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Our first Mets game together! Thanks for coming up to visit- see you in a couple weeks! Love you xoxo #MDpsychos

Had a great season with these ladies on offense... but seriously can't wait to go back to playing defense L O L #girlsnight #girlsgirlsgirls

Props to my Instagram wife @loriley___ for capturing me being cute af~ #shameless

Monkeying around in the middle of nowhere😜🙈

@danny.jung's Banff pictures got me feeling some of type of way..
But really, in the midst of frustration and disappointment, I am so incredibly grateful for a community that speaks life and truth over me and a God that relentlessly pursues after my heart. Who would've thought surrender could be so freeing?!

Got to celebrate the many accomplishments of @goforefront last night with the cutest babies #StepsToSchool #psychonuna

Leaving behind fresh air and clean river water for humid, smelly NYC. See you soon Dre😸❤️ #kimyitakebanff

Casual pizza eating while standing in ice cold water feat my dub chin. #kimyitakeBANFF

Gentle reminders of how tiny I am in this giant world (or just in general). #kimyitakebanff

I debated whether or not I should come on this trip because I wanted to be there with those that love you to celebrate your life. BUT knowing you, I knew you wouldn't want any of us to put our lives on hold. Thank you from the deepest part of my heart for letting me love you and be your psycho noona.
Although it hurts, and I miss you like crazy, I know you're having the time of your life right now eating cnr and playing basketball with the Lord. See you soon, Sammy!

Perfect depiction of our good/bad cop relationship. Weekend adventures with some of the realest feat my butt chin~

Grateful for friendships that surpass the office and pink skies for football. #texasforever

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