconscious by @theshelahmarie✨ -
The very first Toronto Self-Love Day Party

You’ll experience:
🧘🏾‍♀Guided Meditation by @theshelahmarie 🤸🏾‍♀Yoga by @ellelyon88
🎤 Poetry @_queen_lamoi
🥗 Breakfast & Lunch Bar @alkalivity_catering
🥂 Cocktails via @_thedivabar
🌍 CCC/AfroChic Passport Experience w/ @dr.nekessaremy @natashahelwig (that’s Me! Lol)
@yoninaturals @mortgagesbynik

Supported by @jasmineleeteam
@missjacquelineforde @theserve.ca @kyreeskreations
Musical vibes by @hangaelle

Tickets are available at the link in my bio!

#cccxafrochic #ccctoronto #shelahmarie #getlitgetenlightened #investinyourself #selfcare #natashahelwig #brokenheals #torontoevents

Comment below with a 🖤 emoji if you're from New York City👇🏾
@nigeldbirch and I are bringing something FUN + FREE to your city that you don't want to miss! 🙊 #brokenheals

i crave the simplest of love with you.
a cold night, warm sheets, and your skin against my own.
certainly, that is all I could ever ask for. - daniel walsh
#manifestlove #brokenheals

Learn to live selflessly selfish. Pour into yourself first so that you can overflow into others. - NH #brokenheals


Your hair is laid, maybe your nails are done, you got dope people around you, you ate some goodass food, you slept comfortably, you had a big belly laugh, someone kissed you just right, your paycheck came through at the right time, the sun is shining for all us seasonal depressants, your skin is glowing... and everything is just feeling alright.
Remember how blessed you are and Live it up this Tuesday!✨🖤🙏🏾
Love n' Light Always,
- tash

So...like..guess what??!
I'll be teaching at #ninerevolution for @nineforwomen next year!
I'm honored to be a part of this group of empowering women.
I'll be teaching women the importance of transforming their pain into power, healing and having awesome open convos around love, sex, relationships and healing.
Hope you can join us in Montana for a life-changing week. 🖤
Registration IS OPEN NOW! Visit @nineforwomen or www.nineretreat.com for more info or to join!!!

Keep it simple and affirm.

I'm tired of getting even the slightest bit open with a man. I'm tired of listening and not being heard. I'm tired of tying my worth to someone's decision. I'm tired of feeling like I have to tip toe around the values and goals that matter most to me for fear that if I stand firm and behave assertively about wanting said goals (i.e marriage + children) that eventually I'm going to lose the person I began to care about.

But I still try. Still care. Still have faith. Still pray. Still believe.
But damn yo, do y'all feel me?

What are you tired of dealing with but you're still pushing through? Comment below👇🏾 #dating2017 #sweettea #sharingtheteaonhottopics
📸cred: @smithkaila

- instructions for healing

Healing begins where the wound was made.” -Alice Walker

Humility is appreciated and helps develop trust and connections within relationships, however sometimes being too humble about things can make you appear less confident about what it is you're doing.
Share your successes and never apologize for kicking ass in different areas of your life.
I'm like @tarajiphenson just waiting on the sidelines to cheer you on, learn from you, grow with you, and be totally influenced by all the goodness happening in your life!
Sending you lots of #Love n' #Light this week and Always!
- Tash
#brokenheals #growth #confidence

My homie recently said to me that he felt I am more confident now than I was a year ago.
I believe we make what we want to make a reality.
I feel myself shining brighter now than I ever have in the past...and for that I am grateful.
I appreciate my friends, family and business colleagues that have seen light in me that I truly have struggled to see within myself.
I know I'm awesome on my own (most gassed statement to ever come out my mouth 😂)...
But my Tribe is GREAT.
I need them. They fucking rock and move mountains and just slay everything they touch (oh and like each one of them is somehow like the sexiest person ever - like how does that happen?!)
God/the Universe/Life has blessed me with them and for that I am thank + full.
#Love n' #Light Always to my Tribe! 🙏🏾🖤✨
- from Nat, Tash, Tee, Freshas, Nattydread, Piglet and every other name y'all have given me 😂

Do this for you.
Do this for the tribe. - NH #brokenheals

Hey. It's me. Again. (cus I pretty much ain't got nothing deep to say that would make sense under a pic that includes a shot of my titties 🙄👀☺️ #justsaying)

Just like "the rose that grew through concrete" I feel like you can bloom and flourish despite your environment.
But maybe I'm wrong? What y'all think? Teach me.
Share your thoughts on this quote above. Truth or nah?
#brokenheals #sweettea #spillingtheteaonhottopics

Tuesday reminders.

creating with you. and building with you. is my favorite type of love making.
#manifest #relationshipgoals

Roll with women who make your melanin pop ✨

I do. Do you?
Not being concerned about the how or why you may have a baby in heaven - if your heart can relate to this, let's simply comment with a ❤️ to send some love to each other.
#Love n' #Light Always,

Something about a beard and a smile...😏 #blackboyjoy

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